The Celtics closed out their first round playoff series in five games with a 96-86win at the TD Garden last night. They move on to now face LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers starting on Saturday. Get complete coverage of last night’s game over at

There’s Still Fight In Celtics’ Big Three – Jeff Jacobs has the Celtics old-timers garnering praise from Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra.

Time flies; they still have moments – Bob Ryan says that the second season has begun for the aged Celtics.

So long Miami, hello Cleveland – Paul Flannery wonders whether the Celtics are fully back.

Celtics wear down Wade – David Willis has the Celtics slowing down Dwyane Wade just enough last night.

There’s no time like the present – Gary Washburn says that if the Celtics have to play the Cavs, they may as well do so now.

Truth is, they’re not done – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics ready for their next and biggest challenge. He also catches up with Bob McAdoo, who actually has some fond memories of Boston.

To his credit, Davis will take charge – Julian Benbow’s notebook has Glen Davis accepting a halftime challenge from Doc Rivers.

Red Sox

The Red Sox got a huge game from Clay Buchholz, who gave up just one run over eight innings, and the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 2-1 at the Rogers Centre. Get all the coverage at Also get it Reloaded.

Buchholz just what the doctor ordered  – Sean McAdam has the young righty giving the Red Sox bullpen a much-needed night off.

Clay Buchholz two good – John Tomase highlights two pitches in the eighth inning as evidence of how good Buchholz was last night and how far he has come.

Plugged back in, crackling good – Peter Abraham has Dustin Pedroia red hot in the second spot in the lineup.

David Ortiz on the right track – The headline on Scott Lauber’s notebook is misleading, as Big Papi’s struggles continue.

Castro gives way to Embree in bullpen – The Globe notebook has the Red Sox welcoming back an old friend.

Embree’s back, but for how long? – McAdam’s notebook says the lefty’s stay might be a short one.


Injuries not holding blueliners back – Joe McDonald has the Bruins young defensemen stepping up with injuries to Mark Stuart and Dennis Seidenberg.

It’s no choice when it comes to B’s next playoff opponent – Joe Haggerty says that Bruins fans should be rooting hard for the Montreal Canadiens tonight, which would bring the Philadelphia Flyers to town in round two.

Mark Recchi eyes next foe – Steve Buckley notes that either way, the Bruins winger will be playing one of his old teams in the next round.

Savard is cleared to play for Bruins – Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has the Bruins center cleared to play in the next round.


Breezing through the draft – Mark Farniella has a pretty enjoyable review of the draft.

Brandon Spikes: Family matters – Karen Guregian has 49ers linebacker Takeo Spikes speaking glowingly about his younger cousin. He also has praise for Jermaine Cunningham and his ability to rush the passer.

Hernandez says he failed one test – Albert Breer addresses the Patriots draftee’s claims that reports of multiple failed drug tests were inaccurate. Tom E. Curran also weighs in.

Campanelli Stadium is home to Faulk, too – Glen Farley with a nice piece on Kevin Faulk and his deepening ties to New England. 


‘Toucher’ apologizes for Tebow ‘Nazi’ remark – Jessica Heslam has the 98.5 morning host regretting a comment he made on the air last Friday.

Sarandis out as BC hoops announcer – Mark Blaudschun reports that Jon Meterparel will replace Ted Sarandis as Boston College basketball play-by-play announcer. Bill Ebben will also be replaced. It will be anounced today.

41 thoughts on “Celtics Close Out Heat, Move On To LeBron

  1. Metergerbil just HAS to have compromising photos of numerous folks in power. There is no other rational reason why this no-talent kiss ass with the I’m-still-going-through-puberty voice and contrived “signature” calls should be a play-by-play guy anywhere. Whoever made this decision should lose THEIR job. Good lord.


  2. I agree with JR, Meter is terrible and a suck up of the highest order (at least when he’s not trying to play the contrarian role normally on demo via Felger).


  3. Farinella is right about those classless NY fans jeering when that sick teenager announced the Steelers’ pick. The NFL needs to start moving the draft around to other cities, like the other leagues do. It gets awfully tiresome to hear the troglodytic J-E-T-S fans proving to us that they can spell that one word (and probably only that one word) every time their team makes a selection; and it gets very, very annoying when they practically drown out the NFL representative’s voice whenever a Patriots’ pick is announced.

    Giants fans in the crowd are a little more restrained, but they still let the Eagles have it whenever they have something to announce (Giants fans, at least, have decent IQs; Jets fans, to borrow a phrase from Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson, couldn’t spell “cat” if you spotted them the “c” and the “a”….they CAN spell J-E-T-S, however, with lots of help from their idiot “Fireman” cheerleader in the stands every Sunday).


    1. Tony, I don’t remember it but it was reported they stopped the chant as soon as the kid got introduced and gave him a standing O. I dislike the Jets as much as anyone but this may be an instance where they deserve a pass.

      Also Farniella loses me when he mentions Hernandez’s “drug problems.” How old is Farniella, 70? And his comment about Deaderick makes no sense, in fact it’s stupid.


      1. Good point.

        I seem to remember that they did shut up when the kid started to announce the pick.

        I can do without the very loud chorus of boos every time a Pats’ pick is announced, however. Isn’t the draft supposed to be a league-wide event, not a NY one?

        Yes, and Hernandez’ “drug” problem seems a bit overblown, and he also came clean about it to all the teams that interviewed him before the draft, as far as I’ve heard.


        1. Giants fans are more intelligent than Jets fans? Um no sir. That is the same fanbase that thinks they won the super bowl in spite of Plaxico Burress and truly believe they are better off without him.


          1. Well, they’re all New York fans, so the level of intelligence is relative.

            Jets fans, in my experience, have always come off as some of the dumbest sports fans on the planet.


  4. Those Herald comments on the Toucher story are frightening. Do these people really believe that white males are some sort of oppressed minority?


    1. Do you really want to think about the intelligence of people who like Gerry Callahan and Steve Buckley and haven’t been able to figure out that Howie Carr has been writing the same article for the past 20 years do you? I mean really…


      1. Speaking of comments, I read Jessica Heslam’s article on Heidi Watney and out of 47 comments only 8 had not been removed because of Herald policy on comments. God only knows what was being said.


        1. Probably some left wing moonbat hacks who were trying ot trying to take down the Herald from the inside!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I know three young lads named Danny, Michael and David who should have gotten this job before this MEATAHPARNELL guy. If Lou, Lou, Lou were still running things over there this would not be happening.


    1. C’mon Duke, those guys already have weekly radio/TV shows and are now in charge of running the Hot Dog Safari. Isn’t that enough to satisfy you? I didn’t even mention the 27 other food festivals they’ve scheduled from now till September.


  6. Jon Meterparel has no business doing play by play for a Pop Warner football team, let alone BC football and hoops. How is that jerk off even still employed by Entercom anyway? Somewhere in Hull, a large Italian man weeps.


    1. It’s gotta be the voice, JM sounds like a pro even if he says nothing of substance (or humor).

      It’s like Don Orsillo–he’s got that deep baritone delivery, yet he’s far from Vin Scully behind mic (although he does do pilates).


      1. “sounds like a pro”? He sounds like a doofus to me. Horrible, horrible decision. I feel sorry for Teddy too, he sure seemed to love that job. Hopefully he gets another play by play position with another college team. Love hearing him on 98.5 after many years without him. I know Teddy wasn’t the most popular guy, but he was my fave on EEI and his replacement (Adams) is about as bad as you can get.


  7. So I live in W.Mass and was driving to Boston today and thought I’d give 98.5 a listen. I turn it on and proceed to hear Tony Mazz state that “Lebron James is closer to Vince Carter than to Kobe Bryant”.

    Yikes. Click goes my radio.


    1. I hope for your sake that you didn’t slide on over to ‘EEI, where the indescribably moronic Lenny Clark held court for what seemed like hours. Is there anyone besides Ordway & Company who actually thinks this loudmouth is funny?


      1. You guys are all spelling it wrong. It’s Lenny CLAAAAAAHHHHHHKKK!!!

        How come Lenny and Steve Sweeney don’t have their own EEI show? That would be must-listen radio.


  8. a couple of quick hits:

    1) I have no problem with Ted Sarandis being replaced. He is mediocre at best. The problem I have is replacing him with John( I’m in the bathroom during the most important play of the game.) Meterparel. He is terrible. Why not take a chance on a kid out college who just finished their internship somewhere? They have to be better than him.

    2) Speaking of Ted Sarandis, I listened to his show a couple of weeks ago and his topic was how the TD Bank Garden is not a true home advantage compared to the old Garden. How long has this building been open? At least 15 years right? This is still a topic? Ted does not even get why the crowds have been as loud at the new Garden as opposed to the old. Ted it is because other than a handful of occasions the Bruins and Celtics have stunk. Who is going to scream there lungs out over a team that goes 15-67 like the Celtics did in 2006 or 55 points like the Bruins did in 1997? The crowds have been great for the playoffs for both teams. Ted, find a new topic.

    3) I see WHDH sent Steve Cooper to cover the Fred Toucher story. He actually went to Toucher’s house for a comment. He received the standard “no comment” from Toucher’s wife. If they sent Ann Allred or Amanda Grace to house, I bet he sings like a bird. I know I would.


      1. Here’s a list of local female media types who, if they came to my front door, I would “confess” to everything from the Kennedy assasination to harboring Whitey Bulger in my basement for the last 15 years:

        – Channel 7: Anne Allred, Nicole Oliverio, Dylan Dryer, Christa Delcamp, Sorboni Banerjee, Linda Ergas, Victoria Warren
        – Channel 5: Bianca, JC
        – Channel 4: Paula Ebben (a MILF’s MILF), Melissa Mack, Sera Congi (VERY underated; great front porch)
        – Channel 25: Erin Hawksworth, Maria Stephanos
        – Misc.: Kelly Malone


        1. JR, wouldn’t it have been easier to list the female media members you would not confess to? 🙂


  9. Late to the party on the Heidi Watney article but that…is…just odd. A concussion? Won’t say how it happened? And every other comment on the Herald story, as was mentioned before, has been censored? Looks like she’s writing a quick ticket out of town.

    The worst part for NESN is I didn’t even know she was gone. In fact I think their entire coverage is beyond boring. Tom Caron is dull, dependable but dull; Orsillo is dull and rarely ever adds an ounce of insight into his play by play; and Remdog, “we love him,” but I think NESN’s broadcasts need an infusion of new talent there. It’s not just the team losing — I haven’t liked the combo over the last couple of years, even when they were winning.


    1. yet compared to “These guys are horrible” Heihnsohn, and “Snowball 1 Hell 0” Edwards, Don and Remmy are much more professional. Except when the Remdog tries to sell me things.


    2. But the point is they are even harder to take when they’re losing. When the Sox are winning they could almost manage to get away with putting BC’s newest hoop caller in the NESN booth.

      Back to the BC hoops announcer story for a moment. Does anyone know how the TS/JM swap went down? Was Sarandis let go by BC/ISP or did he choose to leave the gig after Skinner was let go by the athletic dept (as maybe some type of silent protest)? I can’t imagine his departure had anything to do with Ted landing his new Sunday show at 98.5.


      1. Jason I think it is really hard for a broadcaster to make a mediocre team sound interesting. There maybe just a handful who were able to do it. I think part of the reason is that teams are very sensitive of broadcast criticism. If you are too critical you will be out of a job, ask Steve Stone and Chip Carey. Speaking of Chip, how did he become so bad overnight? Chip’s grandfather Harry Carey held back no punches when criticizing the Cubs or White Sox when he called there games. I remember back in the eighties a Cubs pitcher gave up back to back to back home runs. Harry said that was an embarrassment and do you think Bob Gibson would have allowed the second homer let alone the third? Not a chance.

        Also, I don’t think there is any surprise that Ted is gone. It had been talked about for a couple of years. I believe Ted had a contract with ISP but WEEI would supply the talent, if you know what I mean. In another words once Ted’s contract with ISP was done then EEI would replace him with Meter and he would sign a contract with ISP.


    3. Doc, I’m going to disagree with you on Tom Caron and Don Orsillo. I think Caron has a pretty good sense of humor and moves the conversation pretty well. Orsillo has become one of the better play-by-play men in the game. In fact, I thought TBS was going to offer him the Sunday games. My guess is that the Red Sox may not have let him.


  10. Mandb97, I don’t dislike Caron or Orsillo. They seem to be affable guys and Caron knows his stuff. I just find Caron boring, whether it’s his voice or his presentation, I never feel that I need to stay tuned to hear what he has to say. That’s completely subjective and obviously I still prefer Caron to a lot of the obnoxious guys in this town, but he’s just kinda blah. It’s like watching Mr. Rogers (not Bob Rogers, lol) doing baseball broadcasting.

    Orsillo — here’s the thing, I don’t entirely disagree with you. But I think there’s a difference between doing local team games and broadcasting national ones. I can see him doing national games, because that’s how he broadcasts the Sox. He’s reserved, overly mannered — rarely says ANYTHING out of step or critical. That’s not what I expect from a “hometown” broadcaster. I admit I still miss Sean McDonough’s announcing, he wasn’t afraid to let loose once in a while and that obviously cost him his job. But here we are in the midst of an underperforming season so far and this is really where you miss the candid commentary of McDonough. Orsillo will never say what’s on his mind, for fear he’ll lose his job. It makes the broadcasts toothless and dull — and the team’s been boring enough.


    1. Doc, I agree with you on Orsillo but as I said above I believe the reason for this is because the teams have too much control of the broadcast. In this case, the team actually owns the network so Orsillo has to walk on eggshells. McDonough actually lost his job because NESN decided they were going to telecast all non-national games so Fox25 was out of the picture. That being said there is no way McDonough would ever be the full-time play-by-play guy at NESN because of his outspokenness.

      I will agree to disagree with you on Caron.


      1. “…there is no way McDonough would ever be the full-time play-by-play guy at NESN because of his outspokenness”

        You’re absolutely right mandb97, that is what’s so sad. This current Sox squad is screaming for the kind of critical yet rational commentary SM would’ve provided.

        The best way to sum up DO is that he’s a very vanilla broadcaster. While all Sox fans like vanilla, there are some who wouldn’t mind some brownies, cookies or nuts mixed in.

        At the very least, NESN has done a good job shortening the studio analyst bench with the Eck/Rice/Gammons troika, save for the occasional Tony Mazz drop-in like the other night.


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