Where to begin today…The few Red Sox regulars beat the few Yankee regulars, but the Yankee scrubs beat up on the Red Sox scrubs. For an exhibition game, this one was hyped well beyond reason. Jeff Horrigan looks at the hype falling short. David Heuschkel looks at an early taste of Red Sox/Yankees. Gordon Edes takes a look at the circus atmosphere surrounding yesterday’s exhibition, especially around A-Rod. Sean McAdam has A-Rod quickly finding out what Red Sox/Yankees is all about. Bob Ryan says A-Rod is glad to have gotten his feet wet in the rivalry. Tony Massarotti has a look at Pokey Reese, fitting in well in the early going. Steven Krasner looks at the comedy duo of Manny and Millar. Bob Hohler also has a look at the loose Sox clubhouse before the game. Howard Bryant has Reggie Jackson saying he can’t believe the Sox didn’t do what it took to land A-Rod. Massarotti has a look at the strong outing by Bronson Arroyo yesterday. McAdam says that Joe Torre is as good as they come. Bryant has a look at Tony Clark getting a shot with the Yankees. Horrigan’s notebook has Nomar sitting out with a bruised heel. So just who was the moronic TV reporter that asked Nomar if he was ducking the Yankees by sitting out yesterday? Answer: In the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, in Bill Ballou’s Red Sox notebook (can’t link, as the Telegram is a pay site) he says it was CBS4’s own Dan Roche who posed the idiotic query. I thought Roche was above that sort of thing… The Projo notebook also looks at Nomar, Hohler’s notebook looks at the performance of Arroyo.

Dan Shaughnessy writes the obituary for John Henry Williams.

In a piece that should be must reading for Steve Buckley, Shaun L. Kelly has a feature-length article entitled “Tony Conigliaro Forty Years Later – A Remembrance.” A lengthy read, but very enjoyable and emotionally stirring.

I would be remiss if I didn’t comment myself on that obscene NFL notes column by Ron Borges yesterday. Just a few comments. 1) Borges is going to keep this up if it takes 5 years or 10 years. Eventually the Patriots will stumble, as that is just life in the NFL, and he will be there to say “I told you so!” 2) When have the Patriots ever claimed to have all the answers? To the contrary, they’ve always said publicly “we don’t think we have all the answers and we don’t think we’re smarter than anyone else…” They keep their mouths shut and do their jobs. 3) Who was this AFC personnel guy with ties to Belichick? If he has the guts to say those things, why not give his name? 4) Gotta love the shots from players headed out of town…who you know will be wishing they were back here very soon. Have fun bringing the Lions back to an elite level, Damien, when was that, the 1940’s? 5) So the Patriots should have overpaid to keep Woody and Washington and also given Tom Brady a contract closer to Peyton Manning. Say the Patriots did that….then when they had all their salary cap tied up in those guys and couldn’t afford to keep guys like Seymour and went 4-12, Borges would be saying they were stupid to put all their money in just a few guys. These accusations that the Patriots are cheap boggle the mind, they are consistently at the salary cap level.

And who was this idiot agent:

"If I was advising Brady, we'd be in there renegotiating right now or the player would be on a long trip to Alaska next summer, especially with the recent history of how the Patriots have treated some of their other players with pay cut after pay cut."

Who was this clown? Why wouldn’t he come on the record if he was so outraged?

Borges’ agenda is pathetic, and it is clearly just motivated by his desire to be controversial and in the spotlight. It’s pretty sad, actually. The guy is becoming a parody of himself. Go ahead Ron, send me the angry email saying I’m taking cheap shots at you, as you’ve done in the past. Just know that this time, if you email, it’s going to be posted here on the site. Consider that your professional courtesy warning.

The Patriots do things the right way. They bring in character guys who work hard and stay out of trouble. They don’t showboat on the field, they stay humble and hungry. They don’t overpay players, but reward guys who step up and take a job. (Hello Russ Hochstein) They are a class act from top to bottom.

Steve Conroy says the Bruins need some playoff prep work. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says the Bruins need to play smarter and outside of the penalty box. Russ Conway considers the worth of a Stanley Cup.

The Celtics came up with a huge win in Minnesota last night. Fox Sports Net has the links.

Steve Buckley remembers Jack Leaman.

Dave Scott weighs in with a Monday edition of Scott’s Shots. He’s going to be sending daily reports from the Final Four next month as well, so if any companies or entities are interested in sponsoring the pages for those reports, feel free to email me for details.

College hoops reign on ESPN and ESPN2 tonight.