David Pevear of the Lowell Sun twists the knife a little more for Red Sox fans. A couple excerpts from his article today:

Four months after Aaron Boone zapped them good, Red Sox fans are back and eager for more negative reinforcement.

Such faith is admirable in a pathetic sort of way, though Red Sox fans should pace themselves. The Grapefruit League hasn't even opened and already they are in danger of fading from their exhausting enthusiasm before their team ever makes it back to another eighth inning of Game 7 at Yankee Stadium.

He then dismisses the talent evaluation and skills of Theo Epstein as follows:

But do Red Sox fans really want to trust their organization's talent and brains to end the Curse?

I didn't think so.

As Theo Epstein is prone to say to John Henry, "Pass me the checkbook."

If his aim was to get noticed by insulting the intelligence of Red Sox fans and trying to be a dommsayer in the Shaughnessy mode, I’d say he hit his mark. Haven’t seen this type of stuff from Pevear before, so I’m curious about what’s bringing it out now…a cry for attention? If so, I fell for it by giving it notice in this space.