Anyone tired? It’s going to be a long day until 4:00 pm. I’m very impressed that the papers have their websites updated at this early hour. Something tells me I’ll be hitting the Green Mountain coffee machine early and often today. Jeff Horrigan has the story of a theme that has been consistent throughout the year…the bullpen can’t hold a ninth inning lead. Bob Hohler looks at the stunning ending to a marathon contest. Steven Krasner says we’ve seen this late inning implosion stuff before somewhere. David Heuschkel says the bullpen was bound to blow a late inning lead at some point during the playoffs. Why not get it over with early, huh? Tony Massarotti, Gordon Edes and Sean McAdam look at the performance by Pedro Martinez, who, while not at his best, still impressed fans, his teammates and himself with his determination and heart. Jackie MacMullan, Michael Silverman and Jim Donaldson look at a huge night for Todd Walker, who would’ve been the hero of the game had the bullpen been able to hang onto the lead Walker gave them with his two home runs. Howard Bryant and Tim Casey look at the performance of Tim Hudson last night, who battled Pedro until having to leave the game with a finger cramp. (Finger cramp? Can you imagine if a Boston player left a playoff game with a finger cramp? Per Hohler’s game story) Steve Buckley writes about a strong night for Jason Varitek. Edes looks at Derek Lowe, suffering a back to the future moment. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at another bullpen meltdown for the Red Sox. Lenny Megliola laments another heartbreaking loss for the Sox. Dan Shaughnessy will be grinning from ear to ear today, as he notes that:

In other words, this one was Buckner, Dent, Galehouse, and Frazee all rolled into one tight package.

Michael O’Connor draws the assignment from the Herald of having to write the story of the 25th anniversary of Bucky Dent. Massarotti looks at Doug Mirabelli drawing the game two catching assignment today. Dupont looks at Manny’s lifetime play in the postseason, which is well below his regular season standards. Heuschkel has a look at Tim Wakefield, prepared for his start this afternoon. Dupont also has a story on the knuckleballer. If you heard the Big Show on WEEI yesterday around 4:30, then you have the entire content of Steve Buckley’s pay column today. Wakefield, could pitch until he is 45, remarkable story if you check his numbers from the ’94 season in the minors, where he was the worst pitcher in baseball, and his coming back from being snubbed in the ’99 playoffs to now be starting game 2 today for the Sox. Tim Casey has a look at Barry Zito, as he gets set to take the mound for the A’s this afternoon. Bill Griffith looks at channel 5 picking up the ESPN feed from game three on Saturday as well.

Sean McAdam looks at the A’s recent postseason frustration. Howard Bryant’s pay column notes that the A’s aren’t buying into those same stories about their frustration. Steven Krasner looks at the matchup of the superstar shortstops in this series. Edes has a look at Bill James and his role in getting the Sox to the playoffs. David McPherson looks at the effect last night’s game will have on the New England workforce today. Jackie MacMullan looks at the Twins calling their former teammate, David Ortiz yesterday to wish him luck. Bob Ryan looks at the special bond that exists among the Twins. Jeff Jacobs has a similar look at the Twins. Jim Donaldson recalls the afternoon World Series games of his childhood and says games like last night prevent a whole generation of kids from becoming baseball fans because they can’t stay up to watch. Well, you got an afternoon game today, Jim. Peter May says the Yankees aren’t about to panic just quite yet.

The Herald’s Red Sox notebook looks at Derek Lowe coming into the game in a surprising relief role last night. Heuschkel’s notebook looks at Grady’s decision to keep Nomar in the # 2 slot in the batting order. The Herald A’s notebook looks at Oakland’s adjustments to face Tim Wakefield this afternoon. Hohler’s notebook looks at Trot Nixon, well enough to play in the outfield last night, but now getting the next two games off. Peter May’s AL playoff notebook looks at a source of inspiration for the Twins. Krasner’s notebook looks at Trot getting back into the lineup. McAdam’s A’s notebook has Zito being concerned only about the things he can control. Bill Griffith’s TV notebook looks at Fox’s darlings, the Cubs.

Tom Curran looks at the major challenge the Patriots will face in the Titans on Sunday. Michael Felger says the Pats well remember the beating they took from the Titans last season and would like to return some of the physical punishment. Mike Reiss says that toughness is a trademark for the Titans. Ron Borges says the Patriots face a huge challenge in trying to slow down Steve McNair. Alan Greenberg looks at the development of Daniel Graham and the Patriots need to turn him into a threat in the middle of the field. Curran’s notebook has more on the problems the Titans present for the Patriots. Felger’s notebook says that Tom Brady is hurting more from the loss Sunday than from his elbow. Borges’ notebook has Jeff Fisher impressed with what he’s seen from Eugene Wilson at safety.

Steve Bulpett looks at Celtic rookie Brandon Hunter. Shira Springer looks at defense as an early emphasis in Celtic camp. Bulpett’s notebook has a look at a very well conditioned Mark Blount.

ESPN2 has Red Sox/A’s game two at 4:00. FOX has Yankees/Twins at 8:00