Saturday Links from Len

It’s safe to get on the Bruins bandwagon. Is Patrice Bergeron the best kept secret in Boston? Yesterday on WEEI a caller took Dale Arnold to task for having the nerve to talk about hockey. Dale was far too nice to that loudmouth. John Powers has the story on the hot B’s and their sudden propensity to go for the jugular especially on the road. Stephen Harris discusses potential deals the Bruins might make to gear up for the stretch run. The Bruins are on the road tonight at Carolina. The game is on NESN at 7.

Dan Shaughnessy has a nice column today on Curt Schilling who has a great appreciation of Red Sox fans and the Red Sox experience. Bob Hohler and Jeff Horrigan have looks at the returning Brian Daubach.

Kevin Mannix is at the combine in Indy and has a look at the Pats possibly dealing up to get Steven Jackson or Kevin Jones or even staying put and drafting Greg Jones or Chris Perry.

Michael Vega has his Saturday racing notes with a look at an IMAX production called NASCAR 3D which will open at IMAX theatres on March 16. Vega believes NASCAR will translate well to the big screen and give people more of an appreciation of the sport.

March Madness is right around the corner. BC had a big win early this week at Seton Hall. That just may have punched their ticket to the big dance. The Eagles host Rutgers tomorrow. NESN has Miami visiting PC in Providence at 2. FSN has the Celtics at Portland at 10.