Sox take the first one, and no matter how bad or biased the Fox announcers were, they couldn’t take away the enjoyment of this one. Games stories are filed by Jeff Horrigan, Sean McAdam, Jack O’Connell, and Bob Hohler. The knuckler was dancing last night. Bob Ryan looks at an amazing pitching performance from Tim Wakefield. Tony Massarotti has another look at the game pitched by the knuckleballer. Paul Kenyon also has a piece on the tremendous effort of a locked-in Wakefield. Michael Silverman also looks at the Yankees inability to connect against Wakefield. David Heuschkel says all of the Red Sox past history is just that in this series. Gordon Edes took note of what could’ve been an early good omen for the Sox. Michael Gee looks at Manny and Ortiz starting to come around. Lenny Megliola looks at the Sox shaking the house that Ruth built. Early this morning, this Dan Shaughnessy story actually contained two editions of the same story in one, but either way, it’s the same old stuff. Michael Holley looks back at the ’99 Red Sox, and while he is fond of that edition, this one is better. George Vecsey of the Times says this is a different Red Sox team, not one obsessed with any past history.

Alex Speier looks at the Sox getting the first jump on the Yankees. Karen Guregian looks at another big game from Todd Walker. There was much talk before the series about how the Yankees had their rotation just as they wanted it, Dom Amore looks at how it might’ve not been quite that way, for Mussina anyway. Mark Blaudschun says that after having a week off, Mussina just couldn’t get into a zone last night. Mike Stanton looks at the scalping business and how this series is a boon for those in that field. Steven Krasner writes about how Grady Little went against the numbers last night simply by having David Ortiz in the lineup against Mike Mussina. Nonbeliever Jim Donaldson is impressed, but takes care to remind us that the Sox need three more wins against the mighty Yankees. Lenny Megliola looks at the pieces that Theo brought in coming up huge in the first game of the series. Krasner looks at another solid effort by the bullpen last night. Michael Gee focuses on the effort of Mike Timlin in particular. Krasner has a piece looking at the return of the bashers in the Boston lineup. Cafardo also looks at the return of power to the Sox lineup. Steve Buckley looks at the guy on the Yankee hotseat, GM Brian Cashman. Paul Kenyon reports on Johnny Damon, who rejoined his teammates yesterday and hopes to play on Saturday against Clemens. Edes reports that Damon has only a vague memory of the incident Monday night. He also notes that Gabe Kapler knows a little something about outfield collisions. Kevin McNamara lsays that the Yankees got the message sent by the Sox early in this series. Kenyon looks at Derek Lowe, who is out to achieve success on the road, starting tonight. Guregian also looks at a different edition of Derek Lowe, one who has confidence and even a bit of bravado. Nick Cafardo says Lowe is ready for tonight’s road test. Massarotti says the Sox are determined to salvage Byung-Hyun Kim. O’Connell collects a group of thoughts from anonymous sources, and one Yankee coach says:

A Yankees coach on Manny Ramirez's slow trot around the bases on his three-run home run in Game 5 against the A's: "It would not be smart for him to do that against us. Our pitchers don't like to be shown up. I don't want to mention any names, but their initials are Roger Clemens and David Wells."

Yeah, that’d be smart. Just announce it in the papers ahead of time, too. How about if you don’t give up any home runs? Then you don’t have to worry about being shown up. John Powers and McNamara look at tonight’s Yankees starter, Andy Pettitte. Cafardo says the Sox aren’t going to let up after having taken the first one in New York. McNamara also looks at how any of the games could come down to Mariano Rivera, who is throwing the best he has all season.

Jim Donaldson asserts that the Yankees are a much more likeable collection of players than the Red Sox are. Cubs fans Alan Rosenberg hopes that his team gets to settle an old score with the Red Sox. Yankee fans claim the ball was foul, but TV replays clearly prove otherwise. There is also a collection of quotes from those involved in the series in that piece. Guregian also has a piece looking at the Yankees fans around Walker’s homerun. Kevin Gray says there should be no crying foul over this play by Yankee fans. Christopher Price notes there is little sympathy for the Yankees on that play. Powers looks at the umpires getting together and making the correct call. Bob Ryan tells the story of how Joe Torre came to manage the Yankees.

McAdam’s Red Sox notebook looks at the continued postseason heroics of Todd Walker. McNamara’s Yankees notebook looks at another postseason struggle for Mike Mussina. Silverman’s Yankees notebook also looks at the rough outing for Mussina. Horrigan’s Red Sox notebook looks at the timetable for the return of Johnny Damon. Gray’s notebook has more on Damon. Amore’s Yankees notebook says Enrique Wilson will likely be in the lineup Saturday to face Pedro, who he seems to own. Heuschkel’s notebook looks at Kim being left off the roster for the Yankees series. Hohler’s notebook says Kim is in the Sox future plans.

Yes, I know the Bruins opened up their season last night, and the Celtics were in action as well. There are Patriots stories out there. I’m out of time, as I was yesterday. So many Red Sox stories that it’s taken me two hours just to sort through them all. I started at 5:00 and have to leave for work at 7:00. So, my apologies if you’ve come looking for the stories on the other sports teams this morning, as some of you were yesterday.