Yesterday, one of the hot rumors going around was that Michael Holley had actually written the NY Times Op-Ed piece that appeared prior to the SuperBowl. Nick Cafardo had indicated that he didn’t think Belichick had written the piece. I went and contacted Holley and asked him if he had written or assisted Belichick with the piece. Holley replied:

“The truth is that I did not help Bill Belichick write an editorial for the New York Times. Bill is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met; I’m sure the man can string a few sentences together. In a strange way, the rumor is a compliment because I thought the piece was damn good. But no, the work is not mine.”

This morning, I linked to a John Molori article that spoke glowingly about NECN’s Chris Collins. Here’s a quote from an August, 2001 “Media Blitz” article by Molori, speaking about fellow NECN anchor Mark Ockerbloom:

“Ockerbloom is the prototypical sports anchor. Most important, he brings credibility to a NECN sports staff littered with the unbearable Chris Collins and the still-wet-behind-the-ears Mike Giardi”

Looks like Molori’s opinion of Collins has risen.

Finally, The Onion tells us how the Yankees have guaranteed themselves the pennant in 2003.