Not much happening today, unless you count the steroid story. I don’t, but then again, I guess I should. At least that the’s lecture I’m getting on WEEI and FSNE yesterday and last night, namely that I should be caring about this all. (Not me specifically, but me as a sports fan.) I think I still have my Patriots hangover. Nothing else seems to be a big deal right now. They’re probably right, if a Red Sox player was being accused in this, it would be a much bigger story here. The Herald has a large section on the steroid issue online today, Five of the articles are reprints of Howard Bryant’s series from last summer, which called the last few years a tainted era. I’m not going to have time to link to the indivudual articles, but there is a number of them in there. For the Globe, Gordon Edes, Dan Shaughnessy and Bob Ryan all have pieces on the subject. Sean McAdam says the Red Sox claim that steroids are not an issue on their team. On the other hand, Don Amore says the Yankees are trying to pretend that it’s not an issue with theirs. David Heuschkel says that some Red Sox players have played with others who have used steroids.

For actual Red Sox news, Bob Hohler has a look at Charlie Zink, who hopes to become the next Tim Wakefield. Jeff Horrigan has details of Pedro first spring training start, which should come next week sometime. Gordon Edes says the Sox will meet up with ARod on the field Sunday. Sean McAdam looks at whether the Sox will carry 11 or 12 pitchers going into the season. Hohler’s notebook has Curt Schilling sending a message with a pitch high and tight to Kevin Millar. Speaking of Schilling, Paul Hagen has him strutting around camp in a 1919 Red Sox Babe Ruth throwback jersey.

Michael Smith looks at Ted Washington and other Patriots heading out into free agency. Michael Felger also looks at the Patriots not being able to close a deal with their eligible players, and where those players might end up. Felger sticks by his claim that Washington and the Patriots were close to a deal a couple days ago. Tom Curran and Mike Reiss also have brief updates on the free agents. Eric McHugh takes a look at how other teams might copy the Patriots model and what could happen in free agency. Glen Farley says the business side of football starts today. Rosevelt Colvin made an appearance on FSNE last night, for many of you, it might’ve been your first chance to hear from him in an extended interview. If you missed it, a KFFL poster compiled a transcript.

Bruins fell to the Leafs last night 3-2, Steve Conroy and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell have the game coverage. Both the Globe and the Herald notebooks deal with Nick Boynton, upset at being “suckered” by Drake Berehowsky.

Celtics links are available over at Fox Sports Net.

ESPN has Georgia Tech/Duke at 7:00 and Lakers/Rockets at 9:00. ESPN2 has Texas Tech/Missouri at 7:30 and Canucks/Avalanche at 9:30.