Next stop, New York. Bob Hohler, Jeff Horrigan, David Heuschkel and Steven Krasner provide the game stories of the Sox 4-3 win over the A’s in game 5 of the ALDS. Gordon Edes wraps up the crazy series of events that occurred last night. Tony Massarotti says that Derek Lowe dispelled any lingering doubts that he is a clutch, pressure player. Sean McAdam notes that it took a full season, but perhaps the Sox have finally learned how to finish games the right way with the bullpen. Lenny Megliola takes note of the stress of watching the game last night, lists the dramatic moments, and is disapproving of Manny. Bob Ryan looks at the bullpen, which in the playoffs simply means any pitcher not starting that game, as with Lowe last night. Howard Bryant and Mark Blaudschun look at Manny’s huge, decisive home run. Kevin Gray wraps up the big moments of an amazing night. Bill Reynolds says that yesterday and last night were strong reminders of just why we love baseball so much around here. Dan Shaughnessy reminds us that the Yankees are up next and that beating them “has never been an easy task for the Boston Red Sox”. A low point of the game was the most horrific outfield collision I’ve ever seen, with Johnny Damon getting knocked out cold and having to be taken off in an ambulance. Gordon Edes, Tony Massarotti and Sean McAdam all have stories in the incident. Jon Wallach says Pedro’s option was picked up for games like last night. Heuschkel has a look at the bullpen getting a measure of redemption last night and in the series.

The A’s have now strongly established their own record of postseason futility, and Tim Casey looks at the players venting their frustration after the game, mostly at Derek Lowe. Billy Beane also continues with his custom-made postseason excuse, Sunday he said Manny and Nomar, $35-Million worth of ballplayers were simply doing their job in the game four win, implying that if he, Beane had more $ to spend, he could win too. (You had your chance, Bill.) In Casey’s article today, Beane says:

"I'll tell you what," Beane said. "If you want to give us $50 million more, I'll promise you we won't blow that 2-0 lead. Our guys battled their rear ends off. If you guys want to make an issue of it, so be it."

Barry Zepel has another look at the A’s postseason failures. Casey also has another look at the suffering of A’s fans. Steven Krasner has more on how the A’s feel Derek Lowe’s body language just went too far after recording the final out. The A’s were also in denial over any nightclub incident involving Tim Hudson Friday night. Gordon Edes and the Projo report on the A’s comments on the matter. The Inside Track gives a slightly different account of things. Perhaps overshadowed by events later in the game was the performance of Pedro Martinez. Jeff Jacobs wonders if last night was just as Pedro dreamed it would be on the flight to Oakland. Howard Bryant, Sean McAdam and Mark Blaudschun look at the outing by the Sox ace, who was masterful early. Another overlooked hero was certainly Jason Varitek, who got things started with a homer off Zito. Steve Buckley has a look at the Sox catcher. Buckley also has a pay column looking at how this Red Sox team will never stop fighting, and the Sox concern for Johnny Damon amidst their postgame celebration. Blaudschun looks at the A’s lost chances in game 3 for which they paid dearly last night. Donovan Slack and Anne Barnard look at the highs and lows associated with being a Red Sox fan. Seems to be heavy on once again looking at fatalistic Red Sox fans who cringe at their lives changing if the Sox actually win it all. McAdam has a quick look at Tony Cloninger being on hand for the clinching win. Edes says that Tim Wakefield will draw the game one starting assignment against the Yankees. Hohler’s notebook looks at Varitek’s blast to open the Sox scoring. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the A’s grousing over Derek Lowe’s body language. Heuschkel’s notebook has more on that topic.

Kevin Mannix hands out the Patriots report card. A’s and B’s all around, except for the defensive backs, who get a C. Mannix also says that Ty Law is worth the money and that the Pats can’t afford to lose him. Ron Borges looks at Law and his grit and toughness in continuing to play despite the injured ankle. Tom Curran looks at the Patriots running game coming together. Michael Felger also looks at the addition of Mike Cloud to the running back mix and how the position is coming along. Alan Greenberg has a look at Dan Klecko and the many roles he’s playing in his rookie season. Michael Parente also looks at the Patriots three-way man. Mike Reiss says a 50/50 split between running and passing is working well for the Patriots. Michael Smith says the Patriots are striving for some consistency right now. Christopher Price talks to Law about the art of the interception. Jim Baker also has a quick look at Law. George Kimball has a pay column looking at Matt Chatham. Parente’s notebook looks at a mini-slump for Adam Vinatieri. Felger’s notebook also looks at the Pats kicker. Curran’s notebook looks at Troy Brown feeling underused in the offense. Smith notebook says Brown would like a bigger role.

Steve Bulpett says that Celtic fans can rest easy about the condition of Tony Battie’s knee. Tony Chamberlain reports on how Mike James is looking in Celtics camp. Bulpett’s notebook also looks at James.

Dean Johnson reports on WEEI suspending both John Dennis and Gerry Callahan for two weeks for the comments made last week. Sasha Tolcott reports for the Globe. Greg Dickerson and John Meterparel were filling in for D&C this morning. Gotta give Dickerson credit for working with no sleep, as he was live on FSNE following the Sox game last night, and apparently came straight to WEEI and crashed for a couple hours there before going on this morning. Bill Griffith has a look at weekend TV numbers.