Game Four Is Highest Rated NBA Playoff Game For Boston

From ESPN: Sunday night’s NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 4 on ESPN – in which Boston defeated Miami in overtime to even their series 2-2 - delivered a 7.9 overnight rating, the highest ever for an NBA playoff game on cable (records back to 2003), according to Nielsen. The game peaked with a 10.7 rating … Continue reading Game Four Is Highest Rated NBA Playoff Game For Boston


Three Wednesday Afternoon Items

Just three media-related items that I thought I would pass along... Sports coverage overdose - Emerson College journalism professor Mark Leccese writes the "Gatekeeper" blog for He touches on a lot of media items, and today his focus is on the saturation of sports media coverage in this area. I agree with much of what … Continue reading Three Wednesday Afternoon Items

06.04.09 Afternoon

Due to conflicts with actual work, Bob Ekstrom's Blog Links will not appear this week... If you thought that the Patriots/Jets circus would simmer down a little after Eric Mangini was fired, think again. Rex Ryan is hear, and he's not going to kiss Bill Belichick's rings. Yes, he actually did say that. Check Patriots Daily for … Continue reading 06.04.09 Afternoon