Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia was named AL MVP today by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

Chad Finn has story on Sean McAdam has the story on the Herald website. Alex Speier weighs in on Tony Massarotti points to the 18 at-bats when Pedroia stepped into the cleanup role after Manny Ramirez was traded as what tipped the scaled in Pedroia’s favor. That, and the fact that he is 5 foot 8.

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News left Pedroia off his ballot completely. Before you slam him too badly, his first place vote went to Kevin Youkilis.

Mike Reiss has his Patriots Mailbag for the week.

On the BSMW Full Court Press, we weigh in on the ridiculous Garnett Suspension.


3 thoughts on “Pedroia Named AL MVP

  1. That “interview” of Evan Grant consisted of verbally attacking the guy for not voting for Pedroia, and then, at the same time, denying that they were attacking him. Just Ordway and company promoting themselves, and not so much fascinating as boring, in my opinion. ESPN radio has a more coherent and listenable show.


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