Newsflash -media members have agendas! It seems to have been confessional day today on WEEI, as both Michael Holley and Glenn Ordway announced on the air today that sports media members all have agendas and alliances.

The catalyst for these comments is the fact that we’ve got a Red Sox/Patriots, Herald/Globe rivalry going on here. Mike Reiss of the Globe gets access to Bill Belichick, while the Curt Schilling invites his own circle of reporters to his “private” press conference, leaving the entire Boston Globe out of the session.

Ordway lectured this afternoon that access to various people and teams depends a lot on comfort level. Belichick talks to Reiss because he’s comfortable with him. Schilling hates Shaughnessy, so he doesn’t invite the Globe. Ordway said that Shaughnessy should stop crying about it, because this sort of thing happens to everyone in the business.

The discussion was actually pretty good, as we know that all of this happens, but it’s nice to hear those involved admit that this stuff goes on. That all media people at some point “prostitute themselves for the story” as Tony Massarotti said.

Massarotti also made the good point that there are so many media people out there now, that the subjects can pretty much now pick and choose who they want to get the story, based on how much they kiss up to them, or donate to their charity. Ordway said that that is the reason they don’t have many guests on the Big Show. Not buying that part of it.

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