For a day with no baseball game locally, there is still an overflow of stories. I don’t think I got all of them, but I did as many as I could in the time that I had. Sean McAdam, Karen Guregian, and Paul Doyle report on the fines being handed out by MLB. Pedro gets 50k, Manny 25k, but Yankees Karim Garcia (still possibly facing assault and battery charges) and Don Zimmer (who had no business being on the field, period.) get only 10k and 5k respectively. Gordon Edes reports on the busy day of off-field activity. While rather calm and lucid in print, Edes and Tony Massarotti (Pretty good article on Pedro.) were pretty critical on Sports Final last night. Massarotti condemned the City of Boston, the Red Sox and the fans for disgracing themselves for the second time in four years. Since there were no arrests, and the Boston police consider the bullpen incident an unprovoked attack, I’m not sure what Tony means. He did call Garcia jumping into the bullpen “unconscionable”. Steve DeOssie and Scott Zolak totally disgraced themselves on the program, and took the side of Jeff Nelson. (Despite their protests that they were not doing so.) So much so, that Lobel remarked they he felt like he was on the Jerry Springer show, and actually told DeOssie and Zolak to “Shut up”. Dan Shaughnessy does everything except say “get him gone” as regards Pedro. McAdam, in a similar piece to to Massarotti gets Pedro’s version of things.

Jeff Jacobs looks at the apology from Don Zimmer. Bill Reynolds says that baseball got burned by the incidents this weekend. Jackie MacMullan and Tom Yantz write about an ashamed Zimmer. Bob Hohler looks at the Sox owners talking about the incidents…against the edict from MLB. Howard Bryant notes the three-way sniping going on. Steven Krasner says Saturday showcased all of Pedro’s weaknesses. Jeff Horrigan looks at how the rainout will affect the rotations. David Heuschkel and Kevin Paul Dupont say Burkett may not get another chance to start. Lenny Megliola looks at the dust settling after Saturday. Katherine McQuaid and Kevin Gray look at the NH resident who was injured in the bullpen incident. Peter May has Jeff Nelson insisting that he did nothing wrong. Michael Holley says the Red Sox trail in the series because they can’t play small ball. Michael Silverman looks at Mike Mussina, who hopes pitching on his normal rest will benefit him tonight. John Powers say Wakefield is ready to go tonight. Rich Thompson says the player are fine with having yesterday off. Joe McDonald has the Yankees saying that the rainout is going to benefit the Sox. Michael O’Connor gets a sampling of fan reaction to Saturday. McDonald says that Babe Ruth’s daughter is rooting for the Sox.

The Projo Yankee notebook has Nelson proclaiming his innocence. Horrigan’s notebook says Pedro had a game plan going into the game Saturday. Silverman’s Yankee’s notebook looks at David Wells getting skipped. The Projo Red Sox notebook looks at the Sox rotation. The Courant notebook has Carlton Fisk even disapproving of the events Saturday.

My own thoughts on Saturday are directly below this post, but I have also posted them on the archives page for future reference. I don’t claim that my thoughts are totally objective, but instead they’re what I feel is a counter-opinion to what seems to be the prevailing opinion nationwide.

Tom Curran, Michael Felger Alan Greenberg, and Michael Smith report on a Patriots victory that had Coach Bill Belichick practically gushing with pride in his team afterwards. Ron Borges looks at the defining quality of this team thus far: perseverance. Shane Donaldson looks at this team of grinders that continues to find ways to win. Kevin Mannix says this team is using the same formula as in 2001 to win. Jim Donaldson pulls out his dictionary in attempting to describe this years edition of the Patriots. Ian M. Clark (or is it Alan Lessels- look at the bottom.) looks at the toughness of this team. Ed Gray and Shalise Manza Young look at the big game from Richard Seymour. Dan Ventura notes that the Giants had all their weapons, but could only fire blanks against the Patriots. Gray and Curran also look at Matt Chatham, who is no longer an untested quantity. Curran takes a look at Tom Brady, who had it when it counted. Christopher Price and Ron Indrisano look at the defense leading the way for the victory yesterday. Jim Baker and Smith take a look at Kevin Faulk, who had another strong game. Young also has a look at Rodney Harrison making a huge impact in his first season in New England. Christopher L. Gasper looks at turnovers by the Giants as the Patriots key to victory. Paul Harber says Adam Vinatieri isn’t down on himself yet. Baker also has a look at Tyrone Poole. Curran’s notebook looks at the running game. Felger’s notebook looks at another fine for Rodney Harrison.

Mark Blaudschun says B.C. finally got what it wished for, but they may find themselves regretting the move later on down the road. Ken Davis and Mike Shalin look at B.C.’s move to the ACC.