NESN's Hazel MaeHazel Mae anchors NESN’s nightly SportsDesk program and also serves as host of The Ultimate Red Sox Show, a weekly look back at the Red Sox, and The Buzz, another weekly show that is devoted to the Bruins.

Mae came to Boston from Toronto, where apparently they are still mourning her departure. Mae’s NESN Bio lists out some of her favorite things.

She’s been known to call into WEEI on occasion, and appears to enjoy teasing the guys, particularly Mike Adams and John Dennis.



54 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Hazel Mae

    1. Is it me or is her top half shrinking? The once “very” shapely Hazel seems to have lost her implant size. She still rocks my world and is a very good sports caster. I wish she would resume what Tina Cervasio did last year.

      She’s easy on the ears as well as the eyes.

    1. Joan,

      What’s your issue, its no stick its the way she is, she is awesome, she speaks sports well, has a command of everything she is speaking about, down to earth and very sensoual, you can’t make all that up its no “stick” its who she is

      Sounds like you are jelous who cares if she is hot and sexy all the better

  1. I remember seeing her on the NHL Center Ice package doing promos for Rogers Sportsnet before she came to NESN. I’m glad she came to New England. She has done a good job at the anchor desk. I know many women do not like her, but I like the job she does.

  2. Quick story on Hazel: A couple years ago at the Patriots Day Sox game, my buddy and I had standing room only tickets. By the fifth inning or so, we were tired of getting kicked out of the temporarily empty seats every half inning so we headed for the concourse area to watch the game on the TV. Of note, we were also about five sheets to the wind by then. Anyway, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Hazel Mae walking by, being escorted by a coupled of roided NESN goons. After I pointed her out to my buddy, he screamed “HAZEL!!!!” at the top of his lungs. She stopped, looked over at us and, rather than walking quickly away from us bumbling rowdy drunks, she headed straight towards us and said “Hey guys, what’s going on?” Very friendly. The goons gave us one look-over and wisely guided her away from us. Nonetheless, I was impressed by her friendliness and willingness to engage us. In other words, her on-air persona wasn’t an act. I’ve liked her for that ever since. Thumbs up. HAZEL!!!!!

    1. You were impressed by her friendliness and willingness to engage you? That’s easy to do when, as you said, she’s “escorted by a coupled of roided NESN goons.”

      She sells “sex appeal” so of course she’s going to enjoy getting some drunk guys to pant while protected by security.

      My guess would be that if she was alone and two drunk guys yelled out to here she’d walk very quickly the other way… (not that I’d blame her)

    2. ha thats funny. i have a teacher thats mr. underwood. go figure. oh yeah go hazel!

  3. Besides the fact that she never looks at the right camera, she is just AWFUL. And most of NESN is as well. She tells jokes that aren’t funny, stresses the wrong words in sentences, makes voice-overs sound like she’s giving us the impending news of the end of the world, and is HORRIBLE at reading highlights. Thankfully for her, NESN edits the SportsDesk show that airs in the morning and afternoon so they make her sound better.

    Overall, if NESN canned her, Tappen, and Parker tomorrow I’d be totally ok with it.

  4. I think Dave would prefer a shirtless Sean McDonough as SportsDeck anchor.

    I agree with Underwood–very genuine, friendly person. If I want to see serious, hard-hitting anchors, I’ll flip on Burton or Stearns. 🙂

  5. I think they put on a quality show at NESN. She does a great job. Its nice to have some fine artwork to look at in the morning. Hazel Mae makes the show a little better.

  6. What I find most irritating about her is that she overuses cutesy phrases that I think she believes will get her a job at ESPN. Ellsbury is always “getting on his little pony,” Beckett had “two earnies” last night, there are “ducks on the pond,” etc. I think your comment that “she enjoys teasing the guys” exactly conveys the way she presents herself. She might be good – if she approached the job a little more professionally.

  7. This is a bit off topic, but I cannot stand Kathryn Tappen. I think she is awful! Hazel Mae is ok, nothing special. Tappen annoys the hell out of me.

  8. Her turns on WEEI are cringe inducing. The creepy, sexist banter she goes through with Mike Adams is disgusting.

  9. I like her. Met her at a Bruins game, very friendly. She does a very solid job on NESN. I like Kathryn Tappen, too. She looks great in HD! Jayme Parker’s gotta go.

  10. She said “…like Sister Christian, they’re motorin’…” twice in one highlight. That means she used the same catchphrase in the matter of two minutes. Is that even legal?

    The other phrases of hers that just completely gnaws at me is when she describes a home run with “…two-run jobby…”

    Tappen’s worse. When Julian Tavarez re-signed with the Sox, she said, “He was seven-for-eleven last year with a 5.15 ERA.” Seven-for-eleven implies that he got seven hits in eleven at bats. He was, in fact, seven-AND-eleven.

    They all suck.

  11. I find her incredibly annoying. Her delivery sounds like she has no idea what she’s talking about. And I heard the “Sister Christian” reference yesterday morning. Any time you have to *explain* a reference, it’s not worth using. She’s one step away from “…and like Night Ranger sang in their 1984 hit, ‘Sister Christian’…”

    Her catch phrases and sayings clang like wrong notes, and her smarmy delivery has an undercurrent of “How-cool-and-funny-are-the-things-I’m saying?”

    Just give me the scores, Hazel, or get to Bristol already.

  12. I always thought Hazel was cute until I got a high-def tv. When you have crystal-clear picture quality, it turns out her face isn’t that great. I think she seems to be somewhat knowledgeable about sports but is just annoying.

  13. Oh Lord, if I hear one more time about the throw coming to “the dish” I’m gonna puke…

  14. …. with the the recent influx of Playboy Bunnie caliber “anchors” Hazel is under intense pressure to keep her looks … K-Tap is taller and has more classic looks but even she pales to the recent bustier west coast acquisitions … I like Hazel but she is so annoying I have to change the station whenever she is on … Still shapely, Hazel’s a key fixture in Sean McGrail’s “master race” approach to Sportsdesk … Needs to wear low-cut tops to trump the modestly endowed K-Tap.

    I approve because she is likeable and gives 100%.

  15. I would rank the NESN women in this order:

    1. Katheryn Tappen. Me likey. She’s just hot. I practically don’t even need to hear the words that come out of her mouth. They just don’t matter.
    2. The departed Tina Cervasio. Sneaky hot with a hard body underneath the quasi-consevative dress. Oh yeah… she also gets points for being competent.
    3. Hazel Mae. A little annoying but there is no denying the tremendous front court.

    Since this is supposed to be a Hazed thread, I give her the thumbs up. Large breasts = approve.

  16. Hazel is okay. Unfortunately I think her looks carry much more weight than her talent or skills. She does a pretty poor job reading highlights and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a sports anchor constantly use more tired cliches (at the dish, on the bump, three-run jack, etc.). If NESN really wants to go big time with their station and some of their productions they need to start by ramping up their SportsDesk program and upgrade several of the anchors, including Hazel

  17. I find Hazel very attractive. But I have a thing for Asian women anyway. 😉

    As for her on-air performance, when she first got here it seemed she was trying audition for ESPN, which annoyed me to no end. She’s toned it down since then and got much better.

  18. She tries way too hard to be a sex symbol. Most classy women don’t need to try too hard. And she also comes across as the type of woman who would date a rebel and then make him change until he’s painting her toe nails. She just isn’t sexy to me.

    Tina Cervasio was more understated and oozed class. Tina was a much better reporter too.

  19. Just because one is beautiful doesn’t make her a good sports reporter. I have stopped watching SportsDesk because I cannot stand her. As other people have stated, she reads reports poorly (emphasizing wrong words, and so on), uses hokey cliche phrases, and has this annoying southern accent to make some points. She is even worse on live television; her work in the two rolling rallies was nothing short of pitiful. I love looking at beautiful women just like any other guy, but she totally sucks at NESN. She belongs on the E! network doing what Brooke Burke used to do, like hosting shows about nude beaches and naked parties, and leave sportscasting to the professionals.

    I like Kathryn Tappen a lot. Jayme Parker was fine on SportsDesk, there was no need to replace her. Teetha Cervasio will always be a Yankee fan in my book and I don’t mind her leaving. But Hazel Mae is just plain terrible in her job. I wish NESN would can her immediately.

  20. Pretty sad that NESN and channel 7 has so little respect for Boston sportsfans that they throw these bimbos at us. I cant understand how any guys want this. There are plenty of places to see hot babes (Hazel is disgusting anyway, Tappen is hot) but it doesnt have to be on a sports broadcast. Give us someone who knows SOMETHING and then after the game I can hit the net for porn.

  21. Hazels act is old. Really old. Her hair has been thinning and receding on camera. Her teeth are crooked and look like she sucks a vibrator while its still on.
    Her boobs are fake and she’s been to the hospital a couple times for leakage repairs. Hazel Mae knows that if she takes out her breast implants-her popularity and ratings go in the shitter. Her Bruins Buzz and Red Sox shows are awful!

    Kathryn Tappen is okay. She wears too dark of a facial makeup on camera which clashes with her white neck.
    An orange golf ball on a white tee. In person Tappen looks anorexic skinny.

    Weird that NESN is still searching for departed Red Sox field reporter Tina Cervasio’s replacement and the Sox season is underway.
    Red Sox owner Tom Werner (the owner who sounds like an flaming gay boy) who’s a big TV producer is overseeing NESN for his partners which the Red Sox own 80% of. The Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs owns the other 20%. Joel Feld is the dumbass running NESN for Henry-Lucchino and Werner.

  22. sports+babes=very good!

    What else do you hate? Hot weather chicks in tight tops?

    You sir are UnAmerican!

  23. Simplely the best in this town. Truely Professinal and a knock-out!!! Meet her a couple of times and she was great with my sons.

  24. I like Hazel Mae but what the heck if she interviews anyone i’m just looking at her not listening to the interview. Tina Cervasio is my girl i wish she was back . Not taking anything away from Hazel Mae but i like the italian look .

  25. Hazel’s the best. Keep her in NESN. Don’t let her become a free agent. I can’t wait to get my DirecTV back, since I’ve been in Florida, I’m still waiting, so I can watch her and the Sox.

  26. Wow.

    She’s not a great anchor, but she connected well with fans and brought a great attitude.

    All the haters that critique her physique can go watch ESPN where only manly women can anchor.

  27. Never cared for Hazel. Her entire personality seems like an act. I really want Jayme back in that role. I hope they give it to her.

  28. Please don’t go Hazel. Nobody can replace you. Say it say…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.. Please stay just for me !!!!!!!!!


  29. Hazel was on Rogers SportsNet in Toronto until her affair wit hthe Toronto Maple Leafs GM became public and she came to Boston. She is a bit wacky on camera and that is her draw.

  30. Count me in the “bub-bye, Hazel (kiddie hand-wave)” camp. I don’t watch sports shows for the babes; I watch for the sports. Hazel’s incessant flow of obscure, sometimes ambiguous, and ALWAYS annoying euphemisms detract from her delivery. She uses them to make her appear to be one of the “in” people, but have the reverse effect of putting her out of touch with the viewers. On balance, she is an amateur competing with genuine professionals. I have never understood how she could have been given the anchor desk.

    I like all of her colleagues at NESN better, but I have a little advice. First, don’t EVER again drop to her level, like Kathryn did in that hockey-puck, snack, sniping ad she did with Hazel; that’s a definite low point. Second; take elocution lessons. Stumbling over simple words and phrases can turn an attentive audience off.

    Third; get to know the sports, teams, and individuals you cover. Tina Cervasio never seemed to care much about the Sox, but we got the sense that she spent some time studying them. TC seems on top of every team. Kathryn can hold her own on a Bruins panel of other local journalists. John Chandler crisply and clearly delivers the sports news, but you have the sense that he could be in any city. Jayme’s been here forever and handles all of the sports, both professional and school, with professionalism.

    I hope that whoever lands the lead anchor desk position exhibits all of these qualities.

  31. Hazel is the best, I love how knowledgeable she is and she really enjoys covering sports. Keep up the great job Hazel.

  32. glad she isn't up here anymore. horrible at her job should not be a sportscaster but her "personalities" got her the job up here and down there i would imagine. good ridance. have fun sox nation

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