Abbreviated Saturday Links from Len

Just some quick ones today as I head to Providence for the final game of the regular season for BC and PC. The game is on Channel 5 at Noon. Both teams are heading to the NCAA tournament and are playing for seedings. Michael Vega has the preview.

Marcus Banks stepped up and that must have made Danny Ainge smile as the Celtics beat Washington. Peter May has a column about what we hope is a breakout game for Banks.

Michael Holley discusses the problems that will face the Patriots as their players just cannot get a big payday in Foxboro. He leaves the impression that the Patriots just don’t pony up the cash to their players. Last I looked, the Patriots have spent to salary cap limit since Robert Kraft has owned the team. They just seem to spread the wealth. It’s worked pretty well. The anti-Patriots are the Washington Redskins. Can a team win it all when it will be forced to pay much of the team the minimum? We have had some parades here that prove that a team can win that more evenly distributes its payroll.

The Bruins take on Atlanta at the Fleet. NESN has the game at 7 PM.