On Monday, Bob Ryan posted in his blog that he wasn’t all that impressed with Dwight Howard’s performance in the NBA Slam Dunk contest on Saturday night.

This morning in the Metro, I have a rebuttal to Ryan’s premise that we shouldn’t be impressed with Howard because he happens to be 7 feet tall and athletic.

Speaking of Ryan, he is down at Red Sox spring training, and after Manny Ramirez had his arrival press conference today, the Globe’s Extra Bases blog notes:

After standing up, out of the huge group of reporters and cameras, Ramirez went over to Bob Ryan, shook his hand, and stood talking to him for a few moments.

It would be interesting to know what Manny said to him.


7 thoughts on “Disagreeing on Dwight

  1. Ryan is chairman emeritus of all sports scribes…not just the Boston ones. It would surprise me not one bit that the conversation was in reference to Bob’s son. Just by working for the same broadsheet as Shaughnessy, you can see how 180-degree out-of-phase Ryan and Shaughnessy are. The former knows his stuff and speaks eloquently. The latter uses hatred, condescension and rage as main ingredients for his columns. Plus, Shaughnessy cannot speak any better than he can write, which is why you don’t see him hosting any radio or TV shows.


  2. I get the same impression of Ryan in comparison to Shank, but from what I gather the two are good friends. I remember seeing a picture of them stewed on the train from the Bronx and Ryan seems to get along with Shank on his television show.

    Shank on the radio or television is weird. It’s like he is not the same guy. No vitriol, calm, and something approaching reasonable. I guess those tired Animal House references and lame music asides don’t come to him easy.


  3. It wouldn’t be interesting to know what Manny said to Bob Ryan. Know why? Because even celebrities are allowed to have private conversations.

    Seriously, I enjoy Manny and his contributions to the Red Sox but, like any person with a life, things like that I don’t care about. I’ve got my own conversations; they’re much more interesting to me.


    1. Why, you’re a bit of a hero aren’t you?

      Obviously, nobody wants or needs a direct transcript, but it would be interesting to confirm that Manny – a person often vilified for being out of the loop on everything – would seek out Ryan to offer condolences.

      If we never find out, great; if we do find out, great. It’s not a question of being “allowed” to have a private conversation – if the facts become known, they’re known.


  4. I’m sure Ryan and Shank get along…let’s face it, these guys are like actors. I can hear them now….SHANK: “Well Bobby, I sure got Red Sox Nation all riled up with that last column, didn’t I?….RYAN: You sure did Shank!..I gotta hand it to ya, you really know how to stir the pot! Your “tweak-the-fan” style really works!….SHANK: “hell yeah Bobby, and they are like stray cats, they always come back for more!…”ha, ha, ha, ha,”


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