Fox25’s Sports Sunday with Butch Stearns promises a look at Steinbrenner trying to stick it the Sox again, and comparing the Baker trade to the worst in history. Stearns led off joking that the losing conference in the All Star game tonight will have Vin Baker bounce around its teams the second half of the year. All Star highlights followed, with Stearns calling most of the hoopla over Jordan “a joke”. Baker was the topic next addressing the article by Springer in the Globe today. Rob Nikoleski then reviewed the first half of the season. Baker of course was the entire focus of the segment. A quote from Lenny Megliola had him saying Baker had the potential to be a “lifetime joke”.

After a break, Stearns mentioned that the LeBron James game last night was broadcast by the YES Network and carried locally on NESN. He then showed a Yankees ad that was shown on NESN during that time. It had Bucky Dent, and Roger Clemens among others. This he equated to the Steinbrenner sticking it to the Sox. Stearns then rated the top ten worst transactions in Boston sports history 10) Baker 9) Jose Offerman signing 8) Bob McAdoo trade to Celtics 7) Sparky Lyle to Yankees 6) Bobby Orr to Blackhawks 5) Mike Haynes to Raiders 4) Jeff Bagwell to Astros 3) Nick Buoniconti 2) Clemens 1) Babe Ruth

A look at Will McDonough’s grandson setting a high school scoring mark in becoming the 26th player in MA to score 2000 for a career was up next. Then Levan Reid previewed tomorrow night’s Beanpot final, with BU turning into the Yankees of the Beanpot. Loud mouth Lenny Clarke then said that “if you think Theo will be here longer than 2 years, You’re crazy… two and out, baby!” He then said the Bruins could contend. Last Blast was Butch not buying the Jordan/Thomas lovefest at the All Star game.

Sports Final with Bob Lobel led off with a video looking back at the 80’s in the Boston sports, set to “We didn’t start the fire”. Then they moved on to the Red Sox and had Jerry Remy on from the “Red Sox this week” set. Remy thinks that the Sox should’ve done what it took to get Colon, as they have the nucleus in place, and when you have a chance to add a pitcher of that caliber you need to do it. Then onto Pedro…it’s all about Pedro. Remy says he’s the best pitcher he’s ever seen. He thinks he’ll be better this year than last as he’ll have his confidence. He does worry about Pedro causing a distraction by bringing up his contract situation. They then talked about the defense in the infield. Remy can’t say how Walker is going to be, but he won’t be as good in the field as Sanchez was, and with the groundball pitchers that could be big. Who will bat fifth…Lobel says that is a huge topic in town…Remy says it may not matter, this team is going to score runs, will likely be more disciplined then last year.

A look at Theo’s appearance on “Red Sox this week”…He doesn’t think that Lucchino’s comments hurt the Sox any…he’s friends with Brian Cashman, and they joked that the comments might make Cashman’s job harder too….Howard Bryant, Steve Buckley and Dan Shaughnessy were in next, Buckley doesn’t like the team this year, they don’t have the right people in the bullpen, doesn’t like Walker, isn’t impressed with Millar. Shaughnessy says we always forget how many bad teams there are out there, and that with the big four they have, if they’re healthy, the team will be good. Bryant says this is a strange club, they won 93 games, they’re subscribing to the on-base theory, and he thinks the defense is going to suffer and they need defense. Guys like Remy and John Tudor don’t like the Bullpen plan. Buckley says you can’t count on Lowe and Pedro winning 40 again. Bryant says you can’t count on Pedro winning 20 again with his health, he had times last year that he was day to day. Shaughnessy says Pedro just needs to come him and “pitch his little butt off” all season. Bryant worries about Pedro and his contract situation. Dan says he would not extend Pedro. They mentioned Bryant’s book briefly, that Willie Mays and Ted Williams could’ve played together on the Sox. They then read some e-mails from viewers responding to how the Sox were going to do. They wondered about Fossum. Has he learned a third pitch? He will be looked at very hard this year, because the Sox didn’t want to give him up for Millar or Colon. Shaugnessy calls Millar the most overhyped story ever, this guy is nothing, sick of hearing of it. Jokes about the wall seating, will bar stools be thrown down from up there? No, they’ll be screwed down…but Lobel says people can bring screwdrivers.

Steve DeOssie was on next to talk a little football. They talked about the Mike Vanderjagt/Peyton Manning incident as well as Vanderjagt saying Tony Dungy is too laid back to be successful. DeOssie said Vanderjagt was just stupid, there’s a difference between being outspoken and being stupid…the kicker has no place to be talking like that. When DeOssie was a backup, he never talked, when he was a starter, he talked. They talked about local kids playing pro here. It can be difficult, especially nowadays with family, friends, expectations. They tied that to Theo even, that he is a local guy. A quick talk about Robbins, and the column that DeOssie wrote in the Metro about it. He stands by his views expressed in that column, which were that these things don’t have a place in the NFL.

Sports Xtra had a look at All Star weekend including the story of the kid Antoine Walker brought down to Atlanta with him for the weekend. Walker was one of three players who brought kids whose fathers were serving overseas to the All Star weekend. Gene Lavanchy then looked at Vin Baker, who hopes to be playing on Tuesday in the Seattle. Many of the quotes and clips we’ve seen from earlier in the week were in there.

After a break, Jackie MacMullan and Michael Holley were in studio to talk about Baker some more. They discussed Shira Springer’s article from this morning. Lavanchy thinks that Baker sounded insincere in the article. MacMullan wonders if this gives us an explanation for his behavior and play. She takes his words about being in shape and play and uses them to point out his failings in the past, it doesn’t fit with what former coaches and teammates says. Holley mentioned his rep as a “coach killer” and
that it is scary that if he is indeed in the best shape of his career, as he claims, that it means he just can’t play anymore. We better hope he isn’t in the best shape of his career. He doesn’t buy him being a ‘hometown” guy…he doesn’t have the sensibilities of a Boston athlete. Jackie brought up Reggie Lewis and his heart palpitations, and that the Celtics, if Baker did have them, haven’t done a whole lot about the situation. They think something isn’t quite right, given how Wallace and the Celtics wouldn’t comment on the situation and so forth. MacMullan says that some of his teammates aren’t happy with Baker and that Antoine is trying to hold everyone together. Is there any hope that he can still play? Holley says the way the Celtics play…he doesn’t like it…but the way they play, we’ll never know if he can play. MacMullan defended O’Brien, saying Baker isn’t a legitimate low post player. MacMullan says Baker can’t do what Derrick Coleman can do. Coleman is tough. MacMullan is amazed how long it’s taken for O’Brien to express even a little dissatisfaction with Baker. He’s toed the company line all this time. Jackie also says Shammond Williams can’t play at all.