The ARod panic continues, yet I remain serenely calm. Letters have been pouring into BSMW, many panicked because the Yankees obtained the “greatest player since Ruth”. Sharon from California and others, stay calm. This Red Sox team is GOOD. You didn’t think it was going to be easy did you? Don’t buy into the media junk that is being forced down your throat on this one. They would have you believe that once again fate has stepped into the void and doomed the Red Sox and their fans. Don’t believe the hype, people.

Tony Massarotti wonders what really happened behind the scenes. Don Amore looks at how ARod came to the Yankees. Now that ARod is a Yankee, the next question is what happens with Nomar. Gordon Edes notes that Nomar now has the upper hand in negotiations for a new deal and that talks are ongoing. Massarotti though, says that the sides are nowhere close to a reconciliation. George Kimball wonders if ARod would’ve agreed to play third here. Jon Couture says that the Red Sox aren’t the real losers in this deal. Jim Donaldson says the Red Sox have to win it all this year or they might as well fold the franchise. Danny is just being Danny. Jeff Horrigan talks to a few Red Sox pitchers who believe they still have the edge over the Yankees. Edes has a look at the National League.

Bill Griffith looks at the media coverage of the ARod deal and has notes from the weekend.

Michael Holley reports from Indianapolis, where the NFL combine begins tomorrow. The Super Bowl Championship is already in the rear view mirror for the Pats. Maybe I would miserably fail the Wonderlic test, but does that answer to the question he posted in there look a little off to anyone else? Edit – The Globe has updated the question to read 3.5 seconds, which makes the answer given correct. Originally it said only 3 seconds. Michael Felger has Kevin Faulk expressing a desire to stay in New England.

The Inside Track gives us some tales from the Naked City…all with sports themes, some of them media-related. (Hello, Bill Burt!)

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at a nicked up Sergei Samsonov. Steve Conroy says that the Bruins and Maple Leafs will be getting to know each other quite well down the stretch of the NHL season. Mick Colageo wonders if the NHL could return to Hartford.

Celtics links are over at FSN.

Ron Borges looks at a couple Olympic Boxing hopefuls training in a Rhode Island gym.

FSN has Celtics/Kings at 10:00. NESN has Bruins/Leafs at 7:30.