Today is a good day. My Super Bowl DVD should be arriving from this morning.

David Scott has his Scott’s Shots Spring Training Caravan day two from Florida.

Jeff Horrigan says Tim Wakefield is forgiven for the game seven loss to the Yankees. Wakefield took the loss very hard, holding himself responsible. Michael Holley has an article on Terry Francona, who will be on the hot seat this season to produce perhaps 20 more wins this season than he has ever won as a manager before.

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Suspicious? Nah.

Steven Krasner takes a look at David Ortiz arriving in camp, hoping to play more at first base this season. Steve Buckley looks at Ortiz loving every minute of being in Boston. David Heuschkel says Jason Varitek wants to stay in Boston, but isn’t going to make it easy for the team to sign him. Do yourself a favor. Don’t read Jim Donaldson this morning. Not that you were likely to anyway, but the Shaughnessy-wannabe hits all time lows in his bashing of John Henry and recounting of all the bad things that have happened to the Sox. Jackie MacMullan looks at Barry Bonds and thesteroidd issue. Howard Bryant looks at the new, skinny Jason Giambi. Bob Hohler says Alan Embree wants a new, longer contract. Not because he’s unhappy, but because he’s happy and wants to stay in Boston. Buckley also has a look at Pokey Reese, happy to be in Boston and wearing #3. Since this is a Buckley article that involves uniform numbers, Ellis Burks getting Tony Conigliaro’s number 25 is of course mentioned as well. Heuschkel’s notebook also has a look at Reese. Krasner’s notebook has Embree blending into the bullpen now that Keith Foulke is aboard. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the progress of Tony Womack coming back quick than expected from elbow surgery. Hohler’s notebook leads with more of Ortiz being content in Boston.

The positional players aren’t even due to report until today, and already I’m sick of media members trying to stir up controversy and negativity just for the sake of stirring the pot. Yesterday we had the David Pevear article, today it’s Jim Donaldson, and according to the Boston Radio Watch website, Boston Magazine will have in the March issue “an article titled “The Worst Damn Sports Town in America” which will take a look at the unhappy Boston sports fans and mentions WEEI’s approach(eg, The Whiner Line) of dealing with the fellowship of the miserable…” One of the quotes from the article is as follows:

"Why do you think people have wanted to talk about the Red Sox over the last month, rather than the Patriots?" piped in co-host Larry Johnson. "Because it's a catharsis. People want negativity, we can't control that." "But you do gratify it," I suggested. "We exploit it, is what we do," Ordway responded with a big grin.

That’s the attitude the real Boston fans have to suffer with from their media outlets in this town. Last night on Fox25, Butch Stearns wondered if today, Manny, Nomar and Pedro would “finally” report. As if they’ve been holding out. As mentioned, positional players aren’t even due to report until today, and Pedro’s absence is cleared by the team. It’s insufferable.

John Powers, Steve Conroy and Joe McDonald recap a rough homecoming for the Bruins who were shut out at the Fleet by the Panthers, 2-0. Ron Indrisano and Rich Thompson look at Panther goalie Roberto Luongo and his success against the Bruins this year. Karen Guregian says that it is time that the Bruins make a trade. Indrisano also looks at the play of Jiri Slegr. Conroy’s notebook looks at a shoulder injury for Nick Boynton. McDonald’s notebook looks at a rough season for Andy Hilbert. Power’s notebook looks at the Bruins getting 12 of their last 19 games at home.

Michael Felger looks at some Patriots DVD cast members who may not be returning. Damien Woody chief among them. Tom Curran also looks at Woody, who will be testing the free agent waters. Once he does, be prepared for the sour Nick Cafardo to return. Woody is one of his guys. Alan Greenberg also has a look at the Patriots, from screening the new DVD to tough offseason decisions they have to make.

Danny Ainge is under fire and the Vin Baker saga carries on. Groundhog day for the Celtics continues over at Fox Sports Net.

Bill Griffith looks at ESPN’s “Dream Job” program, the Patriots DVD and spring training reports from the local outlets.

NESN has Bruins/Islanders at 7:00. ESPN has Michigan State/Michigan at 7:00 and Alabama/Auburn at 9:00. ESPN2 has UConn/St. John’s at 7:00.