Monday Wrap

A few links while still shaking my head in amazement over Randy Cross exclaiming “Now the Patriots will have a taste of what Mike Holmgren and the Seahawks have dealt with this season” when Mike Vrabel was slow to get up after a play in the first half yesterday.

Sure, the Seahawks have had a series of devastating injuries this season, but I think the Patriots personnel losses rank right up there with anyone thus far…

First the NFL wrapups from around the ‘net:

Two weeks after declaring the Jets the surefire AFC East winners and the best team in the AFC, Peter King now likes the Dolphins to win the division.

Michael Silver also likes the Dolphins’ chances.

John Clayton learned a few things this weekend.

Albert Breer is big on the Steelers. 

Tom E. Curran assesses the free-for-all that is the AFC East.

Pete Prisco hands out week 14 grades.

Mike Florio has a 10 pack of thoughts from yesterday.

Will there ever be free agent signings this offseason, or is Scott Boras just going to hold the entire sport of baseball hostage until spring?

Tony Massarotti has five things that the Red Sox should do in Vegas.

Gordon Edes has the Tigers eyeing Kerry Wood.

Dayn Perry looks at what movement there might be in the AL East this winter.

It only took a 12 game winning streak for Marty Burns to put the Celtics over the Lakers in his NBA Power rankings. Marc Stein has the Celtics at #1 as well.

Roy S. Johnson says that this season hasn’t been as easy for the Celtics as it has appeared to be.


Friday Links and Thoughts

Yesterday in the Globe’s OT, Chad Finn put forth the theory….and that’s ALL it was, as Finn states he has “no hard evidence to support this suspicion” that led him to write this…that if the Red Sox were to sign free agent slugger Mark Teixeira, that Theo Epstein “should at least gauge interest” in David Ortiz out on the market.

Today we get a good example of how the modern information age loves to take things and “re-report” them in the most sensational way possible. On the’s “Scuttlebutt” they link Finn’s column with the headline If Red Sox get Tex, Big Papi is gone. Sounds pretty definitive.’s Fannation also ran with the story, as a “hot rumor,” simply citing the Boston Globe as the source.

The fact that these outlets could take Finn’s opinion – the piece was just an opinion column – and turn it into some kind of hot “rumor” is exactly what is wrong with so much of the sports coverage we get today. Finn wasn’t reporting anything, and much of the piece is in fact a tribute to Ortiz, who Finn clearly does not want to see traded.

Bill Simmons says that home field advantage isn’t what it once was. He also has his Week 12 picks.

Eric Wilbur, as he does every week, rounds up the predictions for this weekend’s Patriots game. A surprising majority appear to be picking the Patriots, which runs counter to my own gut feeling. (Which might be a good thing.)

Ronnie Brown is getting ready for an even bigger and better game against the Patriots this time around.

Wes Goldstein has the Bruins putting it all together under Claude Julien.

Tony Massarotti thinks that the Celtics have the East all wrapped up already.

Jessica Camerato says that these Celtics have swagger…and their opponents don’t particularly appreciate it at times.

Tom E. Curran says that Matt Ryan is starting to look Brady-like down in Atlanta. Lawyer Milloy backs him up.

Dave Hollander has an extensive interview with Erin Andrews.

Jason Whitlock goes after the media for their bashing of Donovan McNabb.

Even if you weren’t a fan of Mike Mussina, you’ve got to admire that he had made his mind up before the season that he was going to retire, but didn’t tell anyone, and that even his first ever 20 win season couldn’t change his mind.

Ken Fang’s Megalinks will be up either later tonight or at latest tomorrow morning…

Pedroia Named AL MVP

Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia was named AL MVP today by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

Chad Finn has story on Sean McAdam has the story on the Herald website. Alex Speier weighs in on Tony Massarotti points to the 18 at-bats when Pedroia stepped into the cleanup role after Manny Ramirez was traded as what tipped the scaled in Pedroia’s favor. That, and the fact that he is 5 foot 8.

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News left Pedroia off his ballot completely. Before you slam him too badly, his first place vote went to Kevin Youkilis.

Mike Reiss has his Patriots Mailbag for the week.

On the BSMW Full Court Press, we weigh in on the ridiculous Garnett Suspension.

Wednesday Quicklinks

On Patriots Daily this afternoon, Tyler Carter examines Matt Cassel’s first fouth quarter comeback.

The Patriots got two pieces of good news today, first the news came out that Vince Wilfork will not be suspended by the league and then LaMont Jordan returned to practice.

On the new-look BSMW Full Court Press, we’ve got a look at ESPN’s fascination with crowning the Lakers as NBA champs this season, and their decidedly flimsy reasons for doing so.

Brett Myers is still a scumbag, though I’m sure Dennis and Callahan still feel that Manny Ramirez is more of one.

Sports Media News has Notes from TNT’s Coverage of the Celtics/Cavs game last night. 

Tony Massarotti says that Tony Allen is very happy to put last season behind him.

McCarver A Hero Among Boston Sports Media

Tim McCarver, roundly mocked by the Boston sports media in the past for his work on the FOX baseball broadcasts, is now their new hero for his comments about Manny Ramirez as recorded by Mike Jensen of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“It’s extraordinary – the dichotomy between what he was in Boston and what he is in Los Angeles,” McCarver said. “I mean, talk about wearing out your welcome in a town, and it was a long welcome with the Red Sox. But some of the things he did were simply despicable, despicable – like not playing, refusing to play. Forgetting what knee to limp on. And now it’s washed, it’s gone.”

Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus has a rebuttal to McCarver’s quote.

Hey, some guy named Bruce Allen is analyzing the Patriots/Chargers game with the NBC Football Night in America crew. (And its not the Tampa Bay Bucs GM.)

Nice article in the Baltimore Sun: Ex-Colts connecting again. It about legendary Colts receiver (and former Patriots coach) Raymond Berry reconnecting with Leroy Vaughn (Mo’s father) after the two were rookie teammates on the Colts over 50 years ago.

Comcast SportsNet has their Celtics broadcast schedule for the new season. The big news is that for the first time in 28 years, Tom Heinsohn will only be doing the home games with partner Mike Gorman. Donny Marshall will go on the road with Gorman, and Heinsohn will remain in the studio for those games. Greg Dickerson will again serve as the sideline reporter. All games this season are in HD.

Tony’s Top 5 reasons to root for a Sox-Dodgers World Series. Tony’s all about the Stoooorry Lines. Not whether the games would actually be good or not. I’m rooting hard for that series NOT to happen. I want either team in the series, but not both.

I’m occasionally accused of ignoring Boston College athletics, and I’ll plead guilty to that charge, not because of lack of desire, but a lack of time. Here are two good blogs for keeping up with BC, first, Eagle in Atlanta wonders if BC could host the ESPN Gameday set on October 18th. A second blog is BC All Access.

Looking for information on baseball betting? Or about sports betting?

Afternoon Update

Sporting News Cover The Sporting News has named Boston as the best sports city in America for the fourth time in seven years.

Interesting article by Jack Curry in The New York Times today about how the Red Sox knew the suicide squeeze attempt was coming last night. The Angels had tried it on Manny Delcarmen before…Tom Verducci says not to blame Mike Scioscia for the failure of the play. Gordon Edes has the Angels getting squeezed right out of the playoffs.

Here are a couple of relatively new blogs by local sportswriters, first there is Flynn’s Spin, by Douglas Flynn, who says that his intention is “going more for an opinion-based and hopefully occasionally humorous take on things, trying to come up with some offbeat ideas as well as insight and analysis rather than just posting who’s practicing or who’s in the starting lineup kind of thing.” It will have a Patriots and Bruins flavor, as those are the teams that Flynn covers the most, but he plans to weigh in on the Red Sox and Celtics as well.

Patriot Ledger football writer Eric McHugh has also launched the Ledger Pats Blog, which is naturally devoted to the Patriots, a team he can speak with authority about, as he covers them on a daily basis.  

Here are the Turner-released Notes from TBS’ Coverage of yesterday’s games.

From those notes:

(Buck) Martinez on Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester playing in the World Series in his first outing after battling cancer: “Last year when (Lester) was given the start in game four of the Worlds Series everything was the first. His first game back, his first start, his first postseason start, his first opportunity. Now he’s a regular, now he’s a pitcher again. He’s more than a cancer survivor, he’s an ace on a very good staff.”

Does Martinez think that Lester’s World Series start last October was his first of the season?

Boston sports tickets are in demand.

Ken Rosenthal says that the BoSox are baseball’s consummate winners

Mike Celizic says that Red Sox/Rays is going to add some juice to the postseason. Gerry Fraley says that the Red Sox are just another division foe to the Rays.

Tom E. Curran says that the Cowboys are missing some spine.

National Views

A few quick national views for the mid-morning…

Peter King is back with another edition of Monday Morning QB. The Patriots move up to number 6 on King’s Fine Fifteen.

Michael Silver looks at a rejuvenated Kurt Warner in his Morning Rush column.

John Clayton leads off his Last Call with a look at the 5-0 Tennessee Titans.

Clark Judge has his week five NFL judgements.

Cold, Hard Football Facts has a look at Bill Parcells’ latest reclamation project, the Miami Dolphins, who appear to be ahead of schedule.

Gordon Edes looks at the Angels finally breaking through against the Red Sox.

Jerry Crasnick has the Angels managing to win a game against the Red Sox despite still having not brought out their “A” game in this series.

Tony DeMarco in analyzing the Angels victory, gets a little bullet-point happy.

Danny Knobler says that this Angels victory could be a sign of things to come.

Jeff Goodman says that the Red Sox injuries could come back to hurt them in this series.

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