No AM links today, late start and can’t really do them justice from the office. Here’s a few links to some articles topical for today and for this site. John Dennis’ suspension from WEEI is a hot topic of discussion, getting attention from around the country. Sasha Talcott in the Globe has a story on it, and there is also an editorial dealing with Dennis and Rush Limbaugh. Bill Griffith also tackles the subject. Jennifer Peter of the AP also has an article on Dennis. Howard Manly has a pay column in the Herald on the subject, in which he calls Dennis a “white supremacist” who “revealed his Ku Klux Klan tendencies” with the METCO comments. He implores WEEI to become more diverse in its content and hiring practices. Dean Johnson in the Herald reports on the Boston City Council’s wishes that Dennis be fired.

Looks like BC is headed to the ACC, and it could happen very quickly. I may have a guest column on this topic for tomorrow.

Sometimes Bill Simmons hates sports. He also makes his NFL picks.