Countering the report from Michael Felger yesterday, Tom Curran today says there is no deal with the Patriots and Ted Washington and in fact he and his agent are “ticked” about the report in the Herald yesterday. Today Michael Felger reports on Bobby Hamilton, set to test the free agent waters. If Washington stays, I would guess Hamilton would be gone as the Patriots try to develop Jarvis Green and Ty Warren. Alan Greenberg says the Patriots will likely be minimal players in the free agent market this spring and instead focus on making the most of the upcoming draft. Mike Reiss has updates on Washington, Hamilton and Kevin Faulk.

David Heuschkel looks at Pokey Reese, whom he says will go a long way towards shoring up the infield defense for the Sox this year. Bob Ryan talks with Kevin Millar about playing in Boston. Jeff Horrigan writes about Scott Williamson, willing to fill whatever role the Sox need him to on the pitching staff. Steven Krasner says Trot Nixon is working on his weaknesses and trying to become a more complete player each year. Bob Hohler looks at Mark Bellhorn, who he says is a virtual lock to make the roster. Steve Buckley has a pay column about Michael Lewis’ followup article to “Moneyball” published in Sports Illustrated last week. Buck says of Lewis:

Lewis should have been able to sit back and enjoy the debate, but no. Instead, Lewis has fallen to pieces. Firing back at his critics in the latest "Sports Illustrated,'' Lewis comes across as petty, whiny and vindictive.

Perhaps he does, but Buck’s indignation is made clear a bit further on when he attacks Lewis’ claim that the Boston Sports Media is negative. As Buck says, “Sportswriters are everyone’s favorite punching bags.” Poor babies. Buckley uses some quotes from the media following the promotion of Theo Epstein to GM as proof that the Boston media isn’t as mean as everyone says they are. Maybe not in that case, but there are plenty of other examples. The holier than thou stuff doesn’t fly. Gerry Callahan has a pay column about Bonds, steroids, black eye for baseball…yawn. Krasner’s notebook looks at the topic of who is going to catch Tim Wakefield this year. Horrigan’s notebook says that El Duque remains on the Sox radar. Hohler’s notebook has Johnny Damon speaking out on steroids.

Stephen Harris looks at the Bruins hoping to continue their rise tonight in Toronto. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at how much the addition of Jiri Slegr has meant to the Bruins. Harris’ notebook says that Sergei Samsonov and Patrice Bergeron could be “weeks” away from returning. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook looks at Jonathan Girard stepping on the ice.

Mark Blount transformed into Robert Parish last night, and the Celtics went on a 25-0 to open the fourth quarter and run away from the Magic. All the links are at Fox Sports Net.

Bill Griffith reports on NESN and Bob Rodger’s “parting ways”. Polite way of saying he got canned. Rodgers says he’ll be consulting an attorney over this. John Molori looks at new programming over at WWZN. Never has so much ink been devoted to a station that has done so little. To me, that is just evidence that people are yearning for an alternative to WEEI. What other explanation could there be? 1510 has made bad move after bad move, yet still gets as much, if not more ink, than WEEI. Molori also takes Dale & Neumy to task for their show yesterday. Dave Scott has a Tuesday edition of Scott’s Shots.

NESN has Bruins/Maple Leafs at 7:00. ESPN and ESPN2 both have college hoops doubleheaders. On New England Sports Tonight on FSN, Rosevelt Colvin will make a rare public appearance.