The Patriots get back at it on Sunday heading to Dallas to take on the Cowboys in a 4:25pm national game on CBS. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will get their first Patriots call of the season.

The Cowboys have sent plenty of bulletin board material for the Patriots to use, from Tony Romo (who’s out) making fun of the Patriots at an awards show this summer, to Jerry Jones repeatedly backing Roger Goodell and saying what an awesome job the commissioner did with the Brady case, and then Greg Hardy (and Jones) talking about Brady’s wife this week. Then there’s this weird no-filming practice thing.

But as Tedy Bruschi said on WEEI on Monday, no motivation is needed when playing the Dallas Cowboys.

Then, it is on to Colts week. Which should be a blast. Or not.

Just a few notes/links to fill things out:

The Bruins were smacked around in their season opener, 6-2 by the Winnipeg Jets

Jack Edwards is concerned about Boston Bruins’ defense and doesn’t know if this team will make the playoffs.

Celtics’ trip to Madrid brings back some “old” memories – I enjoyed this Steve Bulpett column remembering the last time the Celtics went to Madrid, for the 1988 McDonalds Open.

Lou Merloni is deserving of Red Sox radio job – Chad Finn throws his vote toward the former Red Sox infielder as the replacement for Dave O’Brien in the booth next to Joe Castiglione.

Roethlisberger Wasn’t Holding a Phone on the Sidelines – Matt Chatham puts the “scandal” from last week to bed.

Have a great long weekend! I know this space has been erratic in updates for the last few months, but there has been a reason for it! More news on that soon…


76 thoughts on “Patriots Back in Action in Big D on Sunday

  1. “I know this space has been erratic in updates for the last few months, but there has been a reason for it! More news on that soon…”

    Bruce with a tease, let the speculation begin!

  2. Can we talk about your twitter posts? Is this some long term joke making fun of NFL culture or serious? Do people seriously care that Kraft took a picture with Mike SIlver???? is that really something to be outraged at?

  3. Can we just spend today dumping all over Tomase again? The Cowboys aren’t taping their practices this week, because, you know…..the Patriots “spy” on other teams practices, or something.That turd should never have been allowed to spill even one more ounce of ink after what he did to the Patriots, for, as George Constanza once put it, the glorification of his (massive) ego (and to make a “name” for himself). Eff You, John Tomase.

    1. Tomase didn’t even have to go on an image reclamation tour or anything. He just kept on reporting on the team like nothing happened. Then two years later his punishment is covering the Red Sox. What a turd, indeed.

    1. As far as I can tell the is about to become a $bill mess. Its clear the employees traded on inside confidential analytics the public did not have access to. Its also clear Fan Duel and Draft Kings management knew these degenerates were playing on the competitions sites. An argument is going to be made that the games were effectively rigged. This in turn is going to get politicians up in arms and arguing that DFS needs to be heavily regulated or worse banned. There will also be a parallel movement to purge these companies of the bad seeds, a pr blitz showing the swift actions taken to assure transparency and a call to move on. Its the class action suit, that will be fascinating to follow because of who the share holders are. I guessing we see the fastest settlement in the history of settlements. Even with all this…its still going to be a mess.

  4. Has anybody commented on Potsy Felger and Phony Mazz with the human orange traffic cone Big Dim Murray tightening up there show? Shorter commercial breaks, and being forced to acknowledge hate filled texts and tweets? Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I’m hoping WEEI has narrowed the ratings gap.

    1. I think you are reading too much into a corporate directive that appears to be being implemented across brands. The ratings, as far as I know still show Felger and Mazz with commanding numbers. Do not forget…the Dale and Holley show still has Mike “show killer and purveyor of no new knowledge” Holley as a co host.

  5. Almost a week later…

    Through it all, the NFL said nothing. As of Sunday morning, the NFL
    has broken its silence, via comments from a league executive to the
    league-owned website.

    “I couldn’t disagree more
    with Greg Hardy’s comments, and they do not reflect the values of the
    league,” NFL V.P. of social responsibility Anna Isaacson said. “We are
    working hard to bring attention to the positive role models many other
    players represent and also to continue our education with all members of
    the NFL family. . . .

    NESN/FSG vs. NFL for most clueless/PR inept organization.

  6. Turn on radio and there is tomato ass and Gary on talking cheap crap about Brady’s boy. Boston mag crap hmmmm. Timing lol

    1. Is “Boston Magazine” part of The GLOLbe? As in, it is owned by the same folks?

      And, I don’t mean not their usual, “Well and the Globe are separate organizations” garbage they peddle out.

      They’ve run two hitjob pieces lately, as some folks have mentioned.

      1. They’ve run two hitjob pieces lately, as some folks have mentioned.

        I started working with a guy who listens to Felger and his minion. A
        couple weeks ago Felger was talking about how good Brady has played. Felger was using nothing but superlatives along these lines “Brady looks better than ten years ago, playing some of the best of his career, how is it possible?”.

        My impression was that Felger was hinting at PED use by Brady, but didn’t want to say it. I thought he was trying to get a caller to suggest it and then shoot down that notion. In other words, get the the caller to do the dirty work.

        From what I heard no caller brought it up, but I thought about it when I saw that story floating around about Brady’s “trainer/guru”. Maybe it’s
        my cynical attitude to media, but I believe that’s where this Brady
        “trainer” thing is headed. I would not consider myself a conspiracy kind of guy, but would not be surprised by a coordinated attack suggesting Brady is on PEDs.

        1. The reaction to Pedro making the Hall of Fame was Felger and his followers proclaiming that he took steroids. Don’t expect it to be any different for Brady.

        2. I don’t think the article is inappropriate or wrong. I think it Brady being tied up with Alex Guerrero is neither coincidence nor something that should just be ignored. I am not suggesting Brady is on PED’s. I am suggesting his business partner is shady. I think that when you are trying to avoid the appearance of impropriety, you would avoid employing someone who was accused of and later punished for misrepresenting medical credentials and selling snake oil. Felger has questioned Guerrero for years and for good reasons…Guerrero has been linked to PED’s but never caught in the past. The guy is a dirt bag. Brady who is one of the most image conscious people in the world still continues to associate with him. It raises questions. I think it is good journalism to look at it. At no point in the article did the author accuse or even insinuate that Brady has done anything wrong. The focus is on the issues Guerrero has… all self inflicted.

          In the past some of us (okay me specifically) have come down very hard on the BBWAA for not asking questions during the Sosa, McGuire and Bonds years or prior…during Canseco’s time in the league. It would be hypocritical of us not to question Guerrero and his relationship with Brady. It would be hypocritical of us if we did not question, in this new world, how a 38 year old QB is performing at the level he is performing. It might be because he eats avocado ice cream, does brain exercises and is blessed with 1 in a 10 mill genes. However the presence of Guerrero in his life allows for the question to be asked…”what if it is isn’t the avocado ice cream, brain exercises and 1 in 10 million genes…what if it is something else?” I think the optics on this for Brady aren’t good. I question why he continues being associated with Guerrero thereby allowing the questions to fester.

          1. It’s fair to cover the story, no question. I think the biggest concern would be the Felger’s of the world, with zero evidence, suggesting that Brady is a PED user, as he and his pet poodle sidekick have done with Pedro and other guys. If there’s evidence, fine. But this “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” b.s. has to go. Sometimes where there’s smoke, it’s just a frozen pizza that was left in the oven for too 5 minutes beyond the suggested cooking time on the package, and all you have to do is turn off the oven… fire. By the way, he’s (Felger’s) very, very psyched for Colts week: he’s already suggested that the next 7 days are going to be wall-to-wall rehash of Deflategate and in-depth discussion and analysis of what the two Dorito Dinks “were talking about in those text messages.” My head hurts already and the win over Dallas hasn’t even been on the books for six hours yet.

          2. But this “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” b.s. has to go.

            I said this above but he does this with every athlete in every market. Does that change your opinion? It’s not limited to guys on the teams here, either. He’s consistent. That’s why I don’t consider it a troll.

          3. Well, I’m a lot less lenient with Felger because I know he does certain things to deliberately annoy the local fans. Yes, he’s been fairly consistent with the PED thing even if it doesn’t involve Boston sports figures, so I’ll agree with you there. In the case of Brady, I agree that this thing with Guerrero is definitely a story that should be covered, but it simply would not be fair to suggest Brady is using PEDs without any evidence. I mean, does Brady LOOK like a PED user? Has anyone seen those topless vacation pics and videos he posts on Instagram during the offseason? He doesn’t exactly have Brock Lesnar’s physique. Neither did Pedro, who must have weighed 160 lbs. soaking wet during most of his career. With Pedro I think it’s definitely trolling on F&M’s part (and it’s unforgivable with Mazz, because he was in the Sox locker room every day as a beat writer for pretty much all of Pedro’s career, and so if there was ever any evidence that Pedro was using, I’m sure Mazz would have presented it by now). With Brady, as I said, the Guerrero story is worth covering and mentioning, but if there’s no evidence of PED use, that angle should be dropped. Otherwise, yes, I do consider it trolling, simply because I know that Felger lives to troll Pats fans, in particular.

          4. So here is the problem. We would have to have our heads up our asses to think in this day and age that elite athletes don’t do whatever it takes to stay on top and prolong careers. Too many of them from Marion Jones to Lance Armstrong to Barry Bonds to Roger Clemens to Rodney Harrison to the countless others I do not have space to list have been caught or admitted to some degree of use. Twenty years ago the media did not know the signs and some might argue did not want to know the signs so they turned their eyes away. That was a mistake. Guys became millionaires hundreds of times over because they took a chemical that allowed them to perform better than people who played by the rules (the true victim in all this was the rookie who did not get a roster spot because the veteran prolonged his career by 5 years because of a needle…no one ever talks about that).

            I look at Brady and I am in awe. The guy is 38. 4 SB rings. Having a season for the ages. Married to the hottest model of the last 30 years. A pristine PR image. He is perfect or portrayed that way. But then there is his relationship with Guerrero. Not only is the guy his trainer/mentor/life coach…he is also his business partner. Does that make Brady his guinea pig also? How does this admitted snake oil salesman ingratiate himself into Brady’s life? A guy with his resume should never have gotten access never mind become a business partner. So when Felger coughs each time he says avocado ice cream he is doing what he is supposed to do. He is not so subtly asking…”Does this look right?” 20 years ago I would have wanted to run Felger out of town for doing what he is doing. 10 years ago I would have shaken my head and thought what an ass clown. Today, I support him and his quest completely because I am no longer naive enough to think “my guys wouldn’t ever do it”. There are a lot of questions that need to be asked. I am not convinced the answers are going to be what we want to hear.

            We may not like it but its no ones fault other than:
            – the Media who did not correctly cover Sosa, McGuire, Bonds, Palmeiro, the 1970’s Pittsburgh Steelers, Lyle Alzado, Randy Savage
            – The players who did not have enough honor to play by the rules and the clean ones who believed more in the “code” than to turn the cheaters in and demand a clean sport
            – the owners who pocketed $billions as they saw their team or sport thrive to unforeseen levels.
            – the fans who said “everyone’s doing it” as if that makes it all right.

            One final thought on Pedro. I can’t remember if it was 2003, 2004 or 2005 but he arrived at camp 15 lbs heavier. He looked puffier. At the time he claimed he put on the muscle to protect the rotator cuff that he was genetically predisposed to having problems with. I remember at the time thinking…this is not right. He had some guru. He trained that offseason back in the Dominican. Where there is smoke…

          5. You make a lot of good points, per usual. My one “criteria,” if you can call it that, with PEDs are this: 1: Did the player in question appear to be in decline as he hit 30-31-32, and then did his numbers mysteriously spike again? 2) Did the player continue to put up good numbers past 30, but then did his numbers inexplicably skyrocket after that? Scenario #1 defines Clemens to a “T”, I think. His last four years with the Sox (ages 31-34) were mediocre across-the-board (not just his won/lost record “for a bad team in Boston,” as some scribes who’ve defended him have claimed). Scenario #2 is Barry Bonds. He was still an MVP-caliber type of player for his first few years in San Francisco. Great batting average, good power numbers, etc. After 1998, in particular, he became Babe Ruthian with his power numbers, at an age where he should have been slowing down. That simply doesn’t happen without “help.” As for Brady, I haven’t noticed any decline in his play over the years. He was “less great” the first year after the ACL surgery, but it does take two years, pretty much, for the player to return to form after such surgeries. Also, later in his career I think we can all agree that the long ball has been pretty much eliminated from his game. People say that before Moss he never threw deep either, but that’s not really true. Branch and Givens (and even Bethel Johnson for a little while) could all “go and get it” deep downfield, and Brady would take shots during games — and hit them. In other words, I think he’s adjusted his game as he’s aged, and is playing to his physical strengths as they are at age 38. Regarding Pedro….I’d buy into that “guru” story if his numbers improved after the shoulder injury. Alas, they actually went down. He was never the same pitcher after that labrum injury suffered in 2001. He won 20 games in 2002 with mainly his secondary stuff, because he was just that good, but his fastball was never the same. In his last few years with the Sox he had to “ratchet it up” to get his fastball into the 94-95 range, whereas in 1998-1999-2000, he was routinely living in the 95-97 range, with little effort. Also, there was the stamina thing: after 2001, he was pretty much done after 105 pitches, something that Grady Little, obviously, never realized 🙁

          6. I should also mention, regarding Brady, that his numbers haven’t really “gotten better” as he’s aged. They’ve stayed pretty much the same since the mid-2000s, or since Weis left and McDaniels (and O’Brien for a brief time) came into his life and the Pats began featuring more of a passing offense. Under Weis, they were a much more balanced offensive team, and would stick with the running game even if it wasn’t working. Since McDaniels came into the picture, Brady’s numbers have been pretty consistent every year (2007 being the crazy outlier, since he never had a weapon like Randy Moss in his prime, before or since), though he’s cut down on his interceptions — that could be a product of many factors, including less downfield throws, and Brady simply being a smarter QB now than he was in 2002.

        3. I know people will get on Felger for this, but he’s consistent here. He did it with Pedro and people got pissed. He’s done it with Ortiz. Think it’d stop there?

          He thinks everyone in sports is on something.

          You do have to wonder, given the age. I also don’t care because I don’t know how anyone in the NFL survives w/o at least HGH. So, that means I want my guys and your guys on something.

          Brady’s guy is a bit famous because he got some positive PR out there and his #1 client is looking amazing. He’s got a shady past. I am willing to bet that if we looked into many “personal trainers”, the clean ones are guys that didn’t have a bad day and get caught doing something.

          So I get the plausible defense (journalistic justification) on the piece but basically it’s like Tomase writing about the Patriots:

          BostonMag drops this piece in with the hopes the national guys pick it up. Once a BigLead or Deadspin r/t’s this piece, it goes nuts. Losers like Butthurt Hubbuch, Mike Silver, etc. start r/ting it and next thing you know, OTL is doing a piece investing the guy. National narrative then is, “Is Brady on PEDs?” 18 hours of sports talk here devoted to him, Brady, PEDs in sports, etc. And, your usual “Brady is a cheater!!!” from 46.5 states vs. us here. Rehash the Deflategate cycle all over again.

          Your word of the day is: Agenda

      2. Boston Mag is not affiliated with the globe.
        I think this story is completely legit. Guerrero was cited twice by the FTC for deceptive marketing/advertising practices. He falsely claimed he was a doctor and completely fabricated a study that claimed one remedy essential cured cancer patients. The two remedies he once pushed (even one in last couple of years) are now off the market and appeared to have no health or medicinal benefit. Now he is closely tied with Brady, both as a celebrity body coach and as a business partner. The Brady connection/recommendation has given Guerrero an avenue to work with other Pats and NFL players. The Brady-Guerrero relationship has been featured in glowing pieces in national publication, completely missing or ignoring the shady practices in Guerrero’s past. The relationship deserves scrutiny.
        That said, there is no evidence that Brady is or has ever used PEDs or other banned substances. I don’t believe that Guerrero has ever been connected to these substances either. So anyone making that jump, like Felger, is full of crap (as usual).

        1. Yeah as I looked more and heard more, it’s worth a story on his past.

          The alt foods industry is huge. Brady seems like he focuses more on the “eat what works for me.’ Awesome. I do the same.

          However, as Tanguay and Tomase did yesterday, it invites the steroid stuff.

          I think the NFL would love to nail him on it, so it must (we hope) be clean)

          Guess you can’t have it both ways.

          But, I’ve never seen Brady as dumb. His handlers/people must have checked him out and maybe he’s moved on from the shady stuff that will get you in serious trouble–you’d hope.

  7. Brady and BB were unusually gruff after a 30-6 road win. I really think they wanted to win 59-0 today. They play average and win by 24 on the road. 86 Celtics. Pad your stats. . .

      1. I think they know they could have played better today . . . Remember Brady being pissed after a win last year? How that work out?

  8. Am I the only one who said, out loud, mind you, in my house, “in your face, Mazz, you squeeky b!tch” when Gostkowski NAILED that 57 yarder?

    I hope Perillo, Bedard, and even Felger throw it in his face this week. Especially since his sticking point for not totally buying into Ghost is him missing a kick to beat Arizona in week 3, from four f**king years ago. Eat a dick, Mazz

      1. So wait, they advertised a twitter chat with a hashtag to ask questions and then just talked amongst themselves? Sounds like something the NFL would do.

  9. A bit off-topic, but how about that complete mess at USC? Sarkisian was fired today, one day after being put on “leave.” Including interim coaches, they’ll be searching for their 4th head coach in the six years since Carroll got the hell out of Dodge just before the NCAA’s posse showed up to arrest everybody else. I mean, really. I know what Pete did was not unusual, and that college B-Ball coaches like Calipari almost always leave a mess behind after they bolt one job for another, but you’d think he would have taken a little more criticism over the gigantic, smoking crater he left out there in L.A. when he jumped to the NFL. He got some criticism, for sure, but it was fairly muted at the time and now it’s been almost completely forgotten. Hey, the media likes Pete, so…….

    1. Yeah, it’s a dumpster fire. What a mess on the program. Sark was the hot name at the time. Whomever exceeds expectations (Utah’s HC? Maybe Briles @ Baylor?) is next man up for a job like this.

      I know some Bama fans who want Saban fired each year he’s not
      winning a NC. Kinda like the people here who want BB gone each year w/o a
      Superbowl. Makes you appreciate the stability.

      USC is a “top” program and have the money to get the names but programs can take years to rebuild. As a sidebar, on the USC/Pete stuff, if you ever read into the USC sanctions, the NCAA’s ‘justice’ system is as big of a joke as the NFL’s. (I’m not a fan, either.)

      1. I lived in Miami during the early 90s and the attitude of the UM fans was the same: don’t bother playing the season if you’re not going to win a national championship. Dennis Erickson went 63-9, with two national titles, from 1989-94, and the fans basically ran him out of town for not being Jimmy Johnson, the guy he replaced (who only won one national title, by the way). Agree about the NCAA, for sure. That “Pony Excess” documentary about the SMU program in the 80s was a pretty good window into how they do things. Yes, SMU was out of control, but were they any more out of control than the other teams in the SWC at the time? (OK, signing the kids to
        “contracts” was unique, for sure, but in the end it’s still paying players like a lot of other programs did, and still do.) Skip Bayless summed it up very well when he said that the NCAA basically targeted SMU “because they weren’t a traditional power, had no real rapport with the NCAA, and were completely unprotected…and they were after Ron Meyer.” Another SMU booster, and former players called it “selective enforcement,” and that’s pretty much what it was. That program, 28 years later, still hasn’t recovered from getting the death penalty. There’s no question that the NCAA targets certain coaches and programs, while ignoring others (unless a whistleblower, like Gene Jelks at Alabama, comes forward and they can no longer ignore the allegations). Regarding USC, I find it telling that Carroll’s two “hottest” assistants during his tenure there, Kiffin and Sarkisian, have completely flamed out as head coaches, largely due to personal discipline issues…..embrace your (possibly near) future, Seattle Seahawks fans.

        1. Loved Pony Excess. The U was also amazing. ESPN’s 30for30s on many things are awesome.

          It’s also the one time you can really appreciate Skip Bayless, since I think that’s what put him on the national radar.

          With recent bad PR, the NFL/NCAA use whatever scandal possible to justify their existence and try to win the PR battle. The stuff that’s come out thanks to the USC lawsuit is just like the PSU stuff, where the NCAA tried to leverage a scandal to make itself look good.

          Yeah, isn’t that funny on the assistants? Norm Chow isn’t doing so well either but I don’t think Hawaii has high expectations for their CFB program.

          1. In retrospect, you really have to give The Tuna his due: his coaching tree includes BB and Coughlin from the Giants, and Payton from the Cowboys — seven Super Bowl wins between them. That’s pretty impressive.

      1. I’m sure you’re loving this! Actually, I really got fed up with the constant media tongue-bath that the USC program under Carroll received, with all of that talk about the “greatest college football team ever.” That was always b.s. Even if they’d beaten Texas in that 2006 Rose Bowl and been awarded a third straight title, that wouldn’t have made them the best-ever. Their first one was a split title, with LSU — a team from the best conference in the country. Their second was legit, but there was still another undefeated, 13-0 team out there (Auburn) — again, from the best conference in the country — after the bowls were over that year, but the old BCS system didn’t allow the two teams to settle it on the field. The “system” just awarded the national title to USC. The third year, 2005, they had a terrible defense and their offense carried them into that Rose Bowl unbeaten, where their defense ultimately let them down. About five or six years ago, Cold, Hard Football Facts did a very good deconstruction of the media myth about that USC team being the “best-ever,” and showed clear evidence that there had been other programs in history that were better, over a longer period of time (the USC “dynasty” under Carroll was basically from 2002-2005, and began running out of steam shortly thereafter). Basically, their summation was that USC, being located in the huge media market that is LA — a market without a pro football team — definitely benefited from those two factors and that drove a lot of the crazy media hype about their greatness. They had some great team and some great players during those years, for sure, but they never were anywhere close to being the “best college football team of all time.” Never.

        1. I think Sark was fired because Haden was worried he’d get REALLY drunk and start bitching to a reporter about how there’s no way he’s going to be able to acquire top-flight recruits if USC insists on holding payroll at $50m.

  10. As usual Tom Curran weighs in with an incredibly thought provoking piece. This time on Alex Guerrero.

    Rather than taking shots he explains how Guerrero helped him eliminate pain from a hip flexor using some non traditional methods. Curran after going through the program has sent his sons to see him. He buys whey protein and electrolytes. He swears that he is playing sports at the same level he did 15 years ago give or take.

    But he also has a healthy dose of skepticism for the resume. He asks the question “How does Brady do it at 38” and he understands that an affiliation with Guerrero is going to cause questions to be asked. I am as cynical as it gets when it comes to PED use in pro sports. I am as cynical as it gets when beliefs take on cult like characteristics. I think Curran’s story is an interesting counter to the Boston Mag piece. Curran agrees that the optics for Guerrero and by association Brady suck. The issue for Curran is that in his case, Guerrero’s plan worked.

    1. I think that Curran or Brady or anyone else can see who they want for medical care or health advice. There is a reason why alternative medicine (or whatever you want to call it), like supplements, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc, is a multi-billion dollar industry. But i think that if you publicly tout these practices as miracle cures and financially benefits from these practices, like Brady is doing, then you deserve scrutiny and, perhaps, ridicule.

      1. Brady made a strong case advocating his way. He also gave the disclaimer that it’s what works for him, and won’t work for everyone. Kinda the “do what you want.” — That’s where I think most reasonable and intelligent people are fine.

        Problem is that the folks who gravitate toward any industry with
        low-barriers to entry, no verifiable resuts, etc. tend to be the ‘cook’

        Eating healthy and figuring out what works for you is one thing.

        Then insisting they’re smarter/better and it’s the only way is the danger.

        No surprise here. Well documented. Snake-oil salesman will always find something and this will go on for as long as humans are alive.

        But, given the fact none of this is “FDA certified” for a reason (go to GNC if you want to see a store full of this), you invariably suspect PEDs. We all assume the NFL is testing him if not more than normal because they’d absolutely love to nail him here, even though the stigma is 1/100000th in the NFL as it is in the MLB. I also don’t think he’s that dumb, but who knows. Maybe Victor Conte is involved and he figured something new out. I also don’t think the NFL cares and their “testing” thresholds are not enforced.

  11. Caller to OFM, “Did you guys bring up or make up this story [Guerro/Brady] just to put a bigger chip on Tom Brady’s shoulder? Doesn’t he already have a big enough one? Cuz people are going nuts on social media about this.”

    The force remains strong. Very, very strong.

  12. There’s a noticeable lack of outrage over the clock malfunction in San Diego last night…not even Mike Tomlin — who cried for 72 hours over “headsetgate”, even after the NFL told him the Pats had nothing to do with it — was upset about it. Of course, it helped matters that his team ended up winning the game. Still, I know Jerry Thornton is a shameless home, but he’s 1000% right when he says if this happened in Foxboro, it would be treated like the Malaysian Airliner disappearance story. NFL doesn’t seem all too concerned about it either, of course.

  13. Marc Bertrand lecturing Brady about health and diet is BLOWING MY MIND. Like, what? You? YOU?! A 400lb man who sits behind a microphone for 4 hours is mocking and ridiculing a 38-year old QB performing at the height of his powers? Like that chubby little chipmunk Mazz saying “avacado ice cream” like he’s Richard Prior.

  14. Via Greggggggggggggggggggggg Doooooooooyle today

    The Patriots, meanwhile, look to be as good as ever – and this is a franchise with four Super Bowl titles since 2001.

    Sickening, isn’t it?

    If this is me playing the lame homer card, fine. The Patriots cheated the
    team in my city. Residents of Indianapolis and the surrounding areas,
    you give the Colts the best you’ve got: money, emotion, more. The
    Patriots rigged the AFC title game. Cheated the Colts. Cheated you.

    I feel cheated! I’m offended by those cheating Patriots! Anyone want to be offended by me? Will Richard Dietsch help me rile up all the people who sit around and look for things to get offended by start a #TwitterMafia movement? We need to get this thing going!

    That’s what Patriots fans believe. Check the cesspool they call
    #PatriotsTwitter, or – because that cesspool spills onto the
    Indianapolis media, and onto me more than most – take my word for it:
    Those people truly believe the Patriots are blowing teams out because
    they’re mad at the world, and maddest most of all at the Colts.

    Cesspool, eh

    1. I clicked the comment section and even most of the Colts fans are telling him to STFU. They’ve never really embraced Grreggggy like they do Little Bobby Kravitz (© ElPres)

    2. I thought Greggg had some legitimate mental/emotional health issues that he needed to address? Maybe acting like an internet troll is part of his therapy, but I kind of doubt it.

      Gregg’s outrage really comes off as fake* when you consider he’s lived and worked in Indianapolis (his city!) for just under a year. He didn’t grow up or go to school in the area and he came there for a job last October. Somehow, he thinks he can play the role of the aggrieved Colts season ticker holder who took out a second mortgage to help get Lucas Oil Stadium built.

      *I’m not going to get into the “dumb” part as it appears he truly believes something was done to the footballs during the AFCCG despite zero supporting evidence.

      1. Agree that the audio from his call in to Indy radio was very disturbing when played back on EEI last month- the Indy host essentially talked Greg out of any rash decisions after GD said he was in a really bad place living in a rental pad and missing/losing his family. D/C/M totally went hands off other than hoping the guy got help -the outro was almost that silent homage thing they sometimes do on sportscenter.

    3. I only saw snippets of the article posted somewhere else, but the part that jumped out at me was the very last line….something about telling the Colts and their fans to not be like the organization (and its fans) that are coming to town this weekend. I mean, this guy realizes that the ONLY reason the Colts are at all relevant in the post-Manning era is because they deliberately tanked the 2011 season in order to draft Luck, right? THEY DELIBERATELY TANKED A SEASON. Doing that not only harms — all together now — the integrity of the game, but it also affects playoff races and possibly ends up helping, or hurting, the playoff chances of other teams in the league. And I agree with “Paying Attention” below: this is faux outrage from a guy who’s apparently trying to ingratiate himself with the local fan base. This is journalism in 2015. Sad.

      1. Exactly. What other teams were possibly denied a playoff spot because the Colts purposely lost games they could’ve won? How’s that for integrity?

    4. I’m not a big fan of the guy but making fun of him because his parents didn’t name him “Gregory” and just “Gregg” seems a bit petty.

      1. The extra ‘g’ practice started when discussing Gregg Easterbrook. I’m just continuing it. I don’t care what his name is. When the media act stupid, I try to replicate or one-up it. If it makes it look juvenile or unprofessional, that’s the point.

    1. I can’t figure out from this picture as to who’s the “bottom” and who’s the “top”.

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