The Celtics ran out to a 26 point lead against the team many believe is the best in the NBA right now, the Golden State Warriors.

The Celtics didn’t so much lose that lead and eventually the game, as they did return to the mean.  What they did in the first half wasn’t really sustainable, but they remained competitive right to the end, and still had a chance to pull out the game in the end.  (Check for all coverage.)

While the Celtics are a long ways from being a contender again, I’ll take their situation over just about any other “rebuilding” franchise in the NBA. They’ve got a bold GM, a very good coach who is getting better, some decent young talent under control, and tons of upcoming cap space and draft picks, not to mention trade exceptions.

If you think teams like the Knicks, Sixers or Lakers are going to become contenders before the Celtics, I’ll politely mock you and move on.


The Bruins will look to make a final splash to determine the future of their season today with the NHL trade deadline coming down at 3pm this afternoon.

GM Peter Chiarelli made a move for the future overnight, trading picks for Tampa right wing Brett Connolly.


The Patriots are are facing a deadline today with the 4pm deadline for designating Franchise players. While many think that S Devin McCourty is the prime candidate for this tag, Mike Reiss tweeted this morning that his intelligence suggests that K Stephen Gostkowski is more likely to be tagged.

I’m not sure what that means. Do they think they can work something out with McCourty before free agency starts next week? Does it mean they’re close with Revis and can’t make both moves right now? Could they lose both McCourty and Revis next week? I don’t think so, but I shudder at the possibility.


Former Red Sox ace Curt Schilling is in the news this morning after his post on 38 Pitches last night (yes, it still exists!) about a situation that arose after he tweeted congratulations to his daughter for being accepted to college.

The world we live in…Man has it changed. ADDENDUM!

Wow. Sadly though, the types of Tweets Schilling is talking about, are all over the place. It’s the downside of social media, for sure.


Speaking of idiots on social media, we have Peter King. The MMQB leader seemingly can’t go more than a couple of weeks without putting something absolutely tasteless or irresponsible out for public consumption.

The 21-year-old son of ESPN’s Ivan Maisel has been missing for a week now, and media types all over the country have been raising awareness of the case and expressing their concern and hopes.

King naturally, tries an awkward attempt at injecting himself into the topic and relating to the situation:


Does King even for a second consider how he comes off here? People I respect a ton have said that we shouldn’t get on King for this, as he no doubt is concerned about the Maisel family.

I don’t know that. To me this is King injecting himself into a topic that in no way involves him. If he wants to express sympathy for the family, there were a million better ways to do it. How about reaching out privately?


A couple other links:

Why do media need to talk to athletes? – In like of the previously affable Kevin Durant going off on the media over All Star weekend, Bob Ryan examines why talking to the media is a part of the job for pro athletes.

A call to give Dick Vitale one more Duke-North Carolina game – Richard Deitsch’s SI Now media column looks at the big stories of the week.


147 thoughts on “Young Celtics Can’t Hang On Against Warriors

  1. That tweet perfectly exemplifies the true essence of Peter King. What a disgusting human being.

    1. You get a sense of his disconnect in his writings however his Twitter posts amplify it. He would benefit greatly from canceling his Twitter account or at the least he could hand it over to a PR team.

  2. I agree with you about the Celtics, Bruce. I wish more people could see it this way. Check out Mike Loyko’s hot takes on the Celtics. Every time they play it is another bashing session that puts Felger to shame.

    If they win, “Why are they winning? They need to tank. This team is going no where. Wins don’t help”
    If they lose, “See, they aren’t any good, why want to get into the playoffs at this point?
    The players? A bunch of “fillers” and “assets”. “No building blocks.” No “long term Celtics here.”

    If you dare question him on it, he gets more defensive than Bob Ryan talking about the sanctity of Holy Cross men’s basketball in the 1950’s.

    I’ve said before, Loyko is one of the media types I respect on Twitter when it comes to the Patriots, the draft, and the NFL in general. He’s very level headed and been on top of a lot of stories. However, he is out of his element in many ways when it comes to other sports.

    1. Someone who works for the Celtics has to have blown Felgie off at some point or another. I cannot for the life of me figure out his act with the Cs.

      Whatever though, this team is playing really entertaining ball as of late and they’re busting their buns out there on the court. For a young team like this, it’s all I can ask for as a fan.

      Thomas has transformed this teams watchability though. They’re just plain more fun with him.

      1. Felger’s thing with the Celtics is easy. He hates the Celtics because his precious Milwaukee Bucks kept losing to them in the 80’s. Still butt hurt after all these years.

        1. That kinda blows my mind but at the same time of course that’s why he’s a pissant with them.

          I’m slowly but surely sorry I switched over to Felger and YARM. I surely had a part in allowing this DB to go unchecked around these parts. Even if it’s minuscule.

      2. He doesn’t like the NBA. His general lack of affection for the Celtics is mostly a by-product of that. But I agree with Bruce’s point, that right now, the Celts’ future is brighter than that of the Lakers, Knicks or Sixers. I think they’ve got a good group of guards in Smart, Bradley and Thomas (though I have no idea if they’ll be together for long). Even though the first half against Golden State wasn’t sustainable, as he wrote, and the Warriors are simply a superior team who shut Boston down in the second half, I do take it as significant that they gave one of the best teams in the league a good run. But they’ve got no quality big guys, and that’s the difference between Boston and a solid playoff team. I do like Jerebko, but I don’t think he can hang with the league’s better forwards. Zeller and Olynyk I like, but neither of them can control the paint, on either end of the floor. Sullinger…it remains to be seen if he’ll become anything at all. I think his absolute ceiling is as the poor man’s Charles Barkley, and that won’t get them too far.

  3. I agree that the Celtics’ situation is enviable when it comes to rebuilding NBA teams, but I disagree about the Lakers not being able to rebuild that fast. They’ll just be able to spend their way out of the cellar because just about every free agent wants to go there: warm weather; Hollywood; club scene, etc., etc. The Lakers are one of those franchises that will never be down for too long because of their geographical circumstances. Once they finally push Kobe out the door and get themselves some major cap room, they’ll rebuild in a heartbeat through free agency. The Knicks? Not so sure because even though it’s New York, the less-than-ideal winter climate is a negative in attracting free agents. Hey, at least Stern is no longer around to “encourage” the development (and long-term maintenance) of contending teams in the two biggest media markets. This Silver guy seems like a straight shooter who actually wants all of the NBA’s franchises, regardless of media market/TV ratings, to have a legitimate shot at contending some day.

    1. They’ve yet to prove they can sign anyone, Kobe or not, since Jerry Buss died. If he’s let himself be pushed around by a deteriorating Kobe Bryant, it doesn’t speak well to his business and hoops acumen going forward.

      1. I hope you’re right. I loathe that team more than any other Boston sports rival and nothing would please me more than to see them enter The Dark Ages. (At least with the Yankees, I never got the impression — fair or not — that the league office was actually trying to make them better. I always got that impression with the Lakers when Stern was running the show.)

  4. From Deitsch,

    Peter King is a big boy but Twitter shi-ting on him here is ridiculous. Clearly, he cares about Ivan and his Fam.

    When media won’t call out other media, you can usually trace it back to a few common factors:

    They did the same thing or have and it’s not been exposed: See Brian Williams. The reluctance to “jump on the bandwagon” is a defense tactic so people who dislike the person don’t give them incentive to dig.
    Politics: Sad but true. See Deadspin here. Happens on both sides. Pile on if the person is the other party.
    They work for the same company – Unless someone said something real bad (racism, etc.), you’ll never get it.
    Or, they just don’t get it/dense. See Peter King.

    I think his defense is mainly 3 but bits of 2 and 4.

    Someone suggested that if you look at the spirit of King’s Tweet, it wasn’t meant to come off bad. Here’s the problem: anyone who pays attention knows King is so arrogant and everything is about him. He gets no benefit of the doubt because of that.

    1. Why does it always have to be “Belichick is so arrogant” when people want to criticize some of the moves he makes? At this point I’d like to see someone be a little original and just call him “stupid” or something (not that I would agree with that sentiment, it’s just that the “arrogant” label is so trite at this point, not to mention ridiculous). Other NFL teams make hard decisions like the one BB had to make yesterday all the time, and yet their GMs aren’t labeled as “arrogant.” Ditto for head coaches. Was Pete Carroll called “arrogant” for throwing the ball from the one-yard line last month when he had Marshawn Lynch in the backfield? Nope, but if that had been BB making that call, well, I think we all know what the media chorus would have sounded like, don’t we?

    2. Felger complained that it’s not in the “spirit” of the rule. Felger likes rules when it applies to going after the Patriots but when the Patriots use the rules for their own advantage like in the Ravens game and tagging kickers then he’s all about the “spirit” of it. What a fraud.

  5. the very credible John Tomase wrote about Curt Schilling fighting with the trolls when Schilling wrote about his daughter in a public place. Tomase compares The people taking cheap shots at Schilling and his daughter to Nazis. Now that’s a comparison that fits. Schilling should keep his family out of public life, not expose them.

      1. Someone posts a Facebook update about how much fun he’s having on his trip to Disney World, and then his house gets robbed. Does he deserve it? No. Do I feel bad for him? Nope. Is he a moron? Big time.

          1. I GUARANTEE that Schilling’s daughter has said to her dad, “Why did you even tweet that out?!?!” Jus’ sayin’

          2. Well since you issued a guarantee in all caps I guess it must be true. COnsidering his daughter tweeted out a huge thank you dad to him yesterday, I think your guarantee falls a little flat.

          3. Caps were in response to yours, brah. Get a clue. As should Schilling. I guess Curt the patriot doesn’t believe in free speech. That’s right, kids, free speech includes things we don’t like hearing — in fact, that’s the whole point! Curt the patriot does believe in free markets and small government, though. Unless it’s taking state money for his stupid video game, of course.

          4. No, brah. Free speech means the government can’t jail you for your opinions. Get a clue.

            Here’s the real lesson, kids. Say sh*t about people…and it can and will come back on you. Just because you say something doesn’t mean the person you say it to has to accept it or tolerate it. I love how you “defend” the right to spew vile….but not the right for it to blow back on them.

            Citing “free speech” is hilarious.

          5. Their comments are protected by free speech, are they not? How am I wrong? Did they do something criminal?

          6. Sure, they were within their rights to say those things on Twitter. And Curt was in his rights to call them out for these public comments in his blog. And the Yankees and community college, being embarrassed by people representing their organizations, were in their rights to end or suspend the relationships.
            Free speech doesn’t mean we can say whatever we want without repercussions, even if you are not yelling fire in a crowded theater. It means our speech can’t be censored or silenced (especially by the govt.)
            And Curt is a hypocrite for some of the points brought up here (and for his opposition to women’s reproductive freedom). But he’s not wrong in this specific case.

          7. And for the record, I feel bad for his daughter. Not only that she has to deal with the lewd comments, but that her idiot father put her in position to have to deal with them. I bet Curt the patriot is big on saying that people need to take personal responsibility. Unless it’s him, of course.

          8. Daughters at some point are embarrased by their fathers. But it’s usually not on Twitter for millions to see. Poor girl.

          9. Yes, poor girl. Yesterday she said “Thank you Dad for defending me. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I love you!”

          10. Did she tweet that out? Ah, then it must be true. Cause daddy would never make her tweet something for PR purposes.

          1. And pray tell, what does giving out personal information to complete strangers indicate about a person?

            Also, would you characterize Curt Schilling as the opposite of shallow and sorry?

      2. The purpose of Curt’s tweet wasn’t to congratulate his daughter. Tweeting is not a private communication (DM’ing aside). The purpose of his tweet was to announce to the public that he was congratulating his daughter.

        It’s “too public” because of the nature of the technology.

        What Schilling did is the 2015 version of a parent buying a small classified ad space in the local newspaper. However, in 2015, the readers of the “ad” can instantly, anonymously and directly respond. Curt knew all of this before he tweeted about his daughter and he failed to think through the possibilities.

        Every other week we hear about public people on Twitter being the targets of nasty trolls and most of these people aren’t known to publicly quarrel on Twitter with those trolls, they’ve simply published an article or an opinion about a subject that the trolls find disagreeable.

        Curt has been quarrelling with people on Twitter for several years. That he could not foresee this happening is far more amazing and surprising than that it did actually happen.

        1. Did you read some of the absolute FILTH these lowlife scum were writing? I mean you walked right up to the line and stopped just short of saying he and his daughter deserved it.

          Your rationalization of it is astounding.

          1. I think Curt is a blowhard but he should be able to congratulate his teenage daughter on social media (which countless people do daily) without vile threats being aimed at her. That’s the big difference here. If people had gone after Shill exclusively, that would be classless but not out of bounds. Then you could call Curt naive for not expecting it. (BTW – if you ever want any example of the depravity of some people on Twitter, check out the Pope’s feed. I am a lapsed Catholic and have a lot of issues w the church and religion in general – and I appreciate satire – but I can’t fathom what would compel someone to reply to the Pope’s positive tweets with graphic sexual posts.)

          2. I agree. No one should be attacking his kids the way they did but Curt isn’t naive. Anyone who’s been on social media for more than 5 minutes knows that especially famous people get trolled. He knew he would get trolled and then he ran with it to D&C to wave his junk around and show everyone how connected he is. Total ego trip. And WEEI who is no stranger to making themselves part of any story and D&C being the kings of trolling and self promotion took the bait hook line and sinker. Dominated their coverage yesterday. They were happy to feed Curts ego.

          3. We live in a day and age where people post what they eat, drink, and $hit. He posted a real life big moment for his daughter. It’s too bad what happened, I am sorry for him but it is somewhat predictable on a smaller scale. I was shocked how far it went.

          4. “I think Curt is a blowhard but he should be able to congratulate his teenage daughter on social media (which countless people do daily) without vile threats being aimed at her. ”

            Ideally yes, but that’s not how Twitter was constructed.

            It’s astonishing that so many people don’t understand this simple fact.

          5. Yes, I have spent time on Twitter (as indicated by my comment on Pope Francis’s feed). People are horrible, so when given a tool like Twitter many take the opportunity to show just how horrible they are. There are also plenty of examples, as cited in this string, that show that Schilling is an attention-seeking fraud and a hypocrite. He also has completely ignorant views on many things (mostly politics), including evolution, and projects those ignorant view on Twitter. But let’s review what he did: he posted nice tribute to his daughter on Twitter (the fact that she will play ball at SR would have become public anyway). He acknowledged that he expected some (fairly) good-natured ribbing on Twitter and got some of it. But some people went way too far and made what were at best extremely vile sexual comments about at teenager and at worst vague threats to his daughter’s safety. They didn’t do anything illegal, but they did something that was offensive and inappropriate. Curt called him out by name, and the Internet, doing what often does in these cases (like the NJ gay bashers or racist restaurant patrons) went after them hard. I personally think they got what they deserved, and if it makes someone else think twice about attacking young women on the Internet then all the better.

          6. Yes, I’m sure Schilling’s daughter joining the Salve Regina softball squad would have been on the SportsCenter scroll. There’s a huge difference between her name being added to the roster of the SR softball webpage and dangling the info out to the trolls that Curt knew followed his twitter timeline. How many of the “vile” commenters do you think knew he had a daughter? Of those, how many knew how old she was? Of those, how many knew she played softball in high school? Of those, how many would have known she’d be going to SR to play? Of those, how many would have found her twitter account on their own? The more I think about it, the more Curt Schilling’s actions feel like a sting operation.

          7. I think it would have made a Globe Red Sox notebook or a Cafardo piece. Or the inside track. But apparently your standard for newsworthiness is a big higher than mine.
            But the sting theory is interesting. In fact, perhaps Schilling has been developing a social media presence for years – and perhaps even had a family – just to entrap a couple of Twitter dips*its.

          8. And I’m sure that Schilling haters are scouring the Red Sox notebook, Nick Cafardo’s articles, and the inside track for information to harass Curt over. Or, as Schilling knows all too well, just following his twitter timeline like they normally do. And you should check his twitter conversations yourself to see how much he LOVES to get into it with his haters on there. And let everyone know how much smarter he is than they are. So the possibility of him doing this intentionally in order to exact revenge on people isn’t so crazy when you see how crazy the man himself is. You’re failing to see that Curt Schilling is an internet troll. Just a variation on the ones that he “exposed.”

          9. Utter and complete Strawman nonsense.

            Deserved and Expected, two vastly different words. You are naive and barely understand the technology (Twitter) that we’re talking about.

        2. I really agree with Stoja on this one. Schillings daughter is NOT a public figure. Schilling was NOT and is NOT outing or going after people who sent him (the public figure) nasty (I could use 10 worse and more descriptive adjectives to describe the posts) tweets. He is going after people who sent these tweets and comments to his 18 year old daughter, whose only crime was being born his daughter. How anyone can think Schilling bears any culpability in this is beyond me. Maybe I am sensitive because I have 2 daughters…or maybe I am old enough to remember when common decency meant not saying something to someone you will regret later…I don’t know….what I do know is Schilling’s response which resulted in his exposing these troglodytes (a better word than trolls) should be applauded. Perhaps now maybe more people will fight back as people realize actions have consequences. Perhaps the troglodytes will think twice before hitting the send key on a vile piece of hate mail designed to make someone feel belittled, unsafe and question their self worth.

          Yeah I know…its all wishful thinking. Well atlas Curt in the car struck back so it is possible. Lets see where this goes.

          1. “How anyone can think Schilling bears any culpability in this is beyond me.”

            Apparently, you’re not as familiar with Twitter as you think you are. But Schilling was very familiar with it, long before this incident.

        3. Sorry, nothing Schill did warrants anyone to publicly threaten sexual molestation of a minor. End of discussion. Trolls that break the law need to be convicted.

          1. Strawman response.

            I didn’t write that what Schill tweeted warranted a disgusting response.

            Warranted and expected are two very different words.

            With his knowledge of the technology and prior experience quarrelling with people on said technology, Schill should have expected something like what happened.

            I hope this helps.




            past tense: warranted; past participle: warranted

            justify or necessitate (a certain course of action).




            past tense: expected; past participle: expected

            regard (something) as likely to happen.

  6. The behavior of those internet trolls towards Schilling’s daughter was unacceptable, but he has to realize that his post has done nothing but give these trolls even more attention. It would have been better to stay quiet about it. As a celebrity, and one who has a lot of detractors (either from Rhode Island or people who don’t agree with him politically), there are always going to be people deriding him or his family (largely to get him upset). Next time he should be more quiet about it.
    The Celtics, in a better position than the Lakers, or Knicks? But wait! All Mr. Basketball Michael Felger tells me is that the Celtics have never in their history attracted a free agent to come here. They’re still doomed! @_@ Oh, and the master of positivity, Adam Jones has told me that Brad Stevens will resign because they traded Rondo (while all other media members will whine about how much of a clubhouse cancer Rondo was and is), so we can’t be happy about that either.

    1. Actually, no. The Yankees have fired one of their employee’s who was involved in this and a student radio DJ was also fired and suspended from the school because Schilling made this public.

      Why is “staying quiet” the right thing to do? You sound like a frightened old woman. If a man isn’t going to stand up and fight for his family then WTF do you stand for then? I guess some people think cowering and hiding is the thing to do…

      1. What happened to his daughter was wrong.
        But to go on WEEI where a guy invented the term “METCO GORILLA” and complain is hypocritical and laughable. Has he ever admonished the man who invented that phrase?

  7. I cannot BELIEVE the amount of rationalization being attempted by some of you about the Schilling thing. Be a decent human being and say these people are GARBAGE and stop trying to dole out pieces of blame pie to everyone. F that and F you. My god…

      1. So what? WHat the F**K does that have to do with what happened? Do you live on the same planet as the rest of civilized society? AT this point I’m starting to think you sent some of those tweets to him and his daughter.

          1. StoJa ignores salient points and makes it about his moral objections. It’s like arguing about preferences. So, yeah, he mad.

          2. I can see your point. That guy just doesn’t get it. Most sensible people can understand the difference. Most of us know that what was said about red lights daughter was repulsive. Red light has every right to be upset and give it back to those guys. But we all know that can be done without the self serving promotion. Most of us who have followed red light through the years even before coming here knows he does everything for self promotion. From his openly sanctimonious religious beliefs to making sure everyone sees him scolding Manny Ramirez before a game on the field when he could’ve done so in private in the clubhouse. These are just a few examples of how he makes himself the story. This latest of his internet vigilantism is just another example of him making himself the story. And using the d&c show to push his agenda reeks of hypocrisy. That show is undisputedly the most mysoginist show there is. Oh and let’s not forget their shock jock flash boy and the torch bearer for decency and shivellry. Kirk Minihane. Verbally abuses co-workers on and off air and on social media. And let’s not forget a recent bullying case by him. Erin Andrews. That vulgar attack on her for no reason and his suspension for it. Epic hypocrisy. And since then it’s been the a running joke with all those guys because it’s funny to call a women what he did because she’s famous and that’s why she deserves to be put down and bullied because they’re men and real sports guys…ha ha. Disgusting. Everything about them and their show is just vile. Can’t wait for the day they’re off the air.

          3. Bravo, sir. This is exactly the kind of logical argument that StoJa, Matthew McKnight, and T Murphy ignore. And why those of us who see Schilling for what he truly is question his initial reasoning for tweeting out this personal info about his daughter. I still don’t understand what the point was. He could have easily shared the news with family and friends exclusively. Why he felt the need to put his daughter’s private info out there to millions of strangers, in a forum where he has dealt with several personal attacks in the past? Suspect at the very least. Pretty stupid at best.

          4. A few points here, Oswee. First: the trolls who attacked Schilling and his daughter are reprehensible, trashy people, and they deserve to be outed. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the responsibility for, or from the consequences, of, speech.

            Second, Schilling is a media whore. But I’m not so sure that he’s calculating in how he goes about it. He’s never struck me (watching through TV and internet posts, of course) as a guy who plans out what he’s going to do. I think he simply loves and courts attention, and then deals with the aftermath. (Consistent with what an unprofessional loose cannon he was as a young pitcher.) So I don’t think he planned any aspect of this poopstorm following the tweet about his daughter. I think he slimply likes living large and in the public eye, and didn’t give anything a further thought.

            And that’s where I draw issue with him. Curt, and certainly his daughter, don’t deserve the online abuse they got. But as a father, he has to know that probably his #1 job is to protect his children, not expose them to abuse. And he’s had enough digital run-ins with people that he should have known better. So it’s hard to have pity for him, while at the same time feeling badly for the daughter and also condemning the odious people who targeted them.

          5. When did I say he wasn’t a media whore (he is). Said he 1) didn’t “Steal tax money” and 2) there’s no logical bridge between this and speaking against Jared Remy in 04. Take your strawman elsewhere.

          6. Oddly enough, if he did come here in 2004 as the white knight and omniscient being you guys think he should have been, and said something about NESN broadcaster’s son, you would have labeled him an even bigger media whore. Internet trolls are the worst.

          7. Although your comment was directed at yourself, I’d like to respond: Thanks for letting people know how they would have reacted to a situation had it happened 11 years ago. Must be nice having such powers.

          8. It was an add-on to my previous post and I knew you, being my #1 fan, would see it.

          9. When did I say that you said he wasn’t a media whore? You’re the tops at putting words in my mouth. Direct quotes as well as general notions.

          10. So “stealing tax money” and “going after twitter trolls but not saying anything about 04 jared remy being moral discrepancy” is logic? Then yes I ignore logic. Mateus argument is logical and not ignored from this corner. Stop piggybacking other people’s takes because you can’t come up with any sensible ones.

          11. You’re all over the map, son. You’re falsely attributing to me the ideas and notions that others have expressed, and then saying that I’m piggybacking. Then you’re creating a mishmash of said ideas and notions into some grand theory that neither I nor no one else on here has posited. Get it together or just let it go, Matthew. You’re starting to look weird.

          12. OLH, though you did not write the 2 comments I responded to, you took up the argument with me. My responses were written because the 2 points of view mentioned are ridiculous. You called me a moral supremacist in one and compared Schilling to a Nazi soldier in the other. Nothing is weirder than the anonymous internet commenter, but I guess the Mark Twain quote about arguing with fools is starting to apply here. So I’m letting it go.

          13. Btw, calling me a fool is an unnecessary personal attack. Quite out of line, sir. This is a discussion forum. There’s no need for such things. I hope you’re better than that in the future and can treat people with proper respect.

        1. Curt feed the trolls because he knew it would be a story and Curt never ran away from a story about his favorite subject…Himself.
          He’s always been this way.
          If you want foam at the mouth about this then have at it.

  8. I got to hand it to Shill. He never misses an opportunity to turn anything into a story aout himself and beat it to the ground. And what good fortune for WEEI to be able to capitalize,I mean “report” his story and have all their hosts on all their shows do the same. I thank Curt for 2004 and I don’t blame him for being angry but this guy never goes away. He always manages to find a way to make himself the center of some big story and gets his bitches in the morning show to carry his water for him. It’s the same media blitz from WEEI everytime this guy gets the red ass about something. It’s nauseating.
    I was just starting to forget why I switched to 985 but now i remember. Crap like this is what loses me. Making the story about yourself. Just myop.

        1. I find it more ironic that that you’re whining about me “attacking you” while you are doing the same thing to Curt.

          You tell me to stay classy because your opinion sucks, but say nothing about the lack of class shown by the twitter tough guys attacking Curt’s daughter.

          With all the iron in your diet I’d expect you to be a little tougher, Daniel. You can’t handle me telling you you have a stupid opinion but Curt should toughen up in reading all the explicitly graphic comments directed towards his daughter?

          Come on. Do better, buddy. Be better.

  9. It says a lot about our society when this kind of behavior is not only tolerated but rationalized and made excuses for. Not only do I applaud Curt Schilling but I hope this inspires MORE people to do what he did. Weed out these fukking cowards and turn it back around on them. Kudos to the Yankees and that college for firing and suspending the respective @ssholes who played their part in this.

  10. So SuperDad has been around computers since ’81, and yet didn’t think for a minute that his tweet would bring out the trolls ? That’s either stupidity, or good old fashioned BS. Curt is on a crusade to burnish his image just in time for the next HOF vote, but he will need some 40 grit sandpaper to grind off that 38Studios stain. Maybe his next cause will be to hunt down shysters who steal tax money, and leave hard working employess out in the cold.

        1. Curt Schilling wants to start a business. A pandering RI politician wants to give him money based on his name and nothing else. No savvy investor in their right mind would give him a dime. And we’re mad at Curt for accepting the money? I’m not even a Schilling fan but “stealing tax money” is disingenuous at best.

          1. Cool. I guess the children of the people who lost their jobs can feed themselves with your logic then?

          2. Who put a gun to their head and told them to work for a start up led by a man who had little to no business experience?

          3. Beyond that, are we forgetting the loss of personal wealth, the auction, etc. never happened?

          4. Homeboy ain’t livin’ in the projects right now. So I dunno what happened. Maybe his shifty lawyers and accountants protected his money. Maybe the “personal losses” were a show. Not beyond the realm of possibility. Dude looks to be doin’ pretty well for himself. That’s all I know for sure.

          5. More all star logic from you – “homeboy ain’t living in the projects, so he must have lost nothing.” I now understand and respect why you so vigorously defend your right to Internet anonymity.

  11. Calling out anonymous keyboard warriors like yourself for making vile comments about his daughter means he should’ve called out the announcer’s son who he likely knew nothing about when he arrived in 2004? That’s a bikram yoga stretch (being polite)

    1. Likely knew nothing about it? Guy needs to do his homework then. Or should we just let off all the Nazi soldiers who were “just doing what they were told” as well? Come on, bro.

      1. LMAO so let’s compare Curt Schilling to a Nazi soldier because he didn’t do his homework on every individual who worked for the Red Sox when he came here, and did not say anything about Jared Remy. Love it. If your logic equates going after the anonymous internet trolls (like yourself) who targeted his daughter to saying something about Jared Remy in 2004, good luck in life. I’ve been successfully trolled.

        1. Damn, son. Laughing aboutt the holocaust? Scary stuff. I hope that isn’t your legit name and picture. #realtalk

        1. Can’t. It’s like posting lewd comments about someone’s daughter after they share personal information about her for all the world to see. Once it’s done, it’s done. Follows you forever.

  12. I remember when he first started on the Big Show, and they used to tease him about it then. Felger flat out said he hated the 80’s Celtics for always killing the Bucks.

    1. I think covering the Patriots is the wrong job for Volin. He does not speak the language the same way we do in NE. As such he says things and does things that point to him being an absolute moron. This is just another example. To think that the Patriots fan base is not bright enough to understand Cash vs Cap when even Mike Felger understands it, shows either an immense arrogance or that he does not speak the same language the rest of us speak.

      It is amazing to me how the Globe goes out of its way to employ people who just don’t get how to relate to the NE sports fan. Colin is not a bad football scribe. However he is horrible on the Pats beat…not as bad as Shalise Manza Young but between the two of them the Globe’s Pats coverage, to quote the most popular Sportstalk Host in the market (according to that survey last year), sucks.

    2. Odd thing is that a day before, @WWIIFelger (who has to be a reader here), pointed this out:

      It’s sad but I’m no longer shocked. If you read the thread on the Tweet, Volin admits that they have very different audiences.

      Hmm, but does that affect responsibility? I have no clue who Miguel is but he’s used as an authority for anything Patriots cap-related matters by not just fans, but G+Z, and I’ve heard him on random weekend shows.

      Be fun to have Miguel over @patscap on the “CAP IS CRAP” show someday.

  13. Unfortunately, WEEI originally said they wouldn’t suspend him and then later bowed to pressure. They should have fired him, but I think he’ll let his anger get the most of him again and the misogyny will return. Not sure he survives a 2nd flare up.
    That said, just because Schilling hasn’t called out Minihane doesn’t mean that he was wrong in how he handled the Twitter issue. Calling someone a hypocrite is an easy (and generally effective) debate technique but it doesn’t necessarily address the merits of the original action or argument.

  14. I imagine there’s no mention of salary cap cheating on the ’97 ahd ’98 Broncos’ Super Bowl DVDs either. Does Volin have an opinion on that? The Globe is birdcage liner at this point, and nothing more.

      1. No doubt. I’m sure the Seahawks’ 2013 DVD doesn’t mention the multiple PED suspensions that year either!

        1. Maybe Volin is trying to prepare himself for the national job. The “Globe NFL writer” spot has been, for the most part, the on-deck circle for folks being promoted to national gigs. Can’t be Pro-Patriots once you get out of here, right?

  15. Not just the “non-story” but he should know that NFL Films/Media scrub the DVD of things like this for every single team. It’s for fans of the team.

  16. I used to have a PFT account but closed it after the comment section became the “cess pool” that some hosts described the Schilling stuff with. Barstool, yeah, has a loyal following but the comment section is.. not for me. Most boards/big sites are like this. TheBigLead is pretty bad. Deadspin can have some entertaining posts but everyone is trying to out-snark the rest.

    Reddit seemed to be one of the only places where you can police comments. In the general /r/NFL board, you mirror national sentiment. Lots of anti-Patriots stuff but the enforcement/community tends to shoot some of the stuff down. There’s also some great commenters there, who bring up great stuff with the NFL and teams. Unfortunately, that’s about a 1:1000 ratio. Trying to keep up with the voluminous topics, huge threads, it just took too much time for me, so I deleted it.

    On here, I find it’s a good community. We’re small where I’d say most of us at least know each other. We can disagree and it doesn’t get vile or “troll worthy”. I try to post entertaining things and at least put some effort into posting things worthy of an upvote. I’ll disagree, as will others, but we can have a good back-and-forth. Thankfully, it’s still here. It’s not common, as you mention.

    1. I forgot to post after reading that yesterday. I loved it. Over the past year, he’s really become the voice of reason in the market.

      The Mehta response, nothing unusual for him, is priceless:

      As Curran points out, imagine if the Patriots tampered with someone?

  17. Peyton Manning taking a pay cut – does this mean the Denver media will accuse the Broncos of being cheap?

  18. How about Marty Walsh? Guy is getting overwhelming opposition from the public on the Olympic bid, and his response is essentially: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Our elected officials hard at work!

    1. I think it does and I think he thinks so too because he posted a good bye letter on Twitter. Though there is always the possibility I guess that he resigns for less money. I don’t think that is very likely though.

      1. Here’s hoping he looks at guys like Mankins, Law, Samuel, Seymour, et all before signing somewhere else.

        1. I hear ya, but Vince is a true professional as well as a “mentor” type, and he’d probably view going to a less-than-dynamic team as an opportunity for him to get one more big payday and to help a younger team develop into a contender some day; and maybe he could parlay that experience into a future coaching job. One thing is for sure, Vince seems to be leaving NE on MUCH better terms with the organization than did the four ex-Pats you’ve mentioned above. Samuel and Mankins were franchised, and both fumed about it, and both basically negotiated and aired their dirty laundry in the media. Seymour and BB always clashed, practically from Day One back in 2001, and Law was always publicly bellyaching about getting paid (and kept yapping after he left, if I recall correctly. At least Vince won’t leave town with his guns blazing.

        2. From the outside looking in I don’t get the sense the Wilfork is like those other guys. We know he had some issues in the past regarding the renegotiation of his deal. I do think his issues had more to do with the way business is done between the teams (not only the Pats) and the players. That aside I really don’t think he has a choice this time. The Patriots are up against the cap and I think their priorities are to do everything they can to sign Revis and sign McCourty. It’s a passing league and stopping the pass is priority #1 so the Pats may have to settle for a less than a million per year DTNT. I also think the Pats feel pretty good about their LB’s. They probably think that they can pick up the slack that is lost by losing Wilfork.

          1. They probably can replace him with “quantity” rather than quality, but that’s OK. You have to have the DBs and the edge rushers in the NFL now. “The big uglies” inside, as Keith Jackson used to call them, are a nice luxury, but no longer a necessity. Of course, if Easley gets healthy and plays with the burst he showed at Florida, everyone will have forgotten that they released Wilfork by late October.

    2. I think what it really says is they want to spend a significant amount of money on Revis. To do so they can’t carry a soon to be 34 year old 350b tackle with a cap charge of $8.75 mill. Could Vince come back…sure…at somewhere south of $2 mil. Will he…I doubt it..not with Pepper Johnson on the Jets staff.

      1. Have fun playing meaningless games for a garbage Jets team then. I’d have to think a guy who’s played meaningful games for his entire NFL career is going to be extra frustrated in a situation like that.

        1. Normally I would agree with you…but…he played 11 years in NE…has 2 rings. Maybe he has 3 more years left. Why not cash out. He really has nothing left to accomplish but getting pay checks.

  19. Reiss hasn’t shut the door on a Wilfork return. And maybe I’m delusional, but I think he’ll be back. Unless a title contender gives him a ridiculous contract, I think Wilfork will realize that the grass isn’t greener with the caliber of teams that are willing to overpay for a two down D lineman. 2 or 3 million a year to stick with the Pats and maybe win another ring or possibly two? I think he’ll look at the guys who left for financial reasons (and regretted it), then look at Brady (who took a pay cut), and decide to stay.

    1. Mentioned by others but it was what I was wondering:

      I think the only “motivation” to go to another team would be to reunite with Pepper or RAC, given their history. That’s the only reason I could see him “taking less” and that team not being the Patriots.

      Regardless, he’ll be loved forever here. I hope that man never has to buy a drink again at any establishment around the area.

  20. Strawman.

    You all really need to try harder to make things up that I obviously didn’t post.

    1. You just don’t get it! If you criticize Schilling, then you support the guys who made the comments about his daughter. It’s a black and white issue, don’tcha know?! No different than any issue in the real world. Duh!

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