Sports by Brooks notes that being a Red Sox beat reporter this week has been a job that might entail some hazard pay, with pelicans dive-bombing into windshields and foul balls smashing laptops. Deadspin also picks up the SBB storyline.

Hey, that’s nothing, imagine being in the clubhouse when Roger Clemens was firing bread rolls at reporter’s heads.

Bill Simmons takes a serious turn today, writing about the senseless murder of 17-year-old Los Angeles football star Jamiel Shaw Jr.

Mike Reiss has Ty Law talking about how the Jets have been much more aggressive in pursuing him this offseason.

Chad Finn has 10 thoughts on the local sports scene.

It’s fun listening to Pete Sheppard vigorously defend Randy Moss’ character (granted, it’s in comparison to Pacman Jones) on the Big Show today…especially when you remember the things he said about Moss before he joined the Patriots.