Sunday Links from Len

Ron Borges is back with a vengeance with a whole new look at Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Belichick is no longer the idiot who traded a Hall of Fame quarterback within his division for a measly first round draft choice. Now, he is just an egomaniac with no heart who looks to stick it to agents and take advantage of great players like Tom Brady. Borges claims the contract was unfair to Brady. That is pretty funny because at the time Brady signed his deal, Borges referred to Brady as a dink and dunk system quarterback. Borges even gets Damien Woody to make the claim that the Brady contract is a rip-off for #12. Hey Ron, it is great to have you back and please remember to clean off your desk as the venom that dripped from your keyboard made a little mess.

Tom Curran provides the inside story on the Rodney Harrison signing by the Patriots. Mike Reiss has NFL Notes and reports of Patriots interest in second tier running back Sammy Morris and the possible re-signing of Antowain Smith.

The Bruins outplayed Atlanta but had to scramble for a 2-2 tie. Steve Conroy and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell have game stories. Kevin Paul Dupont has a story on the acclimation of offensive minded defenseman Sergei Gonchar’s acclimation to the Bruins. Dupont also has an NHL Notebook today and focuses on the chaos of the trading deadline as some teams call it a day and cash in their chips.

Shira Springer has a look at the resurgent Celtics who are starting to gel again. Unfortunately for Danny Ainge, this could mean the difference in several spots in the draft order. But Danny should take some comfort in the upcoming schedule for the Celtics. Mark Murphy reports that it’s a killer. Peter May has the NBA Notebook today in the Globe with a look at possibly the best basketball player today, Kevin Garnett.

BC beat PC yesterday in Providence. BC saved its final regular season game for its best quality win of the season. PC played its worst stretch of basketball of the season in being outscored at home by 39 point in consecutive halves beginning with the second half of the Pitt game. PC only had 15 points in the first half. Michael Vega and Kevin McNamara have game stories. Both teams will be getting invitations to the Big Dance a week from today as the Big East tournament winds up the week. By the way, one of the two fraud undefeated teams, Stanford, got crushed yesterday.

Bob Ryan’s column today deals with the insufferable hype that is A-Rod as the Yankees visit the Red Sox at Fort Myers. If you want tickets, you can get a pair for $499. You have to figure that John Henry and the Red Sox will try to squeeze more money from Spring Training fans one of these years. Bob Hohler reports on BH Kim who threw two scoreless inning yesterday but has a sore back. Tony Massarotti also has a look at the enigmatic Kim. Gordon Edes has a story on the controversial steroid pumping Gary Sheffield. Gordon Edes also has his Sunday Notes column and believes that everyone is overreacting to the steroid problem in baseball.

Bill Griffith spends much of his column today focusing on WWZN. That is a sports radio station that very few people listen to. Today’s focus is on Ryan Russillo and his new website and a new show with Rico Petrocelli. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald has story on the suspension of Hammerin’ Hank Goldberg from his Miami sportsradio gig.

The Red Sox-Yankees exhibition game is on UPN 38 at 1 PM. If your cable system does not carry UPN 38, you can see the game on NESN. The Celtics at Minnesota game is on FSN at 7:30 PM. FOX 25 has NASCAR from Las Vegas at 3 PM.