5.5.08 Afternoon Links

Heidi WatneyA few links to pass the time this Monday afternoon…

Joe Fitzgerald had a piece on Bob Lobel in today’s Herald.

The New York Times Magazine had a piece on the Bill James of the Celtics, a 32-year-old named Mike Zarren.

Richard Deitsch has his latest sports media power rankings, with some thoughts on the Costas Now episode of last week.

Peter King has his first NFL rankings of 2008 in Monday Morning Quarterback.

Jeff Goodman says that the Celtics shouldn’t feel good about their win yesterday.

Gene Wojciechowski uses noted basketball expert Dan Shaughnessy to make the case that Kevin Garnett is A-Rod when it comes to the postseason.

Adrian Wojnarowski says that the Garden home court advantage hid the Celtics flaws.

Chris Sheridan says that the Celtics learned about consistency the hard way in this series.

Tony Massarotti on NBCSports.com says the Celtics appear positively vulnerable, yet so downright infallible.

Steve Jones says LeBron and the Cavs could give the Celtics trouble.

Scoop Jackson says that the Celtics have lost their mystique.

Marty Burns has a Cavaliers-Celtics series breakdown.

A little bonus material from David Scott of Scott’s Shots:

Heidi Watney debuts on tonight on NESN. . . She made a 4th inning cameo on Sunday opposite the Celtics game, in the booth between Jerry and Don-O.

“Revealed” that’s she’s 26 and that her first Boston purchase was a GPS. She also boasted about “covering” Bonds last year and getting along with him well. Discussed her cousin Nick on the PGA tour.

Her bio is up on the new NESN web site which has a new design as of today.


Patriots Day Afternoon Links

Robert Cheruiyot won his fourth Boston marathon today, while the Red Sox finished off a four game sweep of the Rangers with a 8-2 win at Fenway today.

Some links from around the web:

Bill Simmons finds himself watching hockey again with the Bruins’ comeback against Montreal. He still vows not to put a penny into the Jacobs’ pockets though…

Darren Eliot examines what the Bruins can accomplish with a win tonight in Montreal.

Former Bill Belichick colleague Michael Lombardi describes what the Patriots coach is looking for as the draft approaches.

Peter King has his mock draft in Monday Morning Quarterback.

Chris Sheridan has the Celtics celebrating their win last night by playing wack-a-Powe.

Jeff Goodman says Rajon Rondo gives the Celtics yet another weapon.

Arash Markazi talks with Bob Cousy about the Celtics return to glory.

Richard Deitsch checks in with a new edition of Media Circus.

Our own Ken Fang has his collection of Monday media links.

Masters of Poor Taste

Yes, you did hear Dennis and Callahan talking this morning about how “homely” and “ugly” the one and a half year old son of Masters Champion Trevor Immelman was during their discussion with Brad Faxon about yesterday’s final round.

Someone want to run these numbers by Mike Adams: Since the start of the 2005 season, in 167 at-bats, Manny Ramirez is batting .407, slugging .772 and has a 1.282 OPS with 17 home runs, 46 RBI and 35 walks against the New York Yankees.

Listening to a few moments of the WEEI baseball show yesterday morning, it’s clear that Adams cannot resist any opportunity, no matter how small, to take a shot a Manny, whether to insult his intelligence, his hustle or his work ethic.

It was as maddening as listening to Bob Halloran on Saturday demanding to know at what point David Ortiz will cease to be “Teflon” and Red Sox fans will finally boo him.

The worst thing about Red Sox/Yankees weekends is that it usually means Tim McCarver on Saturday and Joe Morgan on Sunday…

A few afternoon links:

Peter King has the Patriots and Jets engaging in some mind games leading up to the NFL draft in this week’s version of Monday Morning Quarterback.

Eric Wilbur weighs in on the Yankees’ sudden paranoia regarding all things Red Sox.

ESPN Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber says that the network is correct to engage and not avoid racial issues.

Jerry Crasnick has David Ortiz not letting his slump get him down.

Jack Curry in the New York Times says that in Jason Varitek, the Red Sox have a studious and gritty leader.

Ken Fang has the sports related nominations for the Boston/New England Emmy Awards.

Keller vs Roche

Today’s Sports Radio storyline has been Bill Buckner.

Yesterday’s Opening Day ceremonies in which Buckner was warmly and enthusiastically greeted by the Fenway Park crowd has dominated the discussions. Many have noted that Buckner received cheers during the 1990 Opening Day introductions, and even for the 1987 season. The notion of forgiveness seems a little overblown.

Yet it continues. Today on the WBZ 5:30 news, Jon Keller and Dan Roche are going to debate this topic on the air, after the two of them sparred via their blogs earlier today.

It started when Keller said that not all fans, including himself, are ready to forgive and forget.

Roche responded by telling Keller that he needed to Get Over It.

That brought a response and charges by Keller of “playground rhetoric” from Roche in his response.

Put me in Roche’s camp for this one…

03.26.08 Afternoon Wrap

Just a few afternoon links today:

Michael Silverman and Gordon Edes report on today’s 5-1 loss to the A’s in Japan for the Red Sox.

Dan Shaughnessy writes about the rise and fall of Brandon Moss, who was the hero yesterday and sent down to Pawtucket after the game today.

Chad Finn has a few thoughts after the opener in Japan. He also looks at the Tom Verducci piece in this week’s Sports Illustrated, which is about 2005 baseball draft, which has already proven to be one of the most talented in a long time. The Red Sox grabbed both Clay Buchholz and Jacoby Ellsbury in that draft.

Mike Sando has Randy Moss listed as the second greatest wide receiver in NFL history.

Jonah Keri tells us not to count on a Red Sox dynasty.

Scott Miller says that the Red Sox and Yankees using the draft to develop young talent is bad news for the rest of the league.

Mike Reiss has his latest Patriots Mailbag.

Peter King applauds Roger Goodell’s “tough guy” stance.

Tuesday Thoughts and Links

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What? No ceremonies marking today’s 37th Anniversary of the Patriots changing their name from the Boston Patriots to the New England Patriots? (Edit – that’s according to NFL.com. I’m not sure where the whole Bay State Patriots name fits in here.)

Ummm, Butch? If you’re trying to be clever with the signatures to your posts from Japan, it should be Butchie-San, not Butchie-son

Succinct analysis from Glenn Ordway on the Red Sox win: “Dice-K sucked, Snyder sucked, Papelbon sucked.” OK then. I guess that’s all we need to know.

Reid Laymance has the official word from DirecTV on this morning’s outage.

Gordon Edes has the game story of today’s (last night’s?) Red Sox opening day win over the A’s out in Japan. Michael Silverman has the story for the Herald.

Dan Shaughnessy wonders what General Douglas MacArthur would have thought about the scene in Japan. You know, I was wondering the exact same thing…

Chad Finn has his 2008 Red Sox season preview.

Jeff Passan has Manny Ramirez enjoying the million yen he won with his MVP performance today.

Sean Deveney says that Dice-K’s wild start doesn’t really mean anything.

Dayn Perry says that today wasn’t really opening day.

Bill Simmons has some thoughts on the NCAA tournament.

Tom Curran says that Roger Goodell cherry-picked the 49ers tampering case to punish.

Scouts Inc. has Randy Moss back on top as the best receiver in the NFL.

I’ll credit a BSMW message board poster for pointing out the ad on the bottom of the Boston Herald sports page today:

Boston Herald back cover

That “sports nutrition” place in Everett is promoting an appearance by Brian McNamee in the store this Thursday? Why? Then again, the man might be a hero in these parts for taking on Roger Clemens…