Have I ever mentioned how much I despise the mixing of sports and politics? Can anyone seriously believe that Manny Ramirez had any political motivations for not appearing at the White House yesterday? Yet WEEI has (predictably) spent almost the whole day talking about it. I guess it’s the low-hanging fruit.

Dale & Holley did have some good interviews with Leon Powe and Jacoby Ellsbury though.

Dan Kennedy got a copy of the email sent to Boston Globe employees letting them know that 60 Globe employees and 20 from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette will have their positions cut within the next week.

Jason Whitlock feels that losing Randy Moss would sink the Patriots much worse than Matt Walsh can.

Don Banks has his latest mock draft, where he projects the Patriots trading the #7 pick.

Kevin Cullen writes about the madness that has become Red Sox spring training.

Bill Simmons talks about Sam Cassell potentially coming to the Celtics in his latest basketball mailbag.

Stan McNeal was impressed with the Celtics defense against Cleveland last night.

Steve Jones says that the Celtics bench will determine how far they go in the playoffs.

Mike Kahn says that buyouts of players like Sam Cassell aren’t fair.

I’ve got just one question: Who are these Bruins?

Cam Neely did a chat on Boston.com.