Dale & Neumy talked a lot of Vin Baker, but also engaged in a spirited hockey debate over the Bruins ownership of Jeremy Jacobs. Dale took the Pro-Jacobs side while Neumeier was against Jacobs. Dale got another chance to use his new favorite phrase…”bite me”. Glen Ordway was joined by Steve Buckley and Levan Reid in a Big Show that promised more Baker talk.

Over on 1510, Dave (Lock? Laught?) a media person in Seattle came on WWZN with Dave Jageler and Tony Massarotti and did a total rip job on Vin Baker. I’m never heard such unprofessionalism. Said that Vin faked injuries to get out of playing against tough teams. He said of Baker: “He destroyed our franchise, and he’s going to destroy your franchise too” He puts all the 25 point losses on Vin, especially the 52 point loss to Detroit. Says that Baker just team poison. When asked if he thinks Baker will play in Seattle next Tuesday night, his exact words were: “oh my god…I’ll be floored if he plays Tuesday night.”

The McDonough group had Butch Stearns on with Steve Burton and Sean McDonough. One topic that came up from Stearns was list of the worst trades in Boston history.That led to a discussion of whether Bobby Orr to the Blackhawks was a trade or a free agent signing. They tapped Russ Conway of the Eagle-Tribune to explain out the circumstances of that deal. How Orr was offered 18.5% ownership of the Bruins by Jacobs and Sinden, but that Orr’s agent, (Infamous Alan Eagleson) never told Orr that and steered him to Chicago. They also didn’t know the circumstances of the trade that brought Bill Russell to Boston. (Cliff Hagan and Ed Macauley to St Louis for the #2 Pick in the draft)

Mike Fine has more on Baker. Bill Simmons writes about the vacuum in the sports world between the Super Bowl and March Madness.