Here’s this weeks edition of Thoughts by Kent Thaler. Can’t say I agree with all he says this week, especially about Adam Vinatieri, (Kent has long held that no kicker should be paid anything more than the minimum.) Dennis & Callahan, and especially the Red Sox.

Remember, Kent’s email is at the end of the column, and he’s likely to be far more cordial in response to your disagreements than Dan Shaughnessy would be.

I haven’t said much on the subject of Dennis & Callahan, mostly because I’m somewhat torn on the issue. I don’t think the pair of them are racists, and don’t think they should be fired by any means, but at the same time it gives me some peverse sense of pleasure to read quotes like this from John Dennis:

''I've heard people who know nothing about me evaluate my character, analyze my heart, dissect my brain, and pronounce me a lost and despicable soul,'' Dennis wrote. ''I understand their anger, and, frankly, I deserve much of what I'm getting.''

From the Globe

That quote, combined with the footage of Dennis avoiding the media and rushing into a building, (The “Perp walk” they call it.) is in my mind a bit of poetic justice. Dennis and Callahan have built their show by doing exactly what Dennis complained about in his quote. They’re quick to label accused people they know nothing about –guilty or not– “scumbags” (Their favorite term) or “despicable” and other friendly terms while sullying their reputations beyond repair. It was also ironic to read Callahan complaining last week about free speech. This from the same character who decried anyone who protested the Iraqi war. I’ll give Dennis some big credit in the above quote, as he seems to at least realize that the worm has turned in his case, and his behavior is reaping what he’s sown. Let D&C serve their two weeks, (more of a punishment than you might think given what the next two weeks will hold in the local sports scene) then get them back here, hopefully slightly humble and having learned a little something.

Now can we get back to the Red Sox?

Bill Simmons has a column pure from the old BSG days today, re-living his emotions of watching the Red Sox finish off the A’s.