Add Bill Burt to the

Add Bill Burt to the growing list of media people who are trying to save Grady. Burt says the season ending loss on Thursday night was entirely the fault of Pedro Matrinez, and not Grady.


“It breaks your heart. It

"It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoon and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone. You count on it, you rely on it to buffer the passage of time, to keep the memory of sunshine and high skies alive, and then, just when the days are all twilight, when you need it most, it stops."
-A. Bartlett Giamatti

Thanks to poster Tiki for reminding me of that quote from the late commissioner. Giamatti was, of course a Red Sox fan.

As for last night, I’m sure in time, he’ll come to be known at Aaron bleeping Boone. Grady Little will be criticized into the next century for not pulling a laboring Pedro Martinez to start the eighth. So be it. I can handle the loss. I can even handle Yankee fans, who I believe got themselves at good scare and whether they admit it or not, developed a healthy respect for this Red Sox squad. What I will not be able to handle is nitwit columnists who profit off of this loss, or the nationwide ignorants who proclaim last night the latest chapter in an ongoing curse. Those I will not be able to stand, and I dread having to listen to and read them over the winter and into next year. There’s no way I’m going over all the articles today, as almost of them try to connect last night to events that happened 16, 25, 28, 54, and 57 or more years ago.

First though, we’ll look at a few good articles from today, which include Tony Massarotti, who can see that this edition of the Red Sox is different. Lenny Megliola gives the Sox their credit. Kevin Gray focuses on the game, not history. Nick Cafardo reviews the series for us. Bill Griffith with a look at how this series has generated mail for him.

Now onto the ugly stuff…

If Dan Shaughnessy gets a nickel for each time the word curse or Ruth appears in a story or headline by any writer today, he will be a very rich man. I wonder how many appearances on shows from around the country Shaughnessy will be making today. Certainly many more than if the Sox won last night. The beat goes on and on with tired, lazy references to curses instead of what actually happened in the baseball game that was played last night. Sean McAdam – “Curses again”. Jeff Jacobs– “Only One Curse, Thank You Very Little”. I’ll give Bob Ryan credit, as he refrains from uttering either of the two phrases above, instead admitting that this storyline just doesn’t ever seem to change. More dreadful headlines: Jeff Horrigan – “Sox fall short? Of Curse: Series hopes dashed as Yanks rally, win in 11” Steven Krasner– “A ruthian collapse” , Bob Hohler – “Haunting blow”. More connections to the past: Jackie MacMullan – “Father knows best? You bet your life”. Peter May – “Magical reminder of things past”. Art Martone – “Sox have only selves to blames for accursed loss.” (as the sports editor, he needs to get a grip on his headline writers.) Dom Amore.

That’s enough baseball for me today. Newly appointed Patriots beat writer Michael Smith gives us a look at the job Romeo Crennel has done for the Patriots this year. He includes quotes from Crennel, which is interesting as other writers have complained about the lack of access to the assistant coaches. Tom Curran looks at another outstanding season in progress for Roman Phifer. George Kimball says that just by attracting the double-team, Richard Seymour is doing his job, but he’s gone well beyond just getting the job done. Ian M. Clark looks at Bobby Hamilton, often a forgotten man in the Patriot defense. Alan Greenberg looks at the challenge of facing Jason Taylor. Michael Parente looks at what the Dolphins hope Junior Seau brings to their team. Smith’s notebook looks at Mike Vrabel, itching to get back in action. Kimball’s notebook looks at Adam Vinatieri, who is not happy the Marlins made the World Series. Curran’s notebook looks at rookie Tully Banta-Cain, who practiced for the first time yesterday. Parente’s notebook also looks at Banta-Cain.

This is it. Today is

This is it. Today is the day. How often in your life have you had a Red Sox/Yankees game 7 with Pedro Martinez and Roger Clemens on the mound? Never? Well tonight you have it. The dream matchup of perhaps all time. Dom Amore, Bob Hohler, and Jeff Horrigan have the game stories of the Red Sox 9-6 win at Yankee Stadium. Sean McAdam says last night was great, but there is an even bigger game tonight. Ah yes, tonight. Tony Massarotti Lenny Megliola Steven Krasner Gordon Edes and Dan Shaughnessy look at Pedro/Roger tonight, the game of the century. Bill Reynolds says tonight is a chance for the Sox to change their history. Yes, Gerry Callahan is still alive, though his pay column today is decidedly uninspired, as he attempts to do a “diary” type writeup of last night’s game. Kevin Gray looks at the Sox bats coming alive at the right time. Jeff Jacobs looks at the Sox smoking a Cuban…Jose Contreras. Bob Ryan looks at Nomar finally getting it done with the bat. Steve Buckley has a pay column focusing on Pedro’s moment. This is was the Red Sox got him for six years ago, to pitch them into the World Series. He’s determined to do it. Jackie MacMullan says you just can’t count this Red Sox team out, they just keep coming back to live another day. Howard Bryant says this game and matchup tonight of Roger vs. Pedro is nothing but fate stepping in:

If fate wasn't so convinced that Clemens and Martinez needed one last meeting to settle a simmering, overly incestuous relationship between two legends, two legendary cities and two franchises that will play each other for the 26th and final time this season, the Yankees would not have imploded in Game 6 last night and this series would be over.

Karen Guregian, David Heuschkel and Sean McAdam look at another huge outing by the Red Sox bullpen, notably Alan Embree getting out a jam by throwing a 97 mph fastball past Jason Giambi. On the flip side, Michael Silverman, Kevin McNamara and Peter May look at the Sox getting to the Yankee bullpen, notably Contreras. The bats also came alive, Steven Krasner looks at Nomar hopefully getting on track,Nick Cafardo, Heuschkel, and Rich Thompson look at various aspects of the offense coming to life. Art Martone says game six always seems to be the memorable one in a playoff series involving the Red Sox. Steve Buckley looks at an abbreviated outing from John Burkett — perhaps the last of his career? McNamara notes that the Yankees are looking forward to tonight as well. Peter May says none of the Yankees were hanging their heads in the clubhouse last night. Cafardo has a look at Trot Nixon redeeming himself in the ninth after a rough first few at bats. Tom Yantz has another look at the Pedro/Roger matchup. Lenny Megliola says we live for moments like tonight. Dave Solomon says tonight has the making of a classic. Kevin Gray says there’s nothing bigger than Pedro/Clemens. Michael Gee says it is unfair for anyone to criticize Manny & Nomar for smiling in the dugout during the game five loss. Jack O’Connell writes about Brian Cashman taking the heat for Jason Giambi’s struggles. Our pal, the clueless Buddy Thomas says Pedro is hardly the best pitcher in the game, because if he was, he would’ve taken the ball last night. Buddy says:

His team was on the brink of elimination and the ace of the staff was content to sit back and watch the No. 4 guy carry the load.

You can’t fake that kind of ignorance. Multiple sources, including ones linked above, state that Pedro told Grady he wanted to and would pitch last night. Grady made the decision to go with Burkett. Hohler’s notebook looks at Manny and Nomar bouncing back. Horrigan’s Red Sox notebook says the Sox are all business heading into tonight. Silverman’s Yankees notebook looks at Pettitte failing to carry the Yankees through to Rivera. McNamara’s notebook has a similar theme. Amore’s notebook also looks at the short outing from Pettitte. The Courant and ProJo also have some quotes from around the ballpark. Jerry Trecker looks at the FOX coverage last night.

Michael Smith looks at how the Patriots are preparing to deal with Jason Taylor, who always seems to give them fits. Michael Felger looks at the Patriots going down to Miami with something to prove. Tom Curran looks at the stiff challenge the Patriots face in stopping Ricky Williams. Mike Reiss has conflicted thoughts on the Patriots…should we jump on the bandwagon and think this is the time they win in Miami, or has it been a mirage? Alan Greenberg looks at the solidifying force in the middle of the Patriot defense, Richard Seymour. Michael Parente tries to explain how this defense has become so good, with so many people out. Christopher Price has a look at the ever-upbeat Tyrone Poole. Smith’s notebook looks at the challenge of facing Ricky Williams. Felger’s notebook looks at possible gamesmanship between the Dolphins and Patriots. Curran’s notebook looks at small improvement from Ken Walter, and an injury to Larry Centers. Parente’s notebook looks at the heat in Miami.

Mark Murphy and Shira Springer look at Kendrick Perkins, who has been a bright spot in the preseason with his rebounding. Murphy’s notebook looks at the Celtics falling to 0-4 on the preseason with a dismal showing in Detroit.

It’s a conspiracy, I tell

It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya. No, not the Red Sox losing to the Yankees, but the electricity being out all morning, right up until the time I have to leave, giving me no way to do the links. Even though I was up and about, thanks to the wind and rain, which is something else up here right now.

We’re all tied up. Gordon

We’re all tied up. Gordon Edes, Jeff Horrigan, Steven Krasner, and Dom Amore look at the Red Sox 3-2 win over the Yankees last night. Jeff Jacobs, Jackie MacMullan, Kevin McNamara and Michael O’Connor look at a monster effort turned in by Tim Wakefield, who picked up his second win of the series. Lenny Megliola also has a look at Wakefield, and also speculates a little on why Nomar is struggling so mightily in the playoffs. Steve Buckley’s pay column says Joe Kerrigan is likely feeling foolish for the way he lacked appreciation for what Wakefield can do. Paul Doyle has yet another piece on Wakefield, who outdueled Mike Mussina for the second time in the series. Sean McAdam says this Red Sox team wasn’t about to fold up before the Yankees after the events of Saturday. He reports on the atmosphere in the clubhouse prior to the game, where Bill Cosby was a visitor. (And Kevin Millar imitated him.) Dan Shaughnessy looks at a game free of the extracurricular activities and full of good baseball. Tony Massarotti says Red Sox/Yankees is enough of a show without all the extras. Michael Holley says that the rain on Sunday is largely responsible for the series being tied this morning, and notes that Lawyer Milloy was a visitor in the Red Sox clubhouse last night. Bill Reynolds notes that with this Sox club, there is a different hero everynight. Bob Ryan looks at Doug Mirabelli, who has embraced his unique role with the Red Sox.

David Heuschkel, Joe McDonald, John Powers and Michael O’Connor look at Todd Walker’s club record fifth home run of this post season. Kevin Gray notes that this was a feel-good win at the right time for Boston. Alex Speier and Art Davidson look at the Sox tying the series behind Wakefield. Amore & Yantz, Michael Silverman, Nick Cafardo and Sean McAdam look at Mike Mussina falling short, especially when Trot Nixon was involved. Rich Thompson looks at Nixon changing his luck against Mussina in one night. Karen Guregian and Kevin Paul Dupont look at how the hustle by Jason Varitek to beat out the double play proved to be the difference in the game. Lenny Megliola says that most of the dirt from Saturday has been washed away. Speaking of Saturday, Dom Amore has an update on charges facing a pair of Yankees. One of those Yankees, Jeff Nelson, found himself the subject of an on-field body search last night. Peter May has Nelson wondering what all the fuss was about. Gray relates a report on what happened in the Yankee bullpen Sunday, from some people who saw it. Nick Cafardo writes about Theo’s moves that haven’t panned out so well for the Red Sox. Apparently, he must feel that Tom Donahoe would’ve done a much better job. Steve Buckley says that Theo is one of the few involved in this series who has acted with maturity. Joe McDonald and Tony Massarotti get Johnny Pesky’s thoughts on the events from Saturday. Joe Sullivan gets embroiled in Red Sox/Yankees while visiting an English class at Manchester Central High School. Howard Bryant looks at the worth of Jason Varitek. Jon Couture says win or lose, we as fans have all cowboyed up. John Tomase says Pedro is all done as a prime time player.

Karen Guregian says that Pedro’s antics Sunday will have no effect on his upcoming negotiations with the Red Sox. Bill Reynolds says Pedro needs to apologize. Bob Hohler, Tom Yantz and Rich Thompson look at another impressive bullpen performance from Timlin and Williamson. Eddie Andelman mocked the Red Sox all spring for bringing him in as the bullpen coach, but Jackie MacMullan looks at what Euclides Rojas brings to the Sox staff. John Powers says that Rivera is ready to go as long as the Yankees need him to. Hohler looks at today’s starter for the Sox, Derek Lowe. Yantz looks at Lowe and the Yankees’ counterweight, David Wells. Peter May looks at Wells. Joe McDonald says that Sox teammates a tiring of Manny and Pedro refusing to talk to the media. Whatever. I think there are actually bigger things on their minds right now. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at David Dellucci drawing the start in right last night for the Yankees. Edes’ notebook has Mussina lamenting his lack of run support, and Zimmer mixing it up with players in the past. Horrigan’s Red Sox notebook says Grady is going with Burkett for game six. Silverman’s Yankee notebook looks at Nelson coming up clean in his surprise inspection. McAdam’s Red Sox notebook looks at a confident Scott Williamson. McNamara’s Yankee notebook looks at the struggling Giambi. The Courant notebook says Wakefield could be available out of the pen as early as today.

The NY Times and the Globe are trading stories during the series. NY writer Dave Anderson appears to be encouraging Yankee fans to throw batteries at Pedro should he take the mound in a game seven at Yankee Stadium:

Names or even nicknames will never hurt Martinez, but in the absence of sticks and stones, a battery might. When he's on the mound or when he warms up in the bullpen, he would be within range of any Yankees loyalist with a good arm. But if there's no Game 7, Pedro the Perpetrator will be safe.

Way to bring credit to your profession, Dave.

Jeff Goldberg lauds the TV coverage from Fox. Was it me, or where they late coming back to almost every inning? Bill Griffith says the coverage by Fox, especially on Saturday has been very fair.

Kevin Mannix hands out Patriots’ grades from the win Sunday against the Giants. Ron Borges looks at the Giant challenge coming up Sunday for the Pats. Tom Curran says the Patriots have already forgotten about the Giants and are looking ahead to the Dolphins. Michael Felger looks at how Roman Phifer has worked out a way to see his son each week without having to fly across the country. Michael Parente and Michael Smith look at how penalties have been perhaps the only negative of the last couple weeks. Alan Greenberg says the Patriots have put themselves in the position where Sunday’s game in Miami isn’t going to make or break their season. Christopher Price looks at the Patriots hoping to change their luck in Miami. George Kimball has a pay column looking at the struggles of Adam Vinatieri. Jon Wallach says the Pats are flying under the radar, but keep on winning. Hector Longo looks at Tom Brady just finding a way to get the job done and win. Curran’s notebook looks at the penalties, as does the notebook from Felger. Smith’s notebook has the Pats hoping for a fresh start in Miami.

Mark Murphy looks at the Celtics point guard situation, and the challenge that faces Marcus Banks and Mike James in blending in the team with Walker and Pierce. Shira Springer has a piece on Banks and where he stands at this point in time.

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For a day with no

For a day with no baseball game locally, there is still an overflow of stories. I don’t think I got all of them, but I did as many as I could in the time that I had. Sean McAdam, Karen Guregian, and Paul Doyle report on the fines being handed out by MLB. Pedro gets 50k, Manny 25k, but Yankees Karim Garcia (still possibly facing assault and battery charges) and Don Zimmer (who had no business being on the field, period.) get only 10k and 5k respectively. Gordon Edes reports on the busy day of off-field activity. While rather calm and lucid in print, Edes and Tony Massarotti (Pretty good article on Pedro.) were pretty critical on Sports Final last night. Massarotti condemned the City of Boston, the Red Sox and the fans for disgracing themselves for the second time in four years. Since there were no arrests, and the Boston police consider the bullpen incident an unprovoked attack, I’m not sure what Tony means. He did call Garcia jumping into the bullpen “unconscionable”. Steve DeOssie and Scott Zolak totally disgraced themselves on the program, and took the side of Jeff Nelson. (Despite their protests that they were not doing so.) So much so, that Lobel remarked they he felt like he was on the Jerry Springer show, and actually told DeOssie and Zolak to “Shut up”. Dan Shaughnessy does everything except say “get him gone” as regards Pedro. McAdam, in a similar piece to to Massarotti gets Pedro’s version of things.

Jeff Jacobs looks at the apology from Don Zimmer. Bill Reynolds says that baseball got burned by the incidents this weekend. Jackie MacMullan and Tom Yantz write about an ashamed Zimmer. Bob Hohler looks at the Sox owners talking about the incidents…against the edict from MLB. Howard Bryant notes the three-way sniping going on. Steven Krasner says Saturday showcased all of Pedro’s weaknesses. Jeff Horrigan looks at how the rainout will affect the rotations. David Heuschkel and Kevin Paul Dupont say Burkett may not get another chance to start. Lenny Megliola looks at the dust settling after Saturday. Katherine McQuaid and Kevin Gray look at the NH resident who was injured in the bullpen incident. Peter May has Jeff Nelson insisting that he did nothing wrong. Michael Holley says the Red Sox trail in the series because they can’t play small ball. Michael Silverman looks at Mike Mussina, who hopes pitching on his normal rest will benefit him tonight. John Powers say Wakefield is ready to go tonight. Rich Thompson says the player are fine with having yesterday off. Joe McDonald has the Yankees saying that the rainout is going to benefit the Sox. Michael O’Connor gets a sampling of fan reaction to Saturday. McDonald says that Babe Ruth’s daughter is rooting for the Sox.

The Projo Yankee notebook has Nelson proclaiming his innocence. Horrigan’s notebook says Pedro had a game plan going into the game Saturday. Silverman’s Yankee’s notebook looks at David Wells getting skipped. The Projo Red Sox notebook looks at the Sox rotation. The Courant notebook has Carlton Fisk even disapproving of the events Saturday.

My own thoughts on Saturday are directly below this post, but I have also posted them on the archives page for future reference. I don’t claim that my thoughts are totally objective, but instead they’re what I feel is a counter-opinion to what seems to be the prevailing opinion nationwide.

Tom Curran, Michael Felger Alan Greenberg, and Michael Smith report on a Patriots victory that had Coach Bill Belichick practically gushing with pride in his team afterwards. Ron Borges looks at the defining quality of this team thus far: perseverance. Shane Donaldson looks at this team of grinders that continues to find ways to win. Kevin Mannix says this team is using the same formula as in 2001 to win. Jim Donaldson pulls out his dictionary in attempting to describe this years edition of the Patriots. Ian M. Clark (or is it Alan Lessels- look at the bottom.) looks at the toughness of this team. Ed Gray and Shalise Manza Young look at the big game from Richard Seymour. Dan Ventura notes that the Giants had all their weapons, but could only fire blanks against the Patriots. Gray and Curran also look at Matt Chatham, who is no longer an untested quantity. Curran takes a look at Tom Brady, who had it when it counted. Christopher Price and Ron Indrisano look at the defense leading the way for the victory yesterday. Jim Baker and Smith take a look at Kevin Faulk, who had another strong game. Young also has a look at Rodney Harrison making a huge impact in his first season in New England. Christopher L. Gasper looks at turnovers by the Giants as the Patriots key to victory. Paul Harber says Adam Vinatieri isn’t down on himself yet. Baker also has a look at Tyrone Poole. Curran’s notebook looks at the running game. Felger’s notebook looks at another fine for Rodney Harrison.

Mark Blaudschun says B.C. finally got what it wished for, but they may find themselves regretting the move later on down the road. Ken Davis and Mike Shalin look at B.C.’s move to the ACC.