Where to begin, where to begin…Red Sox Game stories are filed by Jeff Horrigan, Bob Hohler, Steven Krasner, Art Davidson and David Heuschkel. Kevin Gray says the events yesterday at Fenway were the stuff of fiction. Tony Massarotti looks at another stunning comeback by the Big O and the Sox. Art Martone looks at some of the biggest hits from David Ortiz this year. Bob Ryan looks at what made Ortiz’s hit all that much more remarkable…he couldn’t see the pitch. Lenny Megliola has a look at Ortiz and also another hero from yesterday, Scott Williamson. Rich Thompson observes Ortiz breaking out of his series-long slump. Jeff Jacobs has another look at Ortiz and towards the end of his column looks at the Pedro vs Zito matchup and Pedro’s comments in the past regarding Zito’s Cy Young win last year. Sean McAdam writes about how this team continues to have our hearts thumping. Gordon Edes notes that the A’s have their own burdens that they need to free themselves from. Alex Speier writes that the Sox have lived to “die another day”, 007-style. Kevin Paul Dupont and Michael O’Connor look at a huge game from Johnny Damon. Dan Shaughnessy writes about the excitement in these Sox. Bill Reynolds says that it is now the A’s that must confront their postseason ghosts. Michael Gee notes there difference between the Red Sox supposed curse and the A’s recent history in his pay column:

But the A's curse is their own creation. The same core group of admittedly talented players has been on the field and in the dugout for all eight of those losses when a win would've meant capping a playoff series victory. People don't say you're jinxed in those circumstances. They say you choked, and with reason. The Athletics are now one game away from earning a permanent place among legends of the game like Fred Merkle, Bill Buckner and the '64 Phillies.

Karen Guregian writes about the slumping Manny and Ortiz getting the hits when it mattered the most yesterday. Jackie MacMullan says that Scott Williamson has ended the closer debate. He’s the man. Krasner also has a look at the latest triumph for Williamson. Howard Bryant also has a pay column on Williamson’s emergence. Nick Cafardo says that the Sox decision to hold off on pitching Pedro yesterday might pay huge dividends tonight. Steve Buckley has a pay column looking at Pedro vs Zito, and reports on John Henry reminding Pedro that Zito took the Cy Young award from him last year. Edes writes that Trot Nixon’s homer on Saturday will be one for the ages. Kevin McNamara looks at the A’s closer coming up short yesterday. Massarotti looks at Byung-Hyun Kim, who may not be pitching again for a while. While much attention has been focused the struggles of Manny and Ortiz, John Powers notes that the A’s two top guns have been even worse. Megliola pauses to savor the moment after the victory yesterday. Jim Donaldson looks at the Boston/Foxboro crossover connection from yesterday. Some people had commented on it, and McAdam looks at some parallels between yesterday’s win and the 1978 playoff, but with a happier ending for the Sox.

On the Sunday night shows, on Sports Xtra Dan Shaughnessy said he feels about these Sox the same way he felt about the Patriots after the snow bowl. On Sports Final, Steve Burton reported that Tim Hudson and Barry Zito were at a bar in Boston on Friday night, and Hudson, very intoxicated got into a fight and it required about 10 people to get him out of there. Burton speculated that that incident might’ve been the cause of Hudson’s injury yesterday.

Horrigan’s Red Sox notebook looks at John Burkett talking retirement. Silverman’s A’s notebook looks at Barry Zito getting ready for tonight’s game 5 battle. Heuschkel’s notebook looks at the confidence that Pedro and Zito inspire in their teammates. Krasner’s Red Sox notebook looks at Burkett sticking around in the game yesterday. McNamara’s A’s notebook looks at more bad luck for the Sox with the loss of Tim Hudson. Hohler’s notebook looks at Manny trying to crank it up.

Michael Felger looks at a huge win for the Patriots in Foxboro yesterday. Tom Curran notes that the Patriots had just as many huge moments as the Red Sox did yesterday. Michael Smith says that the Patriots took a lot of joy from their win yesterday. Alan Greenberg looks at big plays and a running game leading the Pats to victory. Ron Borges looks at Mike Cloud bursting upon the scene. Kevin Mannix looks at a hobbled Ty Law locking up the victory for the Patriots. Christopher Price looks at the Patriots going right down to the wire to pull out the win. Jim Baker writes about the Pats receivers coming up big yesterday. Joe Burris looks at Deion Branch with some big plays. Mark Murphy also looks at Branch. Mike Reiss looks at a big performance from the offensive line. Ed Gray also looks at the O-line. Joe McDonald has another piece on the offensive line play. Kevin Gray looks at a pleasant all around day for New England fans. Dan Ventura notes that the Titans know exactly where the game was lost. Christopher Gasper concurs, noting the Titans might need to review “Tackling for Dummies.” Gray looks at Rodney Harrison and the Patriots D providing some pop. Shane Donaldson looks at the Pats riding Cloud to victory. Michael Vega looks at Antowain Smith setting the tone early in the running game. Shalise Manza Young has a look at Mike Cloud’s Patriot debut. Baker also looks at Tom Brady’s elbow, which certainly looked healthy yesterday. Burris also has a look at Brady’s performance. McDonald says that the Titans disappointed on Defense. Murphy and Curran look at the ever-expanding roles that Dan Klecko is building on this team. Greenberg looks at Cloud’s debut. The Daily-News notebook looks at another gutsy return by Ty Law. Felger’s notebook looks at the effect the crowd cheering for the Red Sox had on the Patriots.

Steve Bulpett says Paul Pierce is happy with the Celtics point guard additions. Tony Chamberlain looks at Jumaine Jones. Bulpett’s notebook looks at more knee soreness for Tony Battie.

Donovan Slack says that WEEI’s culture encouraged the comments by John Dennis last week.

Fox has Red Sox/A’s at 8:00. ABC has Colts/Bucs at 9:00