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The “TagBoard” to the right here seems to be working out quite nicely. Running comments on WEEI vs WWZN in there. Some good comments, keep them coming. Feel free to also use it to discuss what is being talked about on WEEI. After a morning of listening on WWZN to Mike Adams planing his on-air wedding (April 17th, I think) and Stampy’s grating laugh, I was ready to gouge my eyes out. Tony Massarotti gave the show a decent segment in the 8:00 hour. Dennis and Callahan spent much of their earlier time discussing Baker and the Beanpot. John Dennis watched the Westminster Dog show instead. Eddie keeps knocking the Red Sox and promoting his Yao Ming night at the Kowloon. Dave Jageler and Nick Cafardo are alongside. They’re also discussing sports movies. Or trying to anyway. Sean McDonough was joined by Michael Smith and Bob Halloran.

Mike Fine says like it or not, we’re stuck with Vin Baker. He also previews each game of the west coast road trip. Bill Simmons breaks down the entries in the LeBron James sweepstakes. Jon Couture thinks there is too much extra entertainment around sporting events.


So Vin Baker is cleared

So Vin Baker is cleared to play…heck, he might start tonight, with Tony Battie missing the game to attend to family matters. Steve Bulpett and Shira Springer have Baker jacked and pumped to play tonight in Seattle. What are the chances Jim O’Brien gives him a DNP-CD tonight? In Bulpett’s second article, he has O’Brien saying that he’ll use Baker just as he has all season. Dan Shaughnessy weighs in, making pop-culture, literary, and past Boston sports references while asserting that the Celtics should’ve probably held Baker out of tonight’s game. Not a bad article all in all by shank. Mark Murphy also looks at Baker, and gets a friend of his to explain why Vin isn’t putting up the numbers here. I’m rather curious at the total lack of articles in the Hartford Courant regarding Baker. He is, after all, their native son. When he was traded to the Celtics there were all sorts of pieces. Maybe there are stories appearing in the print edition, but not online, but I haven’t seen anything on their web site regarding Baker other than AP articles. Peter May previews the six game, ten night trip which starts tonight in Seattle. Carolyn Thornton looks at the up and down first half and ahead to the second half for the Celtics. Christopher Price has a quick peek at the team heading into the second half as well. Steve DeOssie gives his thoughts on the Celtics as well.

A quick line for Beanpot fans….here is the page of all the Globe stories, and the page of Herald stories. Karen Guregian says BU is automatic, and Lenny Megliola says that BU is just like clockwork in winning this thing.

Gordon Edes looks at Grady Little’s arrival at camp, and says the manager pledges to be a little more….forceful this year. Michael Silverman shows that Kevin Millar is just as sick as we are about all the hoopla over his contract situation. Silverman also updates us on the equipment truck and gives a complete list of spring training invitees.

Stephen Harris looks at media mogul Jeff Hackett. Marvin Pave also looks at Hackett, who still won’t be 100% in Bruins colors when he faces the Canadiens in Montreal tonight. The Globe notebook looks at Martin Lapointe’s knee and Shaone Morrisonn being sent down to Providence. The Herald’s notebook also looks at the Providence shuttle and has more on Hackett.

Michael Felger has an article on Tom Brady’s golf weekend. Brady did make Rudy Martzke’s top interview for the weekend for when he told CBS’ Peter Kostis at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, “It’s easy to pick out the Raiders fans. They’re all the jerks.”

The Providence Journal has a nice page set up in dedication to columnist Bill Parrillo, who passed away Friday at the age of 60. Tributes from his coworkers are accompanied by a short collection of Parrillo columns.

John Molori picks Bob Ryan’s brain on the NBA at the halfway mark, and also has the section about Pete Sheppard that was talked about on the Big Show yesterday. Pete probably wouldn’t be interested, but it would be interesting to see WWZN throw a bundle of money at him to see if they can bring him over to their airwaves. That 10-12 slot is still open…Bill Griffith looks at the technology used by TNT during the all star game, has a quick review of “Red Sox this week” and among the media notes has Sean McDonough knocking “Jimmy Kimmel live” and predicting Bill Simmons will soon be back in Boston. Jim Baker reports on Pierce & Walker languishing on the bench during the All Star game as a possible snub from Isiah Thomas.

NESN has Bruins/Canadiens at 7:30. FSNE has Celtics/Sonics at 10:00. ESPN has college hoops with Michigan St/Wisconsin at 7:00, and Georgia/Kentucky at 9:00. ESPN2 has St. John’s/Villanova at 7:00. HBO has “Real Sports” at 10:00, and among the segments is a look at accidents at a few New Hampshire Ski Resorts and the fact that New Hampshire law protects ski operators from legal action in such cases: “At Loon Mountain in New Hampshire in 1999, an accident on an icy slope left one skier severely injured and two others dead. At Gunstock, NH, a skier suffered life-threatening injuries when he struck a lift tower while night skiing. In both these instances, the victims attempted to sue the properties for negligence, citing a lack of precautionary measures that might have prevented their injuries. Neither case made it to trial, though, because judges ruled that the accidents were a result of the “inherent risks” of the sport, and an existing New Hampshire statute protects operators from legal action in such cases.”

The equipment truck is headed

The equipment truck is headed to spring training. Only in Boston…

Eddie Andelman is back from vacation and back tearing up the Red Sox management. Today it was all about the ticket pricing and availability. Butch Stearns filled in for Sean on the McDonough Group and was joined by Ron Borges and Michael Holley. Yes, Michael Holley. They spent much of the early hours discussing Stearns’ list of the worst 10 transactions in Boston sports history. (Listed below on the show recap)

Just curious…who of you stumbled across my site while doing the following search on Google: “Doug Mirabelli audio clips”. I’m not making this up.

Bill Simmons has his diary from the NBA All Star game.

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Dennis and Callahan were speculating

Dennis and Callahan were speculating this morning that Vin Baker will be sitting down with the new owners today, and they one of the things they could possibly discuss is that Baker has a heart problem and that if he can’t play anymore the Celtics could possibly get him off their books and get cap relief. Not going to happen. Idle speculation that will go nowhere. They do admit it will be a surprise if Baker turns out to have a “legitimate medical condition”. The reason for their speculation is a Steve Bulpett article this morning that explains: “A medical retirement this season still would allow Baker to be paid the remainder of his contract (nearly $44 million in the next three years) and would remove him from the Celtics salary cap after next season. Insurance would pick up the lion’s share of his remaining contract.” Peter May is critical of the Celtics and their silence in the whole Baker situation. Shira Springer has Baker saying all the right things, but in between the lines she makes it clear he won’t be playing tomorrow night and that something is up here. Bulpett’s notebook from Atlanta looks at Pierce and Walker’s limited minutes yesterday and has Walker speaking up for more time for Kedrick Brown. I love Antoine’s quotes here: “Whatever the situation is, he (O’Brien) is going to have to sacrifice some of the time from the guys who have been playing and give Kedrick the opportunity to play…we have a very, very talented guy on our bench that can play and play at a high level, and we’ve got to make sure we don’t lose him.” Amen, Antoine. Tim Weisberg handed out some midseason grades for the Celtics. As for the All Star game itself, May covers the double-OT event which, had all followed the script, should’ve ended after the first OT when Jordan hit a fallaway to put the East up 2 with 4.8 seconds to go. Bulpett covers the game for the Herald.

Gordon Edes look at Theo Esptein gearing up for his first spring training. Edes looks at GM’s from the past to comfort fans who might be uneasy about Epstein’s inexperience. From yesterday, Jeff Horrigan looks at questions being asked of each team around the American League. David Heuschkel gives us five storylines to watch in spring training. News editor John O’Neil and intern Phil DiPirro do a point-counterpoint on putting seats on the wall at Fenway. Jack O’Connell gives you an itinerary for hitting all the spring training sites.

A couple Patriots related articles from the weekend from the Providence Journal. Tom Curran looks at the likelihood of various players coming back to the Patriots next year. Among those he’s dubious of returning is Tebucky Jones. According to one media member I’ve talked to in the last week, Jones told some NFL security guy at the Pro Bowl that the only way he was coming back was if the Patriots overpaid him…by a lot. Curran seems to agree that Jones might not be here next year. Curran also had his mailbag over the weekend, and one of the topics he tackles is Ron Borges.

Jim Donaldson again exhibits his mastery at stating the obvious. Not a single insightful comment in the bunch.

NESN has the Beatpot final tonight at 8:00. ESPN2 has Sharks/Red Wings at 8:00. In College Basketball, ESPN has Syracuse/Connecticut at 7:00 and Oklahoma/Texas at 9:00.

Fox25’s Sports Sunday with Butch

Fox25’s Sports Sunday with Butch Stearns promises a look at Steinbrenner trying to stick it the Sox again, and comparing the Baker trade to the worst in history. Stearns led off joking that the losing conference in the All Star game tonight will have Vin Baker bounce around its teams the second half of the year. All Star highlights followed, with Stearns calling most of the hoopla over Jordan “a joke”. Baker was the topic next addressing the article by Springer in the Globe today. Rob Nikoleski then reviewed the first half of the season. Baker of course was the entire focus of the segment. A quote from Lenny Megliola had him saying Baker had the potential to be a “lifetime joke”.

After a break, Stearns mentioned that the LeBron James game last night was broadcast by the YES Network and carried locally on NESN. He then showed a Yankees ad that was shown on NESN during that time. It had Bucky Dent, and Roger Clemens among others. This he equated to the Steinbrenner sticking it to the Sox. Stearns then rated the top ten worst transactions in Boston sports history 10) Baker 9) Jose Offerman signing 8) Bob McAdoo trade to Celtics 7) Sparky Lyle to Yankees 6) Bobby Orr to Blackhawks 5) Mike Haynes to Raiders 4) Jeff Bagwell to Astros 3) Nick Buoniconti 2) Clemens 1) Babe Ruth

A look at Will McDonough’s grandson setting a high school scoring mark in becoming the 26th player in MA to score 2000 for a career was up next. Then Levan Reid previewed tomorrow night’s Beanpot final, with BU turning into the Yankees of the Beanpot. Loud mouth Lenny Clarke then said that “if you think Theo will be here longer than 2 years, You’re crazy… two and out, baby!” He then said the Bruins could contend. Last Blast was Butch not buying the Jordan/Thomas lovefest at the All Star game.

Sports Final with Bob Lobel led off with a video looking back at the 80’s in the Boston sports, set to “We didn’t start the fire”. Then they moved on to the Red Sox and had Jerry Remy on from the “Red Sox this week” set. Remy thinks that the Sox should’ve done what it took to get Colon, as they have the nucleus in place, and when you have a chance to add a pitcher of that caliber you need to do it. Then onto Pedro…it’s all about Pedro. Remy says he’s the best pitcher he’s ever seen. He thinks he’ll be better this year than last as he’ll have his confidence. He does worry about Pedro causing a distraction by bringing up his contract situation. They then talked about the defense in the infield. Remy can’t say how Walker is going to be, but he won’t be as good in the field as Sanchez was, and with the groundball pitchers that could be big. Who will bat fifth…Lobel says that is a huge topic in town…Remy says it may not matter, this team is going to score runs, will likely be more disciplined then last year.

A look at Theo’s appearance on “Red Sox this week”…He doesn’t think that Lucchino’s comments hurt the Sox any…he’s friends with Brian Cashman, and they joked that the comments might make Cashman’s job harder too….Howard Bryant, Steve Buckley and Dan Shaughnessy were in next, Buckley doesn’t like the team this year, they don’t have the right people in the bullpen, doesn’t like Walker, isn’t impressed with Millar. Shaughnessy says we always forget how many bad teams there are out there, and that with the big four they have, if they’re healthy, the team will be good. Bryant says this is a strange club, they won 93 games, they’re subscribing to the on-base theory, and he thinks the defense is going to suffer and they need defense. Guys like Remy and John Tudor don’t like the Bullpen plan. Buckley says you can’t count on Lowe and Pedro winning 40 again. Bryant says you can’t count on Pedro winning 20 again with his health, he had times last year that he was day to day. Shaughnessy says Pedro just needs to come him and “pitch his little butt off” all season. Bryant worries about Pedro and his contract situation. Dan says he would not extend Pedro. They mentioned Bryant’s book briefly, that Willie Mays and Ted Williams could’ve played together on the Sox. They then read some e-mails from viewers responding to how the Sox were going to do. They wondered about Fossum. Has he learned a third pitch? He will be looked at very hard this year, because the Sox didn’t want to give him up for Millar or Colon. Shaugnessy calls Millar the most overhyped story ever, this guy is nothing, sick of hearing of it. Jokes about the wall seating, will bar stools be thrown down from up there? No, they’ll be screwed down…but Lobel says people can bring screwdrivers.

Steve DeOssie was on next to talk a little football. They talked about the Mike Vanderjagt/Peyton Manning incident as well as Vanderjagt saying Tony Dungy is too laid back to be successful. DeOssie said Vanderjagt was just stupid, there’s a difference between being outspoken and being stupid…the kicker has no place to be talking like that. When DeOssie was a backup, he never talked, when he was a starter, he talked. They talked about local kids playing pro here. It can be difficult, especially nowadays with family, friends, expectations. They tied that to Theo even, that he is a local guy. A quick talk about Robbins, and the column that DeOssie wrote in the Metro about it. He stands by his views expressed in that column, which were that these things don’t have a place in the NFL.

Sports Xtra had a look at All Star weekend including the story of the kid Antoine Walker brought down to Atlanta with him for the weekend. Walker was one of three players who brought kids whose fathers were serving overseas to the All Star weekend. Gene Lavanchy then looked at Vin Baker, who hopes to be playing on Tuesday in the Seattle. Many of the quotes and clips we’ve seen from earlier in the week were in there.

After a break, Jackie MacMullan and Michael Holley were in studio to talk about Baker some more. They discussed Shira Springer’s article from this morning. Lavanchy thinks that Baker sounded insincere in the article. MacMullan wonders if this gives us an explanation for his behavior and play. She takes his words about being in shape and play and uses them to point out his failings in the past, it doesn’t fit with what former coaches and teammates says. Holley mentioned his rep as a “coach killer” and
that it is scary that if he is indeed in the best shape of his career, as he claims, that it means he just can’t play anymore. We better hope he isn’t in the best shape of his career. He doesn’t buy him being a ‘hometown” guy…he doesn’t have the sensibilities of a Boston athlete. Jackie brought up Reggie Lewis and his heart palpitations, and that the Celtics, if Baker did have them, haven’t done a whole lot about the situation. They think something isn’t quite right, given how Wallace and the Celtics wouldn’t comment on the situation and so forth. MacMullan says that some of his teammates aren’t happy with Baker and that Antoine is trying to hold everyone together. Is there any hope that he can still play? Holley says the way the Celtics play…he doesn’t like it…but the way they play, we’ll never know if he can play. MacMullan defended O’Brien, saying Baker isn’t a legitimate low post player. MacMullan says Baker can’t do what Derrick Coleman can do. Coleman is tough. MacMullan is amazed how long it’s taken for O’Brien to express even a little dissatisfaction with Baker. He’s toed the company line all this time. Jackie also says Shammond Williams can’t play at all.

The Bruins and Jeff Hackett

The Bruins and Jeff Hackett manage to come up with a win against Hackett’s former teammates. Stephen Harris gives us the highlights with nice bulleted points. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell focuses on Hackett’s emotions in facing the Canadiens. Steve Conroy looks at the much maligned Martin LaPointe, who was feeling good after getting himself a goal last night. Joe McDonald was also impressed with Lapointe’s performance. Jim Greenidge profiles Brain Rolston, who netted three assists last night. Karen Guregian notes that Hacketts wasn’t the first Canadien to trade the red and blue for black and gold. Jackie MacMullan has more on Hackett’s conflicted emotions and feelings he still has for his old teammates. Steve Conroy also uses this theme, and has the the jokes Hackett was making about taking the Canadiens out to dinner Wednesday night and getting them liquored up while he drank water shots. Jon Hussey takes a look at rookie Kris Vernarsky getting his first NHL goal last night. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook focuses on Lapointe, and a Sean O’Donnell injury update. Harris’ notebook has more on O’Donnell and also has Mike O’Connell confident that the Bruins can sign up Hackett to a new contract.

Theo Epstein did a chat last night on the Sons of Sam Horn message board and the Boston Dirt Dogs web site. Click the link to see the transcript of the informative session. Gordon Edes & Nick Cafardo team up today for the daily Millar update. They get a quote from a Japanese team official who when asked if the Red Sox were making enemies in Japan, made a reference to the movie “You’ve got mail” and said he knows this is not personal, it’s just business. Jeff Horrigan thinks it could be a long time before this gets resolved. He also notes that Sox media relations guy Kevin Shea is having thumb surgery today, the interesting part is that he injured the thumb while officiating the Harvard-Boston University Beanpot game Monday. Joe McDonald catches up with Trot Nixon and Lou Merloni as the winter caravan pulls into Pawtucket. Alex Speier looks at the early days and goals of the Epstein administration.

Ok…who was the first to say the Vin Baker era would be an unmitigated disaster? Check out Bill Simmons’ ESPN column from July, shortly after the trade was made. Was he not dead on? Michael Gee though, is a day late to the Vin Baker party. He also asserts that the reason Glen Ordway trashes Baker and the Celtics so much is because “WEEI has a vested interest in the notion the Celtics are doomed. Rival WWZN has the Celts’ broadcasts, and the only chance that station has for survival is if the team becomes a hot item in these parts.” Right. Shira Springer tries to unwrap the mystery of Baker. Mark Murphy wonders what the odds are that Baker shows up for the flight to Seattle. Murphy’s article looks like he’s the prize student of the Jim Donaldson school of sentence structure. Tim Weisberg chimes in on Baker as well. Christopher Price looks at Celtic plans for the All Star Break. Lenny Megliola catches up with Rick Pitino crony Jersey Red. They talk about how 9/11 changed Pitino, they talk about his hair, and how Jersey says he will not allow Rick to take another NBA job. *sigh* I thought we had heard the last of Jersey Red…

Kevin Mannix chats with Terrell Buckley about the best coach he’s ever played for, Romeo Crennell.

Bill Griffith previews the NBA All star weekend on TNT. Jim Baker has another rant by Charles Barkley. I called in sick on my Metro column this week, look for it to return next week.

Not too much for sports on tonight. All Star stuff is on TNT at 8:00 and ESPN at 9:00.

Dale & Neumy talked a

Dale & Neumy talked a lot of Vin Baker, but also engaged in a spirited hockey debate over the Bruins ownership of Jeremy Jacobs. Dale took the Pro-Jacobs side while Neumeier was against Jacobs. Dale got another chance to use his new favorite phrase…”bite me”. Glen Ordway was joined by Steve Buckley and Levan Reid in a Big Show that promised more Baker talk.

Over on 1510, Dave (Lock? Laught?) a media person in Seattle came on WWZN with Dave Jageler and Tony Massarotti and did a total rip job on Vin Baker. I’m never heard such unprofessionalism. Said that Vin faked injuries to get out of playing against tough teams. He said of Baker: “He destroyed our franchise, and he’s going to destroy your franchise too” He puts all the 25 point losses on Vin, especially the 52 point loss to Detroit. Says that Baker just team poison. When asked if he thinks Baker will play in Seattle next Tuesday night, his exact words were: “oh my god…I’ll be floored if he plays Tuesday night.”

The McDonough group had Butch Stearns on with Steve Burton and Sean McDonough. One topic that came up from Stearns was list of the worst trades in Boston history.That led to a discussion of whether Bobby Orr to the Blackhawks was a trade or a free agent signing. They tapped Russ Conway of the Eagle-Tribune to explain out the circumstances of that deal. How Orr was offered 18.5% ownership of the Bruins by Jacobs and Sinden, but that Orr’s agent, (Infamous Alan Eagleson) never told Orr that and steered him to Chicago. They also didn’t know the circumstances of the trade that brought Bill Russell to Boston. (Cliff Hagan and Ed Macauley to St Louis for the #2 Pick in the draft)

Mike Fine has more on Baker. Bill Simmons writes about the vacuum in the sports world between the Super Bowl and March Madness.

Vin Baker remains the hot

Vin Baker remains the hot topic of the Boston sports scene. It seems an interesting contrast here between the fans and many of the media. Many of the people you hear calling shows, or even talking in the office or bars about it are saying Baker is a bum, he isn’t trying, he’s out of shape, there is some real venom and hatred being displayed. The Boston sports media, for the most part, has been slow to jump on Vin’s case. They might question his remaining skills, but not his desire, or effort. For the most part, they’re being cautious in attacking him. Which seems a bit odd, and a reversal of the normal. The Barret Robbins case has made them cautious to be too judgmental of any person’s mental makeup. Or is it the fact that Vin is considered by all to be a nice guy? Does he get an easier ride because of that? Is it easier for them to critically hammer a guy like Manny, because he doesn’t speak to the media all that much? Baker generally talks to the media, he’s well spoken, he is liked by many. That cuts him some slack in the media. Manny, on the other hand, produces at a prodigious rate, but when he does mess up, he’s hammered unmercifully, because the media members don’t know him as a person. Baker will be criticized, but they will let others do it…be prepared for an endless string of Seattle and NBA personalities, they will be the ones to go after Baker. Gerry Callahan doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already knew. Dan Shaughnessy though, shows unusual restraint and even insight in his column today. He even urges caution in leaping to conclusions about Baker. Weird. If this was Manny who had lightheadedness, you know Danny would be trotting out the “bow-wow” phrases and imploring management to “get him gone”. Mark Murphy and Shira Springer lay out the situation, the past, and have comments from people involved with Baker, past and present. Lenny Megliola also expresses concern for Baker. Peter May looks at how Chris Wallace has placed himself squarely on the hotseat. He not only looks at the Baker trade, but also his draft picks and other decisions. Can the cries for Larry Bird’s return to the Celtics in the GM role be far behind?

Oh yeah, there was actually a game at the Fleet last night. Nothing like a 92 point swing in two home games, Steve Bulpett observes. He also comments that the Celtics seemed to play like they had a weight lifted off their shoulders without Baker. Carolyn Thornton says a lot of things came together well for the Celtics last night. Peter May boils the victory down to good shooting by the Celtics and poor defense by Seattle. I think Jim O’Brien has done a fine job in getting results from this team since the departure of Rick Pitino. He also continues to leave me scratching my head at times. He clearly didn’t and doesn’t want Baker, his comments yesterday, as Shaughnessy points out show he was so disgusted he wouldn’t even talk about Baker. He’s really made no effort to get him involved in the offense. I don’t understand why Tony Battie, who can’t even practice, was still in the game with six minutes to go and a 30+ point lead. Pierce and Walker were still in at that point as well. Kedrick Brown is buried again, and when he does get into the game, doesn’t get developed on the offensive end. I don’t know, now I’m sounding like an overly critical (negative) Boston media member. Gary Fitz wishes Vin Baker was leaving town with the Sonics, and laments the moves the Celtics front office has made. Murphy also reports on Walker bringing a youngster whose father, was recently sent to Afghanistan by the Army, to the All star game, along with Brown. I like that Antoine is bringing Kedrick along. Christopher Price catches up with Kenny Anderson. Bulpett’s notebook has Kenny believing he could’ve made a difference for the Celtics. Springer’s very brief notebook is similar.

John Tomase gives his thoughts on the Red Sox owners, the roster and Pythagorean wins. Gordon Edes gives us the daily Kevin Millar update, as does Tony Massarotti, who talks about the whole process involved and continues his disapproval of Theo by noting that “The Marlins privately have expressed annoyance with the Red Sox for claiming Millar.” Now why would the Marlins care at all that the Red Sox made the claim? They received their compensation from the Japanese club…once they put him on waivers, and took the compensation, their part of the transaction was over. They were harmed in no way. The Japanese club is the one who have the right to be upset, and not really at the Red Sox either, but with Millar. David Heuschkel thinks that Millar will have to be made available to other MLB clubs, not just the Red Sox. The Projo has a “staff report” on the Millar situation.

Stephen Harris has a look at Jeff Hackett preparing to face his former teammates for the first time since the trade. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell also discusses the topic.

Bill Griffith has a look at a new weekly NESN show that will be hosted by Bob Lobel, “‘The Boston Globe SportsPlus”.

NESN has Bruins/Canadiens at 7:00. TNT has Lakers/Knicks at 7:30 and Spurs/Nuggets at 10:00. ESPN has Avalanche/Red Wings at 8:00. ESPN2 has NC State/Wake Forest at 7:00 and Virginia/Maryland at 9:00. FSNE has Arizona/Washington at 10:30.

Bruins rally, then buried by

Bruins rally, then buried by Avalanche. Steve Conroy wraps up the action in the OT loss. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell’s game story, if you can call it that, focuses mostly on Hal Gill surprising Patrick Roy to get the Bruins on the board. Joe McDonald says the Bruins were just too tired in OT to win it. Stephen Harris looks at the presence of Mike Knuble as a big reason the Bruins were able to hang with the Avalanche. Michael Gee doesn’t like the NHL’s system of giving a point for an OT Loss. Dan Shaughnessy chimes in with an article on Joe Thornton, noting that he sometimes lets his temper work against him on the ice, and that diminishes his effectiveness. Conroy’s notebook looks at an injury to Sean O’Donnell and rehab for Sergei. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook looks at O’Donnell, some roster changes and a Bruins intern getting nailed with a puck.

Shira Springer and Steve Bulpett catch up with Kenny Anderson, making his return to Boston tonight. Springer’s piece focuses on how Kenny wishes he didn’t get traded and how he constantly calls C’s assistant Dick Harter for advice. Bulpett’s article has Kenny calling out “Christopher Wallace” for pulling the trigger on the deal. Anderson hasn’t played a whole lot this season, but look for him to get in there tonight. Lenny Megliola also has a piece on Anderson being hurt by the trade. Charles Barkley uses the Celtics 52 point loss to Detroit last Friday as a reason to knock Pierce and Walker again, according to Jim Baker.

Ron Borges reports on Romeo Crennel being passed over for the 49ers head coaching position. He indicates that he thinks Belichick’s policy of keeping his assistant coaches away from the media contributes to Crennel not being a more popular candidate. Michael Felger also reports on the situation, as well as the Patriots sending some players to NFL Europe, and a court ruling on the parking lots on Route 1 near the stadium. From last Friday, I left out Tom Curran’s Patriots Mailbag. Paul Zimmerman, (Dr Z) rates the NFL Broadcasters. Included in the wrapup for Madden and Michaels is this tale:

“I don’t expect much in the way of analysis. (from Madden and Michaels) Anything I get is a bonus. I’ll give you only one capsule on what I believe defines this team. Patriots vs. Titans, a deadly dull game until the start of the third quarter, when the Patriots, coming off a three-game winning streak and needing the win pretty badly, drove for a score, forced a punt and got the ball back, down seven points. They broke the huddle and I saw someone run onto the field late and line up on the flank, near their sideline. It was David Patten, the wideout. Tom Brady threw a pass his way, a curl, into double coverage and the ball was deflected and returned for a TD that just about iced the contest. This was the play of the game. Why did Patten come out onto the field late? Was he ready for the ball? What the hell was going on? I spent the next couple of days calling people on the Patriots to find out, and what I found out was that the receiver just fell asleep and everyone was upset with him. Madden and Michaels picked up on none of this.”

(Thanks to Joshua for the link)

Bob Ryan has a thoughtful look at Bipolar disorder. George Kimball asserts that several of the Raiders owe Barrett Robbins an apology.

Tony Massarotti gives the latest on the Kevin Millar situation, noting his family is now pleading with officials of the Japanese club to get him out of his contract. Dennis and Callahan spent some time this morning discussing Jason Stark’s piece on proposing rule changes for baseball, some in an effort to speed up the game. D&C will be having Bill James on as a guest on their show this morning, if they want some ideas on speeding up the game, they should just ask James to encapsulate pages 317-324 of his New Historical Baseball Abstract book.

FSNE has Celtics/Sonics at 7:00. NESN has St John’s/Boston College basketball at 7:30. ESPN2 has Nets/76ers at 7:30. ESPN has Cincinnati/Louisville at 7:00 and North Carolina/Duke at 9:00.

Yesterday, one of the hot

Yesterday, one of the hot rumors going around was that Michael Holley had actually written the NY Times Op-Ed piece that appeared prior to the SuperBowl. Nick Cafardo had indicated that he didn’t think Belichick had written the piece. I went and contacted Holley and asked him if he had written or assisted Belichick with the piece. Holley replied:

“The truth is that I did not help Bill Belichick write an editorial for the New York Times. Bill is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met; I’m sure the man can string a few sentences together. In a strange way, the rumor is a compliment because I thought the piece was damn good. But no, the work is not mine.”

This morning, I linked to a John Molori article that spoke glowingly about NECN’s Chris Collins. Here’s a quote from an August, 2001 “Media Blitz” article by Molori, speaking about fellow NECN anchor Mark Ockerbloom:

“Ockerbloom is the prototypical sports anchor. Most important, he brings credibility to a NECN sports staff littered with the unbearable Chris Collins and the still-wet-behind-the-ears Mike Giardi”

Looks like Molori’s opinion of Collins has risen.

Finally, The Onion tells us how the Yankees have guaranteed themselves the pennant in 2003.