Tony Massarotti says that this Red Sox squad is not afraid of the Yankees, and that is why they can beat them. Bob Hohler looks at the Red Sox, out to get themselves a pennant. Art Martone notes that whenever the Sox play in October, they make memories, and not all of them are bad. Kevin Gray, Gordon Edes and Jeff Horrigan look at the Red Sox/Yankees matchups. Matt Eagan says this is not only a new type of Red Sox team, but also a new breed of fan, in general no longer the fatalistic, negative type – though those types still exist. Michael Silverman dubs this The Perfect Series. Dan Shaughnessy has been taking infusions of positive juice, as he is getting a Patriots-like vibe from this team, and picks the Sox in six. John E. Mulligan looks at the emotions being ridden by Red Sox and Yankee fans. Dom Amore says this matchup of the Yankees and Red Sox is different from any other that has taken place during the 100 years of this rivalry. Michael Holley still has some questions about the A’s series. John Tomase writes about the Sox eagerness to take on the Evil Empire. Christopher Young looks at the known and unknown as the Sox head to the Bronx. John Powers takes a lengthy look at the second installment of this epic series. The rebellion is well under way. Paul Kenyon looks at the relaxed atmosphere of the Sox clubhouse. He notes Kevin Millar teasing Theo Epstein as Theo has also gone the route of the shaven head. Jim Donaldson says everyone wanted this series. Jackie MacMullan dreams ahead to Red Sox/Cubs in the World Series. Will Red Sox fans take up a 1908 chant? Karen Guregian looks at Yankees game one starter, Mike Mussina. Nick Cafardo has a look at the Sox game one starter, Tim Wakefield, and how he has come full circle since ’99.

Jeff Jacobs looks at the divided nature on Connecticut on the Red Sox and Yankees. Sean McAdam gives us answers to 10 burning questions. Jack O’Connell looks at the brashness of the Sox and how it has rubbed opponents the wrong way. He quotes a Yankee source:

A Yankees coach who didn't want his name used contended that the Red Sox have been particularly spiteful this year. He recalled a game when pitcher Pedro Martinez was verbally abusive to Yankees catcher Jorge Posada from the bench all game. "I can understand why the A's were ticked off," the coach said.

The Globe collects quotes from many of the principals involved in the series. Mike Giardi has high praise for Derek Lowe. Gordon Edes says Lowe’s performance Monday night might’ve ended the streak of shaky postseason relief appearances for the Red Sox. Michael Silverman, Nick Cafardo and Paul Kenyon look at the condition of Johnny Damon. Karen Guregian looks at Roger Clemens pitching at Fenway for game three and other Red Sox/Yankee items. Bill Reynolds provides three mini-columns in one. He looks at Cowboy up, the Sox lineup and a good sign for teams who wish to win a championship. Bob Ryan says Jason Varitek is the Red Sox MVP. Tom Yantz reviews the 1999 series. Cafardo reviews the 2003 Red Sox, month by month. McNamara looks at the confident Yankee starting pitchers. Jeff Goldberg looks at how certain websites have fanned the flames of the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry and passion for baseball. The Courant looks at stops that can be made in drive between Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium. Peter May says Mariano Rivera is rounding into perfect form as the playoffs progress. May also looks at Derek Jeter, and his up and down year. Nick Cafardo looks at Gabe Kapler, who was the first to jump aboard the haircut craze. Nick compares Kapler to Kevin Romine, I think I’d be insulted if I was Kapler. Bill Griffith looks at how this series will effect the roving members of the media. Steve Buckley’s pay column says that all involved deserve a better series than we got in 1999.

The Globe gets a couple of ex-players who were involved in the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry to compose their thoughts on the series. “Ball Four” author Jim Bouton, now a Red Sox fan, writes about coming to Fenway as a Yankee. Bill Lee remembers the “good old days” of the 1970’s and recalls beating the Yankees as a routine. Jeff Goldberg gets Bucky Dent to comment on the Red Sox and Mike Torrez on the Yankees, 25 years after the 1978 playoff matchup.

A Rockland, Maine group has composed a song they hope will catch on among Red Sox fans. You can download a MP3 of “Red Sox Fever” at the WMTW webpage.

Silverman’s notebook looks what the Red Sox ALCS roster will likely look like. McNamara’s Yankees notebook looks at Pedro/Roger playoff edition II set for Saturday. Kenyon’s Red Sox notebook looks at Gabe Kapler ready to step in for Johnny Damon. Amore’s Yankees notebook looks at the Pinstriped rotation. O’Connell’s notebook says not to expect Kim on the ALCS roster.

Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider says that Bill Belichick’s policy of silence regarding injuries is about winning. Michael Smith looks at the contributions of a couple of the Patriots 2003 draft picks. Michael Parente says the Giants might have something to prove against the Patriots this weekend. Parente also writes about Ty Law’s toughness being a form of leadership for his teammates.

Fox has Red Sox/Yankees at 8:00. (Also Cubs/Marlins) FSNE has Celtics/Pistons preseason at 7:30. ESPN has Mighty Ducks/Stars at 8:00.