Ron Borges Fooled By Fake Source Pretending To Be Don Yee

Well, this is awkward. (This post is mainly just to preserve the screenshots of the Borges column for future generations.) K&C: Herald story on Tom Brady holdout product of hoax

Deflategate – Where Are They Now?

We're approaching the third anniversary of the farce known as deflategate. If this was really a plot by the NFL owners to get back at the Patriots and level the playing field, how has that worked out? What's happened to some of the key players who went after the Patriots in that drama since then? Mike … Continue reading Deflategate – Where Are They Now?

With or without Patriots, there’s a lot to do at the Super Bowl

While it may too soon for Patriots fans to be thinking about Super Bowl tickets, with today’s onsale of the first-ever “The Night Before” concert, there’s a lot more to do around Super Bowl weekend, whether or not your planning to attend the game.  The show, which is co-produced by On Location Experiences and CBS … Continue reading With or without Patriots, there’s a lot to do at the Super Bowl

Just Like Old Times

A few thoughts and observations from last night and the last week or so. Games like last night are always so much fun. Whenever I see prediction sets like this: and this: and this: I have to smile. I bring these up, not because of any perceived "disrespect" being handed out, but … Continue reading Just Like Old Times