Congratulations to Chad Finn for having pick up his excellent “Touching All The Bases” blog. Rather than just having a link, the blog will be hosted there full-time sometime before opening day.

Ian Thomsen says that the Celtics will be tested on this 4 game trip to the midwest.

In San Antonio, Jeff McDonald has Manu Ginobili and the Spurs a bit beat up heading into tonight’s game with the Celtics.

FireJoeMorgan goes after Kevin Hench for questioning Rocco Baldelli’s potentially career-ending condition.

After seeing Semi-Pro, Bill Simmons isn’t high on the future of sports movies. He also has an updated edition of this week’s links.

Peter King’s Monday Morning QB has a look at Matt Ryan, who has to show that he’s worthy being picked at the top of the draft.

Tom Curran agrees that tomorrow is a make-or-break day for Ryan.

Silliest suggestion heard from the Boston sports media this weekend…that the Patriots should trade the #7 pick in the draft to Miami for Jason Taylor. (From Burton/Lobel on Sports Final)