A few links to share this afternoon:

Q&A With Patriots LB Tyrone McKenzie – Chris Warner scores an interview with the Patriots third-round pick of a year ago, who was injured in rookie camp, and missed all of 2009. If you’ve forgotten his story, it’s worth reviewing.

No Harm, No Foul With Nomar – My column in the Metro, written yesterday, hoping to get out in front of all the toxic waste spewed this morning.

A Tale of Two Dans – The blog YFSF (YanksFan/SoxFan) weighs in on Shaughnessy.

Do the right thing – ESPN Ombudsman Don Ohlmeyer weighs in on the Tony Kornheiser suspension, and the Tiger Woods coverage.


10 thoughts on “Afternoon Quicklinks

  1. Bruce, your article showed how the media can never let go of a grudge and just how truly thin skinned they are. It was a good read. The YFSF article was terrific. It literally shows how disingenuous and fraudulent Shaughnessy can be. The breaking down of 2004 Dan and 2010 Dan is great writing and great research. If Shaughnessy would like to have the Shank and CHB nicknames removed (I think he kind of relishes it.) then he has to prove that he can be a journalist again and not be this bitter, do you know who I am? I deserve respect!, shell of a writer that he has become.


  2. could not agree more with your Nomar column…..Will the media ever understand that the general public DOES NOT GIVE A RAT’S ASS about their dealings with athletes?…and if certain athletes are “hard for them to deal with”….Why are they always crying to us about it?…..Sportswriters have go to be the most narcissistic people on the face of the Earth


  3. I hear that Tanguay and Zolak’s interview with Nomar went REALLY well (insert sarcasm here). Can’t wait to hear Bruce’s views on that debacle.

    They would have been better off having him interview Adolfo.


    1. In the interest of full disclosure Jon, Gresh was filling in for Zolak on Wednesday and participated in the Nomar interview along with Tanguay. It was Gresh’s question (I’m totally paraphrasing this, but it was something along the lines of ‘Are you okay that some fans think of you as a loser because the Sox won after you left Boston?’) in particular that is likely the reason for your sarcastic reply.


      1. Between that and Gresh’s 3 hour soliloquy on Tiger Woods last month makes me really really wonder about WEEI. I mean at least Teddy Serandis can deal with a 1000 pounds of adversity. Wow!


  4. this is off topic but can someone tell me why csnne is showing replays of sports tonight instead of the pac-10 tourney?


        1. Detriment? Puh-leeze. Why care about the minor leagues like college sports? You only get to see the players for a season or two, you only get to see the same programs win every year, and they have to be the most corrupt sporting organization in the world. Even as bad as the IOC is, at least Olympians can get paid these days.

          As someone once said a while back, “The NCAA is the last bastion of good old-fashioned hypocrisy.” That has not changed. So why care about it? I mean, the Paw Sox is a good ticket, but I couldn’t tell you the starting line up any more than I can tell you who plays for BC Basketball (sorry, Teddy).


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