Roger Clemens steroids talk is now all the rage on sports radio, as Clemens gets ready to testify under oath tomorrow. I hate all this steroid talk and how it has absolutely dominated sports talk radio during morning drive in Boston for going on three years now, but I have to say that I’m going to be looking for a way to watch Clemens go before the committee tomorrow. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be entertaining.

In other news, today was the first time I actually ventured onto the national web sites since…you know. Not too much out there other than the Clemens stuff.

Chad Finn has some thoughts on Roger Clemens, and a number of other Boston sports items.

Eric Wilbur says that Clemens is apparently dumb enough to believe himself.

Jason Whitlock says that Clemens’ major problem is that he is addicted to having people kiss his butt all the time.

The Storming the Floor blog talks to David Scott about CSTV and BSMW.

Bill Simmons has an NBA All Star edition of the links.

Charley Rosen was impressed with the Celtics on Sunday, particularly on defense.

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