Today is a good day.

Today is a good day. My Super Bowl DVD should be arriving from this morning.

David Scott has his Scott’s Shots Spring Training Caravan day two from Florida.

Jeff Horrigan says Tim Wakefield is forgiven for the game seven loss to the Yankees. Wakefield took the loss very hard, holding himself responsible. Michael Holley has an article on Terry Francona, who will be on the hot seat this season to produce perhaps 20 more wins this season than he has ever won as a manager before.

Pick 5
Suspicious? Nah.

Steven Krasner takes a look at David Ortiz arriving in camp, hoping to play more at first base this season. Steve Buckley looks at Ortiz loving every minute of being in Boston. David Heuschkel says Jason Varitek wants to stay in Boston, but isn’t going to make it easy for the team to sign him. Do yourself a favor. Don’t read Jim Donaldson this morning. Not that you were likely to anyway, but the Shaughnessy-wannabe hits all time lows in his bashing of John Henry and recounting of all the bad things that have happened to the Sox. Jackie MacMullan looks at Barry Bonds and thesteroidd issue. Howard Bryant looks at the new, skinny Jason Giambi. Bob Hohler says Alan Embree wants a new, longer contract. Not because he’s unhappy, but because he’s happy and wants to stay in Boston. Buckley also has a look at Pokey Reese, happy to be in Boston and wearing #3. Since this is a Buckley article that involves uniform numbers, Ellis Burks getting Tony Conigliaro’s number 25 is of course mentioned as well. Heuschkel’s notebook also has a look at Reese. Krasner’s notebook has Embree blending into the bullpen now that Keith Foulke is aboard. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the progress of Tony Womack coming back quick than expected from elbow surgery. Hohler’s notebook leads with more of Ortiz being content in Boston.

The positional players aren’t even due to report until today, and already I’m sick of media members trying to stir up controversy and negativity just for the sake of stirring the pot. Yesterday we had the David Pevear article, today it’s Jim Donaldson, and according to the Boston Radio Watch website, Boston Magazine will have in the March issue “an article titled “The Worst Damn Sports Town in America” which will take a look at the unhappy Boston sports fans and mentions WEEI’s approach(eg, The Whiner Line) of dealing with the fellowship of the miserable…” One of the quotes from the article is as follows:

"Why do you think people have wanted to talk about the Red Sox over the last month, rather than the Patriots?" piped in co-host Larry Johnson. "Because it's a catharsis. People want negativity, we can't control that." "But you do gratify it," I suggested. "We exploit it, is what we do," Ordway responded with a big grin.

That’s the attitude the real Boston fans have to suffer with from their media outlets in this town. Last night on Fox25, Butch Stearns wondered if today, Manny, Nomar and Pedro would “finally” report. As if they’ve been holding out. As mentioned, positional players aren’t even due to report until today, and Pedro’s absence is cleared by the team. It’s insufferable.

John Powers, Steve Conroy and Joe McDonald recap a rough homecoming for the Bruins who were shut out at the Fleet by the Panthers, 2-0. Ron Indrisano and Rich Thompson look at Panther goalie Roberto Luongo and his success against the Bruins this year. Karen Guregian says that it is time that the Bruins make a trade. Indrisano also looks at the play of Jiri Slegr. Conroy’s notebook looks at a shoulder injury for Nick Boynton. McDonald’s notebook looks at a rough season for Andy Hilbert. Power’s notebook looks at the Bruins getting 12 of their last 19 games at home.

Michael Felger looks at some Patriots DVD cast members who may not be returning. Damien Woody chief among them. Tom Curran also looks at Woody, who will be testing the free agent waters. Once he does, be prepared for the sour Nick Cafardo to return. Woody is one of his guys. Alan Greenberg also has a look at the Patriots, from screening the new DVD to tough offseason decisions they have to make.

Danny Ainge is under fire and the Vin Baker saga carries on. Groundhog day for the Celtics continues over at Fox Sports Net.

Bill Griffith looks at ESPN’s “Dream Job” program, the Patriots DVD and spring training reports from the local outlets.

NESN has Bruins/Islanders at 7:00. ESPN has Michigan State/Michigan at 7:00 and Alabama/Auburn at 9:00. ESPN2 has UConn/St. John’s at 7:00.


David Pevear of the Lowell

David Pevear of the Lowell Sun twists the knife a little more for Red Sox fans. A couple excerpts from his article today:

Four months after Aaron Boone zapped them good, Red Sox fans are back and eager for more negative reinforcement.

Such faith is admirable in a pathetic sort of way, though Red Sox fans should pace themselves. The Grapefruit League hasn't even opened and already they are in danger of fading from their exhausting enthusiasm before their team ever makes it back to another eighth inning of Game 7 at Yankee Stadium.

He then dismisses the talent evaluation and skills of Theo Epstein as follows:

But do Red Sox fans really want to trust their organization's talent and brains to end the Curse?

I didn't think so.

As Theo Epstein is prone to say to John Henry, "Pass me the checkbook."

If his aim was to get noticed by insulting the intelligence of Red Sox fans and trying to be a dommsayer in the Shaughnessy mode, I’d say he hit his mark. Haven’t seen this type of stuff from Pevear before, so I’m curious about what’s bringing it out now…a cry for attention? If so, I fell for it by giving it notice in this space.

Sunday Links from Len The

Sunday Links from Len

The Bruins ended their seven game road trip with a 3-3 tie at Carolina. They were outplayed but got great goaltending from Andrew Raycroft with 34 saves. Jim McCabe has the game story. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says that great goaltending wins in the playoffs and has remarks from Harry Sinden who believes that Raycroft has been the team’s MVP this year. McCabe also reports that Sergei Samsonov is still hurting.

The Celtics were blown out in Portland. Shira Springer has the grim details and reports on a frustrated Paul Pierce. Peter May has fallout on the Celtics latest trade and conjecture on what is next for Vin Baker.

Jeff Horrigan and Bob Hohler have the story on Derek Lowe who believes this is the last go around for the current version of the Red Sox. Lowe believes he could be the last priority of the team come contract time. However, a caller to the Jon Wallach show on WEEI yesterday pointed out it could be Nomar who is on the outside looking in next year because two other outstanding shortstops will be free agents next year. Orlando Cabrera and Edgar Renteria are both better defensive shortstops and both are very productive at the plate. More importantly, both will not command Nomar money.

Gordon Edes has the fallout from John Henry’s statements regarding a salary cap as well as a look at the controversial Questec system which is despised by Curt Schilling. Bob Hohler reports on Terry’s first day on the field as Red Sox manager. Tony Massarotti has more on A-Rod, Brian Cashman, and Nomar in his Sunday On Baseball column. Chuck Culpepper of Newsday says “Cowboy Up” is over in Boston and pokes fun at the long suffering Red Sox and their fans.

Michael Smith says goodbye to Damien Woody and discusses how the salary cap will change the face of the 2004 Patriots. In Smith’s Notes, he looks at the possibility of the Patriots moving up to draft a big receiver. Kevin Mannix complains about the lack of information coming out of the NFL combine in Indy. He does provide a 1st Round Mock Draft which has the Patriots trading both picks to move up to the 10 spot to select Steven Jackson. In his Combine Notes, Mannix has a more in depth look at Steven Jackson. Mannix also has a look at Joe Gibbs first days back in DC and the Bills feeling positive about Drew Bledsoe despite other coaches beliefs that Bledsoe is washed up.

Bill Griffith discusses how A-Rod could pay dividends to the Yankees through increased advertising rates on the Yankee owned YES Network. In other notes, Griffith explains the best place to be to watch all 16 NCAA first round games on March 18 is the Showcase Cinemas.

NESN has Rutgers at BC at Noon. Michael Vega has a preview. PC beat Miami 70-57 in Providence. Kevin McNamara says the Friars have their eyes on the Big East title and provides the game story.

FSN has the Celtics at Seattle tonight at 9 pm.

Saturday Links from Len It’s

Saturday Links from Len

It’s safe to get on the Bruins bandwagon. Is Patrice Bergeron the best kept secret in Boston? Yesterday on WEEI a caller took Dale Arnold to task for having the nerve to talk about hockey. Dale was far too nice to that loudmouth. John Powers has the story on the hot B’s and their sudden propensity to go for the jugular especially on the road. Stephen Harris discusses potential deals the Bruins might make to gear up for the stretch run. The Bruins are on the road tonight at Carolina. The game is on NESN at 7.

Dan Shaughnessy has a nice column today on Curt Schilling who has a great appreciation of Red Sox fans and the Red Sox experience. Bob Hohler and Jeff Horrigan have looks at the returning Brian Daubach.

Kevin Mannix is at the combine in Indy and has a look at the Pats possibly dealing up to get Steven Jackson or Kevin Jones or even staying put and drafting Greg Jones or Chris Perry.

Michael Vega has his Saturday racing notes with a look at an IMAX production called NASCAR 3D which will open at IMAX theatres on March 16. Vega believes NASCAR will translate well to the big screen and give people more of an appreciation of the sport.

March Madness is right around the corner. BC had a big win early this week at Seton Hall. That just may have punched their ticket to the big dance. The Eagles host Rutgers tomorrow. NESN has Miami visiting PC in Providence at 2. FSN has the Celtics at Portland at 10.

Gordon Edes tells us that

Gordon Edes tells us that ARod or not, the Sox should still be favored to win the AL East. Theo held court in Fort Myers yesterday, and included in his remarks was the comment that the Sox likely will not be able to sign all their key free agents before next season. Jeff Horrigan and David Heuschkel look at this, and how that means the Sox are going to try to go for it all this year, while they have all the key guys here. Steven Krasner looks at Theo’s evaluation of his ballclub going into Spring Training. Bob Hohler says Theo is ok with losing out on ARod, and will not suffer psychological damage later on in his life as a result of recent events. Just in case you were concerned. Dan Shaughnessy looks at Theo heading into his second year as GM, what he’s learned from a year on the job, and what his outlook for the season is, with what was accomplished in the offseason. (What’s with that line about Theo going “Duke” on us? He didn’t mean DUKA, did he? Naaah….) Bob Stern looks at a pumped and jacked Terry Francona. Horrigan has a brief sidebar that says that ARod was not an option to play third for the Sox. The notebooks deal with Pedro’s delayed arrival to camp, Hohler’s notebook tells us of the “very legitimate serious family issue” that is holding him back. Horrigan’s notebook says Pedro may not be there until Monday. After talking about Pedro, Krasner’s notebook looks at how Nomar will react this season.

The Bruins continue to fly high on the road, knocking off the Flyers in Philly, 4-3. John Powers, Dan Hickling and Stephen Harris have the details. The Bruins moved to within a point of the best record in the Eastern Conference with the win. Harris’ notebook looks at Felix Potvin adjusting to life as a backup. Hickling’s notebook looks at a new addition to the family for Sergei Samsonov. Powers’ notebook has a look at the Flyers getting Alexei Zhamnov in a deal with Chicago.

Maurice Clarett isn’t making much of an impression in Indy, choosing not to work out for teams. Michael Smith and Kevin Mannix report on the happenings from the combine. Smith’s story is replete with quotes from the omnipresent Tom Donahoe.

Celtics lose on a last second shot to the Clippers, and make a deal. Links are over at Fox Sports Net.

Bill Griffith looks at ESPN’s “Dream Job” program. Dave Scott has his Friday edition of Scott’s Shots. BSMW is going to spring training. No, I’m still stuck here in the cold, but Dave Scott will be filing daily reports from various team sites in Florida over the course of next week.

Things are a little testy

Things are a little testy in the owners boxes as John Henry and George Steinbrenner trade jabs. Stuff that reporters dreams are made of. Bob Hohler and Art Martone report on the preseason battle between the owners. David Heuschkel and Jeff Horrigan also cover the topic. Dan Shaughnessy is embarrassed by Henry’s comments. Jeff Jacobs says John Henry threw a wild pitch on this one. Bob Ryan says Red Sox/Yankees is a rivalry like none other. Howard Bryant asserts that George is in the right in this matter. Curt Schilling wants in on this Red Sox/Yankees talk, and is eager to get caught up in the rivalry between the clubs, he likes the Red Sox chances in this battle. John Tomase compares the starting rotations of the Red Sox and Yankees and declares that arms race too close to call. Tony Massarotti looks at the pressure facing Terry Francona as he gets ready to run his first camp as Red Sox manager. Buddy Thomas, voice of reason? Say it ain’t so. Shaughnessy’s notebook looks at Scott Williamson, who wanted the ball in game seven, and is ready for an increased role in his first full season with the Sox. Horrigan’s notebook has Schilling talking about Nomar.

Larry Lucchino and Theo Epstein were on Dennis and Callahan this morning, I missed the interview, but am told that it will be on the Instant Replay tonight after The Big Show. There will also be a transcript on DirtDogs.

Michael Felger writes about the Patriots’ visit to the combine this week, and what they might be looking for. Kevin Mannix says one of those players will not be Maurice Clarett.

With a win tonight in Philly, the Bruins could take over first place in the Northeast Division. John Powers reports on the team’s recent success on the road. Stephen Harris writes about the Bruins hoping to continue that hot streak tonight against the Flyers. Jon Japha reports on the Bruins sending Framingham’s Carl Corazzini down to Providence. Harris’ notebook looks at Andy Hilbert beginning to get a feel for NHL life.

The NBA trading deadline is this afternoon, and the Danny Ainge is looking to make another deal. Celtics links are at Fox Sports Net.

ESPN has Bruins/Flyers at 8:00. FSN has Celtics/Clippers at 10:30. TNT has Kings/Timberwolves at 7:30 and Sixers/Sonics at 10:00.

Probably no links this morning,

Probably no links this morning, as a big project comes due. I’ll leave you with one link from today. Bob Ryan covers the pomp and circumstance of the ARod press conference in New York. Towards the end of the column we get a couple voices of reason, one is Joe Torre, and the other is Ryan himself:

Alex Rodriguez is great, but this would have been a lot bigger on-the-field story if he were Josh Beckett, Mark Prior, or even a lefthander who could win 12 games. When you're talking about the Red Sox and the Yankees, it's always necessary to separate the melodrama from the actual baseball.

Leave it to Ryan to put things in proper perspective.

Alright, one more, John Molori gets reaction from many local media types about ARod to the Yankees. Some people come across well, others not so well.

The ARod panic continues, yet

The ARod panic continues, yet I remain serenely calm. Letters have been pouring into BSMW, many panicked because the Yankees obtained the “greatest player since Ruth”. Sharon from California and others, stay calm. This Red Sox team is GOOD. You didn’t think it was going to be easy did you? Don’t buy into the media junk that is being forced down your throat on this one. They would have you believe that once again fate has stepped into the void and doomed the Red Sox and their fans. Don’t believe the hype, people.

Tony Massarotti wonders what really happened behind the scenes. Don Amore looks at how ARod came to the Yankees. Now that ARod is a Yankee, the next question is what happens with Nomar. Gordon Edes notes that Nomar now has the upper hand in negotiations for a new deal and that talks are ongoing. Massarotti though, says that the sides are nowhere close to a reconciliation. George Kimball wonders if ARod would’ve agreed to play third here. Jon Couture says that the Red Sox aren’t the real losers in this deal. Jim Donaldson says the Red Sox have to win it all this year or they might as well fold the franchise. Danny is just being Danny. Jeff Horrigan talks to a few Red Sox pitchers who believe they still have the edge over the Yankees. Edes has a look at the National League.

Bill Griffith looks at the media coverage of the ARod deal and has notes from the weekend.

Michael Holley reports from Indianapolis, where the NFL combine begins tomorrow. The Super Bowl Championship is already in the rear view mirror for the Pats. Maybe I would miserably fail the Wonderlic test, but does that answer to the question he posted in there look a little off to anyone else? Edit – The Globe has updated the question to read 3.5 seconds, which makes the answer given correct. Originally it said only 3 seconds. Michael Felger has Kevin Faulk expressing a desire to stay in New England.

The Inside Track gives us some tales from the Naked City…all with sports themes, some of them media-related. (Hello, Bill Burt!)

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at a nicked up Sergei Samsonov. Steve Conroy says that the Bruins and Maple Leafs will be getting to know each other quite well down the stretch of the NHL season. Mick Colageo wonders if the NHL could return to Hartford.

Celtics links are over at FSN.

Ron Borges looks at a couple Olympic Boxing hopefuls training in a Rhode Island gym.

FSN has Celtics/Kings at 10:00. NESN has Bruins/Leafs at 7:30.

Afternoon update, we’ve got a

Afternoon update, we’ve got a Monday edition of Scott’s Shots.

I also want to push the debut of the BSMW Draft Central site. You can search for players by position, by name, best player, and even best match for the Patriots. There will also be a “Pats Rumors” page that will chronicle what players the Pats might be looking at.

I’m not going crazy over A-Rod. I’m comfortable with the Sox lineup and pitching the way it is. The Yankees got better with the move, but not by as much as many people think. Or fear.

Rich Hoffman in Philadephia files a “Red Sox are cursed” column that is little more than a cute & paste of SOSH. Way to put the work in, Rich. What a piece of mindless drivel….