A few links while still shaking my head in amazement over Randy Cross exclaiming “Now the Patriots will have a taste of what Mike Holmgren and the Seahawks have dealt with this season” when Mike Vrabel was slow to get up after a play in the first half yesterday.

Sure, the Seahawks have had a series of devastating injuries this season, but I think the Patriots personnel losses rank right up there with anyone thus far…

First the NFL wrapups from around the ‘net:

Two weeks after declaring the Jets the surefire AFC East winners and the best team in the AFC, Peter King now likes the Dolphins to win the division.

Michael Silver also likes the Dolphins’ chances.

John Clayton learned a few things this weekend.

Albert Breer is big on the Steelers. 

Tom E. Curran assesses the free-for-all that is the AFC East.

Pete Prisco hands out week 14 grades.

Mike Florio has a 10 pack of thoughts from yesterday.

Will there ever be free agent signings this offseason, or is Scott Boras just going to hold the entire sport of baseball hostage until spring?

Tony Massarotti has five things that the Red Sox should do in Vegas.

Gordon Edes has the Tigers eyeing Kerry Wood.

Dayn Perry looks at what movement there might be in the AL East this winter.

It only took a 12 game winning streak for Marty Burns to put the Celtics over the Lakers in his NBA Power rankings. Marc Stein has the Celtics at #1 as well.

Roy S. Johnson says that this season hasn’t been as easy for the Celtics as it has appeared to be.


2 thoughts on “Monday Wrap

  1. Bruce please don’t link to any of Mike Florio’s junk again. Florio is an internet bottom feeder and a worthless hack. He exemplifies the type of poor journalism you expose daily on this site. He’s not an athlete and he’s not a sports journalist – he’s a lawyer from West Virginia with zero insight into sports.


  2. I think between that and his Kunstler like defense of Deion Branch call we’ve pretty much established that Randy Cross is a muscleheaded moron.


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