Monday Links from Len Gordon

Monday Links from Len

Gordon Edes explains the differences between the Red Sox and Yankees offer to Texas for Rodriguez. It came down to money. The bottom line was an extra $26 million in savings to Hicks for doing the NY deal. Reading between the lines, the Rangers also placed little to no value on Manny Ramirez. It is obvious that the Red Sox are the very reluctant owners of Ramirez. They couldn’t get rid of him for nothing (waivers) or even by taking on the biggest contract in the game. Michael Vega got reaction from Derek Lowe and Tim Wakefield who were in Daytona Beach for the Daytona 500. Michael Holley reminds us that the Red Sox have a pretty good team too. Bob Klapisch says the Yankees may not be done as The Boss now has his checkbook pointed in the direction of Greg Maddux.

Steve Bulpett reports that the Knicks might be interested in acquiring Vin Baker if he clears waivers on Wednesday.

Michael Vega has the story on an emotional first Daytona 500 win for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and the Earnhardt family. It was a great day for NASCAR. It was also a great day for golf yesterday too as Doug Ferguson tells about John Daly’s “greatest victory” in the Buick Invitational, his first win in nine years.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell discusses the frustration of the Bruins and their lackluster performance on special teams as they get ready for a game in Toronto tomorrow night.

NESN has the BC at Seton Hall game tonight at 7:30 pm. According to CBS Sportsline, BC still has a solid RPI of 26. But they have to start getting some quality wins to close on a ticket to March Madness.


Sunday Links from Len As

Sunday Links from Len

As it turns out, A-Rod is the Boss’s valentine. Dan Shaughnessy says it’s the Damn Yankees who are eating the Red Sox lunch once again. Gordon Edes has the gory details of the pending deal that will send A-Rod to New York for Alphonso Soriano and explains that the Yankees have no limits. Their payroll will be over $200 million. The Sox limit is $125 million. Bob Ryan looks at the Yankees imposing lineup and how they match up with the Sox. Nick Cafardo believes that this is just one more example of the Evil Empire driving stake after stake into Red Sox Nation. Michael Silverman provides Larry Lucchino’s take on the A-Rod deal. The Sox boss believes that this really says something about the system in baseball and will the test the adage about good pitching versus good hitting.

Michael Smith has NFL Notes for the Globe today and a look at homophobicbic ridiculing by Ted Washington of the 49ers trainer during Washington’s days in San Francisco. Smith also wants the Pats to draft Greg Jones of FSU. Kevin Mannix has a look at the Pats search for a running back. He also reports that Buffalo’s new quarterback coach, Sam Wyche, believes that Bledsoe hasn’t lost it.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has a look at a frustrating Bruins overtime loss to Chicago. The Bruins believe a key penalty was called after a Chicago player took a dive.

Shira Springer reports that David Stern backs the Celtics position on the waiving of Vin Baker.

Kevin McNamara has the game story on PC’s 71-62 win over BC at Conte Forum. BC played a scrappy game and cut a big PC lead down to 3. But the Friars depth and defense were just too much for the Eagles.

Bill Griffith has a look at the first Daytona 500 to be broadcast in HD and how auto racing is one big commercial.

This could be among the worst sports tv Sundays of the year from a local perspective. No local pro or college teams have any scheduled games today.

Saturday Links from Len Bob

Saturday Links from Len

Bob Ryan asks for a mulligan today. No, it doesn’t related to the Kidd family. Bob feels like a fool for not including the Boston Celtics in his recent column on dynasties. Shira Springer reports that NBPA (NBA Union) is going to go all out to help Vin Baker collect all of his $35 million from the Celtics. It makes you wonder why they ever agreed to adjust the contract in the first place.

There’s a big local college basketball game as PC visits BC at Conte Forum. The game is on Ch. 56 at 2 PM. Mark Blaudschun has a feature on PC star Ryan Gomes, a Connecticut kid, who wanted to go to UConn. Jim Calhoun didn’t want him. Kevin McNamara has a column on the matchup between Gomes and BC’s Craig Smith.

George King says A-Rod could be a Yankee and that NY and Texas have talked about a deal that would also include Soriano.

NECN had a story last night that Winthrop is cutting out all of its sports teams in 2004 as the result of a bleak financial situation. Winthrop may be the first major municipality in the state to do this. But it may not be the last.

The Bruins are on national (or regional) tv today with a game on Ch. 5 at 3 PM.

It would appear that without

It would appear that without a doubt Vin Baker’s days with the Celtics have come to a close. The team could take the step of waiving him as early as 10:00 this morning. Details and links are posted at Fox Sports Net.

Jackie MacMullan has a feature on new Red Sox manager Terry Francona, with some disturbing details about Francona’s past health issues. He interviewed for the Seattle Mariners managerial opening in 2002 while having a pulmonary embolism on each side of his lungs. His health is better now, and the article moves onto what kind of manager Francona is going to be for the Red Sox. Howard Bryant has a premium column on the investigation of BALCO, and how that could make things really ugly for Major League Baseball. Nick Cafardo has more on that topic. Gordon Edes catches up with Derek Lowe. Last year, Lowe was still scarred from the effects of his skin cancer, this spring, he’s looking for a new deal. Alex Speier looks at the ongoing issue of race with the Red Sox.

Tom Curran says the Patriots could be interested in Charlie Garner. Hector Longo also reports on the Patriots offseason search for a backfield gem. Kevin Mannix reports on the Patriots new Quarterback’s Coach, Josh McDaniels, who has spent the last three years working on the Patriots defensive coaching staff. Nick Cafardo also has a look at the promotion of McDaniels. Jim Donaldson says the Steelers scored by adding former UMASS football coach Mark Whipple to their coaching staff.

The Bruins’ winning streak came to an end in Ottawa last night with a 3-2 OT loss to the Senators. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Steve Conroy report on the game. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at a report that the NHL lost $273 Million last year. Both the Globe and Herald notebooks look at Andy Hilbert.

Dave Scott is back with a weekend edition of Scott’s Shots.

It’s Friday the 13th and Butch Stearns is returning to WEEI. The Fox25 Sports Anchor will host “The Big Show” this afternoon. I believe this was one of the signs of the Apocalypse…

This week and next would’ve

This week and next would’ve been the right week for me to take a vacation, if I had the resources to do so. As it is, there is likely to be reduced links here at BSMW during that time, simply because there isn’t much going on. Our biggest in-town sports station is committed to spending every moment between 6-10 in the morning talking about same-sex marriage. Can’t they at least talk about Pete Sheppard’s holdout or something?

Today could be D-Day for Vin Baker and the Celtics. Details are at Fox Sports Net. Interestingly, the Pittsburgh papers had more Celtics articles (5) than the Boston papers today.

Ron Borges shows his writing talents in a piece today on Howard Bingham, the best friend of Muhammad Ali. Borges gets a lot of flak here for his football writing and obvious attempts to be controversial and stir the pot, but as has been said here before, his true love is boxing, and it shows in his writing of that sport. He’s a talented guy, no question. Too bad his agenda skews his coverage of the Patriots so much.

Steve Conroy says that tonight’s Bruins-Senators game could be a playoff preview. The Globe’s Bruins notebook looks at another lineup shuffle due to the health of players. James Murphy talked to Brian Rolston about the impending labor war.

Steve Buckley has a pay column about he Red Sox this morning in which he asserts that Red Sox ownership and management is driven…fanatical about winning a World Series. He says their openness about things might not be the best way to run a franchise. (Maybe Buck preferred the KBG-style of the Harrington/Duquette reign?) He says they’ve gotten themselves in some trouble during this offseason with Nomar, Manny and others.

The Red Sox could have avoided some of these problems if, somehow, some way, they had been clandestine with their offseason maneuvering. But when you are obsessed with winning, when you take a damn-the-torpedoes approach to winning, then it's likely you'll anger some people along the way. And anger leads to headlines, which leads to days of discourse on the radio, which leads to where we are this moment: It's a week before the beginning of spring training, and the Red Sox must win the World Series this season or else.

Real article, or space filler? You decide.

Things are so slow, Dan Shaughnessy (Why does it crack me up every time I run my spellchecker and it wants to change “Shaughnessy” to “Shagginess”?) does his annual piece on a female high school basketball player. As reader LJ points out, at least he didn’t call her a “spoiled little rich diva.”

Things better pick up soon, or I’ll be forced to put up some Daytona 500 links…

NESN has Bruins/Senators at 7:00, followed by the Globe SportsPlus. FSN has Celtics/Bulls at 8:30. ESPN has Flyers/Rangers at 7:30. ESPN2 has a college hoops tripleheader starting at 7:00.

The next couple weeks are

The next couple weeks are the catch-your-breath period in Boston Sports, as the Red Sox will soon be at spring training, and the cycle will begin all over again. Only five months until the Patriots start training camp again… Michael Felger looks at the Patriots next order of business, which is getting a new deal in place for Ted Washington. Michael Parente looks at some of the other tough decisions the Patriots are going to have to make during the offseason. Michael Smith reports on Pats outside linebackers coach Rob Ryan leaving the team to take the job of Defensive Coordinator for the Oakland Raiders. Yesterday, Lenny Megliola tried to read the tea leaves and envision a scenario in which Doug Flutie could return to the Patriots and be Tom Brady’s backup.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Steve Conroy chronicle the Bruins 6th win in a row, a 6-3 victory over the lowly Penguins. Dan Hickling reports that three power play goals got the Bruins second half of the season off to a good start. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook looks at some possible rule changes being pondered, many of which would effect the goaltenders and are being proposed with increased scoring in mind. Hickling’s notebook looks at some shuffling that Mike Sullivan had to do last night with Glen Murray being out.

Celtics links, including a nice feature by Stan Grossfeld on Red Auerbach, can be found at Fox Sports Net.

Michael Holley looks at the long fall of the UMASS basketball program.

Kevin Gray has a look at what the new ballpark in Manchester is going to look like, with the team hoping to move in for the 2005 season.

ESPN has Virginia/Duke at 7:00 followed by Lakers/Rockets at 9:00. ESPN2 has Sharks/Red Wings at 7:30.

No real links today, due

No real links today, due to a comedy of errors this morning. Can I take a mulligan on this morning?

A couple quick items of possible interest. John Molori writes about SI’s Steve Rushin, whom he feels is guilty of some poor snap judgments.

Bill Griffith looks at back surgery for the Rem Dog.

Over in the Guest Columns, we have the debut of a possible new media column for the site “Scott’s Shots” done by former SPORT magazine editor Dave Scott.

Celtics links are available over at Fox Sports Net.

Michael Smith and Michael Felger look at the Patriots and Antowain Smith parting on good terms. Felger also takes a look at possible backs for the future for the Pats.

A sleepy time in the

A sleepy time in the world of Boston Sports Media.

The Patriots made their first tough decision of the offseason last night, choosing not to pick up the option for 2004 on Antowain Smith. The running back now becomes a free agent and can sign with anyone, including the Patriots. Michael Smith, Kevin Mannix and Tom Curran all file pretty much the same stuff. Mike Reiss looks at where the Patriots might go from here at the running back position. Michael Parente says that the Patriots showed with this decision that they are not going to be bogged down by nostalgia this offseason. As if there were any doubt. Out in Cleveland, they’re slowly coming around to the idea that this Belichick guy just might know how to coach after all. This article by Bud Smith emphasizes the “class” of Belichick, how he has not struck back against any of the writers who were so brutal to him while he coached the Browns.

The NHL had its All Star Game yesterday, and Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the Bruins representatives not collecting a point among themselves. Steve Conroy has a short bit on the East’s 6-4 win over the West. Dupont also writes about Ray Bourque’s itch to bet back involved in the NHL. Conroy’s notebook looks at fan favorite Mark Messier.

I haven’t seen it mentioned officially anywhere, but Ron Borges recently bragged to a reader that he has been named Massachusetts Sports Writer of the year for 2003. He said this is his second in a row and third in five years. That was his answer after the reader brought up to Borges the comment he made after the Lawyer Milloy release where Borges inferred that Bill Belichick doesn’t have “the slightest clue how human beings operate”. (Globe, 9/08/03) Good answer, Ron, and by the way, Congratulations.

Celtics links are available over at Fox Sports Net, and surprisingly, there are a number of them this morning.

Dan Shaughnessy has a good article about University of Vermont hoop star Taylor Coppenrath, who is third in the country in scoring. Hmmm, 6-9 forward with a great shot from a tiny (population 1400) town?

Sorry, no Beanpot articles. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

TNT has Celtics/Cavs at 7:00 and Spurs/Rockets at 9:30. ESPN has college hoops at 7:00 (UConn/Notre Dame) and 9:00 (Kansas/Oklahoma State). ESPN2 has the NFL Films recap of Super Bowl 38 at 7:00.