Where to begin today…The few

Where to begin today…The few Red Sox regulars beat the few Yankee regulars, but the Yankee scrubs beat up on the Red Sox scrubs. For an exhibition game, this one was hyped well beyond reason. Jeff Horrigan looks at the hype falling short. David Heuschkel looks at an early taste of Red Sox/Yankees. Gordon Edes takes a look at the circus atmosphere surrounding yesterday’s exhibition, especially around A-Rod. Sean McAdam has A-Rod quickly finding out what Red Sox/Yankees is all about. Bob Ryan says A-Rod is glad to have gotten his feet wet in the rivalry. Tony Massarotti has a look at Pokey Reese, fitting in well in the early going. Steven Krasner looks at the comedy duo of Manny and Millar. Bob Hohler also has a look at the loose Sox clubhouse before the game. Howard Bryant has Reggie Jackson saying he can’t believe the Sox didn’t do what it took to land A-Rod. Massarotti has a look at the strong outing by Bronson Arroyo yesterday. McAdam says that Joe Torre is as good as they come. Bryant has a look at Tony Clark getting a shot with the Yankees. Horrigan’s notebook has Nomar sitting out with a bruised heel. So just who was the moronic TV reporter that asked Nomar if he was ducking the Yankees by sitting out yesterday? Answer: In the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, in Bill Ballou’s Red Sox notebook (can’t link, as the Telegram is a pay site) he says it was CBS4’s own Dan Roche who posed the idiotic query. I thought Roche was above that sort of thing… The Projo notebook also looks at Nomar, Hohler’s notebook looks at the performance of Arroyo.

Dan Shaughnessy writes the obituary for John Henry Williams.

In a piece that should be must reading for Steve Buckley, Shaun L. Kelly has a feature-length article entitled “Tony Conigliaro Forty Years Later – A Remembrance.” A lengthy read, but very enjoyable and emotionally stirring.

I would be remiss if I didn’t comment myself on that obscene NFL notes column by Ron Borges yesterday. Just a few comments. 1) Borges is going to keep this up if it takes 5 years or 10 years. Eventually the Patriots will stumble, as that is just life in the NFL, and he will be there to say “I told you so!” 2) When have the Patriots ever claimed to have all the answers? To the contrary, they’ve always said publicly “we don’t think we have all the answers and we don’t think we’re smarter than anyone else…” They keep their mouths shut and do their jobs. 3) Who was this AFC personnel guy with ties to Belichick? If he has the guts to say those things, why not give his name? 4) Gotta love the shots from players headed out of town…who you know will be wishing they were back here very soon. Have fun bringing the Lions back to an elite level, Damien, when was that, the 1940’s? 5) So the Patriots should have overpaid to keep Woody and Washington and also given Tom Brady a contract closer to Peyton Manning. Say the Patriots did that….then when they had all their salary cap tied up in those guys and couldn’t afford to keep guys like Seymour and went 4-12, Borges would be saying they were stupid to put all their money in just a few guys. These accusations that the Patriots are cheap boggle the mind, they are consistently at the salary cap level.

And who was this idiot agent:

"If I was advising Brady, we'd be in there renegotiating right now or the player would be on a long trip to Alaska next summer, especially with the recent history of how the Patriots have treated some of their other players with pay cut after pay cut."

Who was this clown? Why wouldn’t he come on the record if he was so outraged?

Borges’ agenda is pathetic, and it is clearly just motivated by his desire to be controversial and in the spotlight. It’s pretty sad, actually. The guy is becoming a parody of himself. Go ahead Ron, send me the angry email saying I’m taking cheap shots at you, as you’ve done in the past. Just know that this time, if you email, it’s going to be posted here on the site. Consider that your professional courtesy warning.

The Patriots do things the right way. They bring in character guys who work hard and stay out of trouble. They don’t showboat on the field, they stay humble and hungry. They don’t overpay players, but reward guys who step up and take a job. (Hello Russ Hochstein) They are a class act from top to bottom.

Steve Conroy says the Bruins need some playoff prep work. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says the Bruins need to play smarter and outside of the penalty box. Russ Conway considers the worth of a Stanley Cup.

The Celtics came up with a huge win in Minnesota last night. Fox Sports Net has the links.

Steve Buckley remembers Jack Leaman.

Dave Scott weighs in with a Monday edition of Scott’s Shots. He’s going to be sending daily reports from the Final Four next month as well, so if any companies or entities are interested in sponsoring the pages for those reports, feel free to email me for details.

College hoops reign on ESPN and ESPN2 tonight.


Sunday Links from Len Ron

Sunday Links from Len

Ron Borges is back with a vengeance with a whole new look at Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Belichick is no longer the idiot who traded a Hall of Fame quarterback within his division for a measly first round draft choice. Now, he is just an egomaniac with no heart who looks to stick it to agents and take advantage of great players like Tom Brady. Borges claims the contract was unfair to Brady. That is pretty funny because at the time Brady signed his deal, Borges referred to Brady as a dink and dunk system quarterback. Borges even gets Damien Woody to make the claim that the Brady contract is a rip-off for #12. Hey Ron, it is great to have you back and please remember to clean off your desk as the venom that dripped from your keyboard made a little mess.

Tom Curran provides the inside story on the Rodney Harrison signing by the Patriots. Mike Reiss has NFL Notes and reports of Patriots interest in second tier running back Sammy Morris and the possible re-signing of Antowain Smith.

The Bruins outplayed Atlanta but had to scramble for a 2-2 tie. Steve Conroy and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell have game stories. Kevin Paul Dupont has a story on the acclimation of offensive minded defenseman Sergei Gonchar’s acclimation to the Bruins. Dupont also has an NHL Notebook today and focuses on the chaos of the trading deadline as some teams call it a day and cash in their chips.

Shira Springer has a look at the resurgent Celtics who are starting to gel again. Unfortunately for Danny Ainge, this could mean the difference in several spots in the draft order. But Danny should take some comfort in the upcoming schedule for the Celtics. Mark Murphy reports that it’s a killer. Peter May has the NBA Notebook today in the Globe with a look at possibly the best basketball player today, Kevin Garnett.

BC beat PC yesterday in Providence. BC saved its final regular season game for its best quality win of the season. PC played its worst stretch of basketball of the season in being outscored at home by 39 point in consecutive halves beginning with the second half of the Pitt game. PC only had 15 points in the first half. Michael Vega and Kevin McNamara have game stories. Both teams will be getting invitations to the Big Dance a week from today as the Big East tournament winds up the week. By the way, one of the two fraud undefeated teams, Stanford, got crushed yesterday.

Bob Ryan’s column today deals with the insufferable hype that is A-Rod as the Yankees visit the Red Sox at Fort Myers. If you want tickets, you can get a pair for $499. You have to figure that John Henry and the Red Sox will try to squeeze more money from Spring Training fans one of these years. Bob Hohler reports on BH Kim who threw two scoreless inning yesterday but has a sore back. Tony Massarotti also has a look at the enigmatic Kim. Gordon Edes has a story on the controversial steroid pumping Gary Sheffield. Gordon Edes also has his Sunday Notes column and believes that everyone is overreacting to the steroid problem in baseball.

Bill Griffith spends much of his column today focusing on WWZN. That is a sports radio station that very few people listen to. Today’s focus is on Ryan Russillo and his new website and a new show with Rico Petrocelli. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald has story on the suspension of Hammerin’ Hank Goldberg from his Miami sportsradio gig.

The Red Sox-Yankees exhibition game is on UPN 38 at 1 PM. If your cable system does not carry UPN 38, you can see the game on NESN. The Celtics at Minnesota game is on FSN at 7:30 PM. FOX 25 has NASCAR from Las Vegas at 3 PM.

Abbreviated Saturday Links from Len

Abbreviated Saturday Links from Len

Just some quick ones today as I head to Providence for the final game of the regular season for BC and PC. The game is on Channel 5 at Noon. Both teams are heading to the NCAA tournament and are playing for seedings. Michael Vega has the preview.

Marcus Banks stepped up and that must have made Danny Ainge smile as the Celtics beat Washington. Peter May has a column about what we hope is a breakout game for Banks.

Michael Holley discusses the problems that will face the Patriots as their players just cannot get a big payday in Foxboro. He leaves the impression that the Patriots just don’t pony up the cash to their players. Last I looked, the Patriots have spent to salary cap limit since Robert Kraft has owned the team. They just seem to spread the wealth. It’s worked pretty well. The anti-Patriots are the Washington Redskins. Can a team win it all when it will be forced to pay much of the team the minimum? We have had some parades here that prove that a team can win that more evenly distributes its payroll.

The Bruins take on Atlanta at the Fleet. NESN has the game at 7 PM.

The Bruins plugged in their

The Bruins plugged in their new toys last night and came away with a 3-1 victory over a Rangers squad going in the opposite direction (selling off their toys) Ron Indrisano, Joe McDonald and Stephen Harris have the details from the Fleet. Kevin Paul Dupont says the changes on the Bruins are being very well received. Steve Conroy says that Sergei Gonchar is relieved to have been able to get off to a strong start with his new club. Dupont also has a look at the debut of Gonchar. Joe Gordon and McDonald look at Michael Nylander, who also made his Bruins’ debut last night. Douglas Flynn takes a look at the arrivals of the two ex-Capitals. Karen Guregian says that Mike O’Connell has done his job, now the players need to take it the rest of the way. Indrisano’s notebook has more on Nylander, Harris’ notebook also looks at the new second line center. McDonald’s notebook has more on Gonchar.

http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?o=1&l=as1&f=ifr&t=bostonsportsm-20&p=8&asins=1582617678&IS2=1&lt1=_blankBetter than reading about steroids.

Michael Smith says that Damien Woody is just about signed sealed and delivered to the Detroit Lions. Smith was also the subject of some sniping between WWZN and WEEI during yesterday afternoon. With Michael Felger on the “Big Show”, Glenn Ordway and company decided to attack Smith for comments he made in yesterday’s article about a leak causing Ted Washington to leave the Patriots. Of course Smith did not mention Felger or the Herald by name, which is something that the ProJo’s Tom Curran did. But Curran didn’t catch any flak, mostly because he is a FSNE and WEEI guest. Thus it broke down to the petty dispute between WEEI and the Globe. The “Die Hards” on WWZN had Smith on, and had him try to counter the charges being made on WEEI. They said they had interns monitoring the 850 signal to relay to Smith what was being said. Silly stuff. Mike Reiss was the first to report that the Patriots and Kevin Faulk had agreed on a new deal, he has more details this morning. Tom Curran also has an update on Faulk. Smith’s notebook says the Patriots have made their annual foray into restricted free agency, signing Pittsburgh’s Rodney Bailey to an offer sheet. The 6-3, 300 lb Bailey is likely to stay in Pittsburgh, however as the Steelers will probably match the offer.

Bob Ryan talks with Mike Timlin about his career, pitching in Boston, and yes, game 7. The Sox opened up the exhibition schedule last night with a win against the Twins. Tony Massarotti says the Twins are hit hard by today’s economics. One who got away from them was David Ortiz, and he is the subject of a piece from Jeff Horrigan. Derek Lowe pitched two innings last night, Sean McAdam has a look at the performance of the Sox third starter and what he expects this year. David Heuschkel says Terry Francona is going to spend some time this spring batting Manny third and Nomar fourth to see how it works out. Bob Hohler talks with Nomar, who distrusts any MLB sponsored steroid tests. Gordon Edes has Gene Orza weighing in on the steroid issue. Horrigan’s notebook has more on the Manny/Nomar flip-flop, as does the notebook by Hohler. Krasner’s notebook also covers the same subject.

The Big Show did more of its favorite topic yesterday as well…talking about itself and the media. The subject was a post by Curt Schilling on SOSH, where he criticized the media, Greg Dickerson in particular, for comments he made on the air, and how the incident with Kevin Millar at batting practice was portrayed by the press as a whole. He mentioned how the media feels they have to make up stories. Ordway read all of Schilling’s post, despite the fact that Schilling has requested that the media not use any material he posts at SOSH. Pete Sheppard was of course indignant about Schilling and his way of doing things, and blustered on for a good amount of my drive home on the topic. Dickerson called in to defend himself, as he was the one targeted by Schilling after remarking on FSNE that “Schilling strikes me as a Schilling 1st team 2nd guy”.

Bill Griffith looks at reason why Pedro might not be talking to WEEI, and lines up some candidates for Bob Rodgers’ old job at NESN. John Howell also looks at the NESN situation. Dave Scott has a Friday editon of Scott’s Shots, including conversation with the good doctor Steinberg.

Celtics links are over at Fox Sports Net.

FSN has Celtics/Wizards at 7:30. ESPN has Mavs/Spurs at 8:00 and Nets/Warriors at 10:30.

The Patriots will be keeping

The Patriots will be keeping at least one of their free agents. Mike Reiss reports (and the player confirms it) that Kevin Faulk has agreed to a new deal with the team.

John Molori has a special edition of Media Blitz, reporting on programming additions to the 1510 lineup.

Not included in that article, but also to look for will be a show on the 1510 airwaves from the gang at “Barstool Sports“. They hope to launch a show next month by purchasing airtime and attracting sponsors and advertisers to cover the costs.

Whaaaat? The Bruins make a

Whaaaat? The Bruins make a big move before the trading deadline? And it’s to *obtain* a player that can fill a huge hole for them down the stretch and in the playoffs? What kind of parallel universe were we in yesterday. Patriots getting some heat for letting Ted Washington get away and the Bruins making a move that could vault them into the conference elite? Kevin Paul Dupont has details of the deal that brings Sergei Gonchar. Stephen Harris says the addition of Gonchar is a big deal for the Bruins. Joe McDonald says the Bruins are now a major player. Michael Holley says its ok for Mike O’Connell to gloat over this move. Douglas Flynn says the Bruins are actually going for it. Karen Guregian says that this deal puts a bounce in the step of the entire Bruins team and organization. James Murphy says why stop with Gonchar? Dupont’s notebook looks at the possibility of more deals for the Bruins.

http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?o=1&l=as1&f=ifr&t=bostonsportsm-20&p=8&asins=1582617678&IS2=1&lt1=_blankBetter than reading about steroids.

Michael Felger looks at the loss of Ted Washington to the Raiders and says Kevin Faulk is close to a new deal with the Patriots. Say goodbye, Kevin. (Sorry, Felger.) Felger raised the possibility of tampering by the Raiders, and Tom Curran looks at that aspect a bit more closely. Alan Greenberg says the loss of Washington leaves a huge hole in the Patriots defense. Michael Smith also addresses the loss of Washington, looks at destinations for Damien Woody, and reports that Roman Phifer has restructured his contract to a much more cap-friendly deal for the next two season. Good catch by Smith. Mike Reiss looks at who might replace Washington on the Patriots defense. Michael Parente also has a look at the situation.

Bob Ryan looks at yet another spring training for Johnny Pesky. David Hueschkel writes about Terry Francona, getting an early feel for his team. Tony Massarotti has a look at Jim Rice, who put up a monster 1978 season without the assistance of steroids or other enhancements, and how the current injected era pushes his remarkable accomplishments down. Nick Cafardo talks with sports attorney Harry Manion about the steroid issue. Lenny Megliola says that baseball will survive this steroid issue. Jeff Horrigan says that Johnny Damon and Gabe Kapler take the steroid talk personally. Steve Buckley has a pay column on one of his favorite subjects, former Sox minor leaguer Mike Spinelli, who was taking steroids in high school. Steven Krasner says the Sox have two open roster spots and 11 players trying to fill them. Bob Hohler looks at one of those hopefuls in Terry Shumpert. Horrigan’s notebook looks at Derek Lowe kicking off the spring training season today on the mound. The ProJo notebook looks at Johnny Pesky getting a field named after him. Hohler’s notebook looks at Manny talking about putting up a website to communicate with the fans. Hohler can’t tell if Manny is joking or serious about this idea.

Celtics links are over at Fox Sports Net, today Bill Simmons decides he should be running the team, and Mark Blount might be hightailing it out of here after the season. I don’t think the two items are related.

ESPN has Rangers/Bruins at 7:30. UPN38 (NESN outside Boston) has the Red Sox preseason opener against the Twins (who else?) at 7:00. TNT has Kings/Sixers at 7:30 and Pistons/Blazers at 10:00. FSN has BU/UNH hockey at 7:00. ESPN2 has college hoops.

Not much happening today, unless

Not much happening today, unless you count the steroid story. I don’t, but then again, I guess I should. At least that the’s lecture I’m getting on WEEI and FSNE yesterday and last night, namely that I should be caring about this all. (Not me specifically, but me as a sports fan.) I think I still have my Patriots hangover. Nothing else seems to be a big deal right now. They’re probably right, if a Red Sox player was being accused in this, it would be a much bigger story here. The Herald has a large section on the steroid issue online today, Five of the articles are reprints of Howard Bryant’s series from last summer, which called the last few years a tainted era. I’m not going to have time to link to the indivudual articles, but there is a number of them in there. For the Globe, Gordon Edes, Dan Shaughnessy and Bob Ryan all have pieces on the subject. Sean McAdam says the Red Sox claim that steroids are not an issue on their team. On the other hand, Don Amore says the Yankees are trying to pretend that it’s not an issue with theirs. David Heuschkel says that some Red Sox players have played with others who have used steroids.

For actual Red Sox news, Bob Hohler has a look at Charlie Zink, who hopes to become the next Tim Wakefield. Jeff Horrigan has details of Pedro first spring training start, which should come next week sometime. Gordon Edes says the Sox will meet up with ARod on the field Sunday. Sean McAdam looks at whether the Sox will carry 11 or 12 pitchers going into the season. Hohler’s notebook has Curt Schilling sending a message with a pitch high and tight to Kevin Millar. Speaking of Schilling, Paul Hagen has him strutting around camp in a 1919 Red Sox Babe Ruth throwback jersey.

Michael Smith looks at Ted Washington and other Patriots heading out into free agency. Michael Felger also looks at the Patriots not being able to close a deal with their eligible players, and where those players might end up. Felger sticks by his claim that Washington and the Patriots were close to a deal a couple days ago. Tom Curran and Mike Reiss also have brief updates on the free agents. Eric McHugh takes a look at how other teams might copy the Patriots model and what could happen in free agency. Glen Farley says the business side of football starts today. Rosevelt Colvin made an appearance on FSNE last night, for many of you, it might’ve been your first chance to hear from him in an extended interview. If you missed it, a KFFL poster compiled a transcript.

Bruins fell to the Leafs last night 3-2, Steve Conroy and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell have the game coverage. Both the Globe and the Herald notebooks deal with Nick Boynton, upset at being “suckered” by Drake Berehowsky.

Celtics links are available over at Fox Sports Net.

ESPN has Georgia Tech/Duke at 7:00 and Lakers/Rockets at 9:00. ESPN2 has Texas Tech/Missouri at 7:30 and Canucks/Avalanche at 9:30.

Bob Buckley writing about Bob

Bob Buckley writing about Bob Rodgers getting fired by NESN, believes that it “is ridiculous that a good announcer lost his job because he wanted to fulfill all of his obligations.” He looks at Rodger’s dedication to his high school coaching job and wonders why NESN would fire him over this.

Countering the report from Michael

Countering the report from Michael Felger yesterday, Tom Curran today says there is no deal with the Patriots and Ted Washington and in fact he and his agent are “ticked” about the report in the Herald yesterday. Today Michael Felger reports on Bobby Hamilton, set to test the free agent waters. If Washington stays, I would guess Hamilton would be gone as the Patriots try to develop Jarvis Green and Ty Warren. Alan Greenberg says the Patriots will likely be minimal players in the free agent market this spring and instead focus on making the most of the upcoming draft. Mike Reiss has updates on Washington, Hamilton and Kevin Faulk.

David Heuschkel looks at Pokey Reese, whom he says will go a long way towards shoring up the infield defense for the Sox this year. Bob Ryan talks with Kevin Millar about playing in Boston. Jeff Horrigan writes about Scott Williamson, willing to fill whatever role the Sox need him to on the pitching staff. Steven Krasner says Trot Nixon is working on his weaknesses and trying to become a more complete player each year. Bob Hohler looks at Mark Bellhorn, who he says is a virtual lock to make the roster. Steve Buckley has a pay column about Michael Lewis’ followup article to “Moneyball” published in Sports Illustrated last week. Buck says of Lewis:

Lewis should have been able to sit back and enjoy the debate, but no. Instead, Lewis has fallen to pieces. Firing back at his critics in the latest "Sports Illustrated,'' Lewis comes across as petty, whiny and vindictive.

Perhaps he does, but Buck’s indignation is made clear a bit further on when he attacks Lewis’ claim that the Boston Sports Media is negative. As Buck says, “Sportswriters are everyone’s favorite punching bags.” Poor babies. Buckley uses some quotes from the media following the promotion of Theo Epstein to GM as proof that the Boston media isn’t as mean as everyone says they are. Maybe not in that case, but there are plenty of other examples. The holier than thou stuff doesn’t fly. Gerry Callahan has a pay column about Bonds, steroids, black eye for baseball…yawn. Krasner’s notebook looks at the topic of who is going to catch Tim Wakefield this year. Horrigan’s notebook says that El Duque remains on the Sox radar. Hohler’s notebook has Johnny Damon speaking out on steroids.

Stephen Harris looks at the Bruins hoping to continue their rise tonight in Toronto. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at how much the addition of Jiri Slegr has meant to the Bruins. Harris’ notebook says that Sergei Samsonov and Patrice Bergeron could be “weeks” away from returning. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook looks at Jonathan Girard stepping on the ice.

Mark Blount transformed into Robert Parish last night, and the Celtics went on a 25-0 to open the fourth quarter and run away from the Magic. All the links are at Fox Sports Net.

Bill Griffith reports on NESN and Bob Rodger’s “parting ways”. Polite way of saying he got canned. Rodgers says he’ll be consulting an attorney over this. John Molori looks at new programming over at WWZN. Never has so much ink been devoted to a station that has done so little. To me, that is just evidence that people are yearning for an alternative to WEEI. What other explanation could there be? 1510 has made bad move after bad move, yet still gets as much, if not more ink, than WEEI. Molori also takes Dale & Neumy to task for their show yesterday. Dave Scott has a Tuesday edition of Scott’s Shots.

NESN has Bruins/Maple Leafs at 7:00. ESPN and ESPN2 both have college hoops doubleheaders. On New England Sports Tonight on FSN, Rosevelt Colvin will make a rare public appearance.