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If you thought that the Patriots/Jets circus would simmer down a little after Eric Mangini was fired, think again. Rex Ryan is hear, and he’s not going to kiss Bill Belichick’s rings. Yes, he actually did say that. Check Patriots Daily for the transcript of the new Jets coach’s interview on WFAN yesterday, plus a little commentary.

After getting the NFL Network on board in its digital classic tier, Comcast has now moved NBA TV there as well. According to Sports Business Daily, this will add 8.8 million subs to the channel’s distribution, pushing it to more than 23 million. NBA Commish David Stern has said he hopes to get the channel to more than 40 million eventually.

The Red Sox are playing the Tigers as well speak. All sorts of ways to keep up with the game, from Dan Shaughnessy on the Extra Bases blog, to Amalie Benjamin on Twitter.  

Mike Reiss had a Patriots chat on Boston.com today. Reiss, by the way, is scheduled to be an in-studio guest on NFL Network tomorrow.

Don’t forget, tonight is also the season three premiere of Burn Notice. You can still enter to win a Burn Notice giveaway by leaving a comment on Monday’s post.


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  1. Things could get even nastier with Ryan at the helm. He’s a big trash talker just like his father was. The old man talked a good game but was nothing special as a head coach. I got a feeling it’s going to be the samething with his kid…..oh well, it’s always fun to have somebody to hate.


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