Bruins rally, then buried by Avalanche. Steve Conroy wraps up the action in the OT loss. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell’s game story, if you can call it that, focuses mostly on Hal Gill surprising Patrick Roy to get the Bruins on the board. Joe McDonald says the Bruins were just too tired in OT to win it. Stephen Harris looks at the presence of Mike Knuble as a big reason the Bruins were able to hang with the Avalanche. Michael Gee doesn’t like the NHL’s system of giving a point for an OT Loss. Dan Shaughnessy chimes in with an article on Joe Thornton, noting that he sometimes lets his temper work against him on the ice, and that diminishes his effectiveness. Conroy’s notebook looks at an injury to Sean O’Donnell and rehab for Sergei. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook looks at O’Donnell, some roster changes and a Bruins intern getting nailed with a puck.

Shira Springer and Steve Bulpett catch up with Kenny Anderson, making his return to Boston tonight. Springer’s piece focuses on how Kenny wishes he didn’t get traded and how he constantly calls C’s assistant Dick Harter for advice. Bulpett’s article has Kenny calling out “Christopher Wallace” for pulling the trigger on the deal. Anderson hasn’t played a whole lot this season, but look for him to get in there tonight. Lenny Megliola also has a piece on Anderson being hurt by the trade. Charles Barkley uses the Celtics 52 point loss to Detroit last Friday as a reason to knock Pierce and Walker again, according to Jim Baker.

Ron Borges reports on Romeo Crennel being passed over for the 49ers head coaching position. He indicates that he thinks Belichick’s policy of keeping his assistant coaches away from the media contributes to Crennel not being a more popular candidate. Michael Felger also reports on the situation, as well as the Patriots sending some players to NFL Europe, and a court ruling on the parking lots on Route 1 near the stadium. From last Friday, I left out Tom Curran’s Patriots Mailbag. Paul Zimmerman, (Dr Z) rates the NFL Broadcasters. Included in the wrapup for Madden and Michaels is this tale:

“I don’t expect much in the way of analysis. (from Madden and Michaels) Anything I get is a bonus. I’ll give you only one capsule on what I believe defines this team. Patriots vs. Titans, a deadly dull game until the start of the third quarter, when the Patriots, coming off a three-game winning streak and needing the win pretty badly, drove for a score, forced a punt and got the ball back, down seven points. They broke the huddle and I saw someone run onto the field late and line up on the flank, near their sideline. It was David Patten, the wideout. Tom Brady threw a pass his way, a curl, into double coverage and the ball was deflected and returned for a TD that just about iced the contest. This was the play of the game. Why did Patten come out onto the field late? Was he ready for the ball? What the hell was going on? I spent the next couple of days calling people on the Patriots to find out, and what I found out was that the receiver just fell asleep and everyone was upset with him. Madden and Michaels picked up on none of this.”

(Thanks to Joshua for the link)

Bob Ryan has a thoughtful look at Bipolar disorder. George Kimball asserts that several of the Raiders owe Barrett Robbins an apology.

Tony Massarotti gives the latest on the Kevin Millar situation, noting his family is now pleading with officials of the Japanese club to get him out of his contract. Dennis and Callahan spent some time this morning discussing Jason Stark’s piece on proposing rule changes for baseball, some in an effort to speed up the game. D&C will be having Bill James on as a guest on their show this morning, if they want some ideas on speeding up the game, they should just ask James to encapsulate pages 317-324 of his New Historical Baseball Abstract book.

FSNE has Celtics/Sonics at 7:00. NESN has St John’s/Boston College basketball at 7:30. ESPN2 has Nets/76ers at 7:30. ESPN has Cincinnati/Louisville at 7:00 and North Carolina/Duke at 9:00.