On Patriots.com, Bryan Morry reports

On Patriots.com, Bryan Morry reports that the Pats have indeed put the franchise tag on Tebucky Jones.


Steve Buckley needs to get

Steve Buckley needs to get over himself. For not the first time, Buckley makes himself a pivotal player in his column, for the second time this week, he’s responding to a column written in the Globe. Message to Buck…if the fans have to choose between you and Nomar, guess who they’re going to choose? When we open the sports page, we’re looking to read about the players and the teams, not about your spats with rival columnists and star athletes. He does manage a nice little swipe at Shaughnessy though:

And this week in Fort Myers, when he had a private session with trusted Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy, who drummed up a nice piece about the All-Star shortstop

At least I think it’s a shot…I’ve never seen the words “trusted” and “Shaughnessy” in the same sentence before…Buckley goes on to find an official scorer who will say on the record that Nomar once complained about a scoring…but the guy can’t remember when, he says “I’m almost positive it was last year,” But isn’t Buckley’s point that Nomar does this all the time ? How regular can it be when this guy, who admittedly is only a backup, can only vaguely remember one incident?

What exactly did Buck prove here? His original column was taking Nomar to task for going to Charles Scoggins and complaining…but that part still isn’t true. Buckley is mad that Nomar called him a liar for it. Showing that Nomar went to another scorer at some point in the recent past to complain doesn’t validate his article last September which was based on Nomar going to Scoggins. Buckley concludes:

For the record, I wanted to let this die.

Nomar wants to keep it on the table.

What a crock. You’re loving this, Buckley. You get to be the center of attention once again and make appearances on all the local shows, be on Sports Final this Sunday, and basically make more money. Maybe WFAN will have you on again.

Back to Shaughnessy for a minute. Not only does most of Boston dislike the guy, but he’s ticked off Florida residents as well. Carrie Johnson of the St. Petersburg Times writes about local uproar by residents to Shaughnessy’s description of their fair city in a recent column.

Tony Massarotti and David Heuschkel also look at Nomar being the spotlight. Massarotti’s piece is about how Nomar is constantly on edge, almost scared. Jeff Horrigan also weighs in, making the point that Nomar doesn’t like change, and that includes leaving Boston.

Shea Hillenbrand is the other story of the day, Bob Hohler looks at Shea’s arrival and that he is ready to once again battle to prove himself and reclaim his job. Jeff Horrigan says Hillenbrand is ready to put the offseason talk behind him. Steven Krasner says it looks like first base for Hillenbrand, but knows that nothing is going to be handed to him. David Heuschkel’s second article of the day also looks at Hillenbrand. Krasner also looks at Trot Nixon, who has given up chewing tobacco and attributes his weight gain over the offseason to it. D&C were ripping on Nixon this morning for being out of shape.Krasner has a brief sidebar on the upcoming meeting between Nixon and former combatant-turned-teammate Ryan Rupe. Hohler reports that the construction on the seats above the wall has been delayed. Hohler’s notebook says don’t expect any changes in Nomar’s batting style. Horrigan’s notebook has Tom Werner saying he wants Pedro to wind up a Red Sox for rest of his career. In Kranser’s notebook, Nomar says his wrist feels good. The Inside Track updates us on Red Sox romance.

Jeff Jacobs says Ephedrine should be banned by MLB. Michael Mutnansky also has a really good take on the substance, he’s had personal experience with it.

Don’t look for any major deals from the Celtics today. I write that in hopes that they can surprise me and in fact do something to help themselves. Steve Bulpett runs down a few minor possibilities. Shira Springer says that passing is what is leading to success on this road trip for the Celtics. She also gives some notes on a trade for Mark Blount.

Michael Felger reports that the Patriots will likely be slapping the franchise tag on Tebucky Jones, possibly as early as today. He also gives an update on the playing status of Miami RB Willis McGahee as he preps for the draft. Michael Smith also reports on Jones getting tagged, and adds an update on Marc Edwards. Tom Curran weighs in on Jones, and also gives updates on Ted Johnson and Anthony Pleasant.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at the 1-1 tie managed by the Bruins last night in Carolina. Steve Conroy also reports on the game. Mike O’Connell doesn’t totally disagree with PJ Stock’s pointed comments in the paper yesterday, as reflected in the Globe notebook. There’s more in the Herald notebook as well.

TNT has Celtics/Kings at 10:00 TNT also has Pacers/Nets at 7:30. ESPN has the NHL with either Colorado at Pittsburgh or Los Angeles at Philadelphia at 8:00. ESPN2 has Wake Forest/Georgia Tech at 7:00 and Charlotte/Marquette at 9:00. FSNE has California/UCLA at 10:30

For the second day in

For the second day in a row, Dale & Neumy had to fend off a caller who claimed that Pedro Martinez won a “soft 20” games last year. They also talked Bruins, Dale really thinks Ftorek will be on the hot seat if they play poorly tonight. They also talked a little Mike Tyson. Dale has seen the tattoo, so he doesn’t need to see the fight. (Which is back on) Eddie talked about the Nomar article by Shaughnessy today…he thinks now media members are just going to try to see what they can do to set Nomar off. He also talked Yao Ming Wing and Sing party, Giant Glass, and Phantom Gourmet and Hot Dog Safari and took shots at Theo Epstein and the Red Sox. He also fielded “sports lies”. Pete continued sitting in the big chair today, and was joined by Steve DeOssie, making his third straight appearance and Larry Johnson.

Sean McAdam writes about the new additions to the Red Sox for ESPN.com. Christopher Price gives Antoine Walker some praise.

Red Auerbach’s brother, Zang, died last Thursday. This is the first I’ve heard of it…I wasn’t aware that he had designed the Celtics logo..

Zang Auerbach, an artist and editorial and sports cartoonist who had worked for The Washington Post, the Evening Star and the Washington
Times-Herald, died of heart ailments February 13, 2003, at Holy Cross Hospital, in the metropolitan Washington DC area, at the age of 81.

Mr. Auerbach was the brother of the legendary Boston Celtics basketball coach Arnold "Red" Auerbach. He designed the Celtics' logo and also the logo of the old Washington Senators baseball team.

It’s hard to feature the

It’s hard to feature the Celtics as the lead sports story of the day when there are just a few short articles covering the game. Steve Bulpett notes that passing and patience were the keys to the win, and the Celtics would very much like to add a fifth win to the trip. Shinra Springer focuses on how the Celtics were able to hold onto their lead despite a furious Warriors comeback. Out west in the Oakland Tribune, Vittorio Tafur says the Warriors shoddy defense was what allowed the Celtics to get the win. Bulpett’s notebook focuses on reserve forward Ruben Wolkowyski, who is headed for Spain. Springer’s notebook is similar and she adds some on Walter McCarty hoping to stay in Boston.

There’s something sickening about Dan Shaughnessy being the one to write an article about Nomar’s uneasy and distrustful relationship with the media. You can see that Shaughnessy takes pride in being a part of “Boston’s vaunted Keyboard Knights.” He does manage get Buckley to admit to getting it wrong on the official scorer story last summer in a column Buckley wrote:

Reached in Boston last night, Buckley said, ''There's a difference between making stuff up and messing up. I messed up, and I told Nomar.''

At least Buck can say he messed up. I don’t think we’d ever read a similar quote from Shaughnessy. But not to be outdone, Steve Buckley does take aim at the Globe this morning and the article on race yesterday. Check out this opening paragraph:

One of the most puzzling newspaper articles ever devoted to the Red Sox rolled off the presses yesterday. Perhaps you read it. It was a wonderfully written crying towel about how the Red Sox might open the season without - oh, the horror - a single African-American player in the starting lineup

Of course, this was talked about all day yesterday on the airwaves, so Buck once again isn’t breaking news here, but the article is well done. Tony Massarotti looks at newcomer Bill Meuller and uses the piece to further knock statistics and analysts in the game of baseball. But I guess Tony is right when he ends the story by telling us you aren’t going to find stats for serious injuries suffered in pursuit of foul balls. (where’s the sarcasm button?) Steven Krasner focuses more on Meuller as a hard nosed, old fashioned player. David Heushckel looks at the collection of “dirtballs” the Red Sox have put together here. Looks like a fun bunch. New lead dirtball Kevin Millar wants the group to grow mullets. Michael Gee wonders why the Sox stars always have to take so much heat around here. Good article by Gee, but he shouldn’t lump all Sox fans in that group…John Tomase writes that consciously or not, deep down all Sox fans don’t really want the Red Sox to win. Interesting premise, but I don’t buy it. Jeff Horrigan writes about Frank Castillo. While Trot Nixon will miss Brian Daubach, writes Massarotti, he now has a new running mate in Millar. Karen Guregian continues her assignment of finding everyone in Florida (Joe Kerrigan, Cliff Floyd, Tom Glavine, today Mo Vaughn) who might say something bad about the Red Sox. Horrigan’s notebook has Willie Banks taking no chances in light of the Bechler tragedy. Chad Finn says Boston fans are going to love Millar, and has a bunch of other baseball notes as well as some basketball and football items. Shaughnessy does the Globe notebook (where are Edes and Hohler today?) on Lou Merloni coming to camp ready for another battle. Krasner has similar thoughts in his notebook.

Bill Madden on the NY Daily News has a column on a friend of Ted Williams getting a peek inside the cryogenics facility that Williams’ body is being kept in. Pretty fascinating story. The story prompted Gerry Callahan to call Cladia Williams “a vile little wench” on WEEI this morning.

Steve Conroy files a story on Bruins rookie defenseman Zdenek Kutlak, who scored his first NHL goal in the Nashville debacle. PJ Stock has some words about what the Bruins are missing these days and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell is there to capture them.

Bill Griffith gives an update on the Mike Adams dismissal. The show was halted once Mike Kellogg read the Jim Baker story and felt it unfair to leave Adams hanging like that. Griffith reports that Michael Andelman, fearing nepotism charges, has turned down the offer of the morning show. He also gets some quotes from Adams, but the reason for the dismissal is still not clear. Reached last night, a one 1510 type labeled Adams’ tenure “disappointing”, another source not inside the station speculated that the show wasn’t being prepared for properly. Arrivals at 5:55 and departures at 9:59 were deemed everyday fare. Bringing in the young guys is another risk, but a cheap one. It should be made clear that drinking or other substance problems do NOT appear to have been an issue here, and someone on the tagboard suggested sexual harassment which is ridiculous and can be dismissed out of hand. Another question might be why did the younger Andelman even speak with Baker for the story yesterday? As another 1510 type said, “It’s pretty low to cut a guy off at the knees like that.”

NESN has Bruins/Hurricanes at 7:00. ESPN has Memphis/Louisville at 7:00 and Maryland/Duke at 9:00. ESPN2 has Islanders/Sharks at 10:30

If you went to 1510thezone.com

If you went to 1510thezone.com and looked around, you’d never know the Mike Adams Morning Show existed. All links and pictures related to the show were removed by mid-morning. Adams started the show, but sometime in the 7:00 hour, he was replaced with the Sporting News Radio national morning show. Wouldn’t you have loved to have been a fly in the studio during that time? No word on a new show, when the topic was brought up this afternoon on WWZN by a caller, he was referred to management. Nothing has been announced about the replacements…since Adams is likely still under contract, could they possibly just fill the slot with the national show, as they did before? Won’t be cheap to add new salaries on top of what they’re still going to be paying Adams. In any event, I feel bad for Mike…I’ll say it again…had he gotten the right people around him, the show could’ve worked. I’m still not sure the show was yanked purely because of poor ratings, but that’s pure speculation on my part. Now, how soon before Mike appears on WEEI again? Next week? No mention was made on Eddie’s show of the events of the morning. Instead, talk revolved around the Red Sox, Eddie wants to trade Pedro. WEEI went between Red Sox talk, discussion of Gordon Edes’ morning article and the pathetic Bruins performance. Pete Sheppard filled in for the Big O and was joined by Felger and DeOssie. Red Sox talk, racism and Pedro were the continued topics.

Alan Greenwood feels pretty confident that the Sox and Pedro will work something out. He also looks at the bullpen and gives up 5 things to watch this spring. Mike Fine takes a look across a pretty solid Red Sox roster.

The topic to lead with

The topic to lead with today is not another pathetic Bruins performance, nor yet another don’t-give-Pedro-the-money column, this time by Dan Shaughnessy, but the startling word from Jim Baker that the Mike Adams morning show is being yanked. Coming in it’s place? None other than (to paraphrase CHB) “thanksdad” Andelman. (or as he’s already being called on the tagboard..”mini-me”) Yep, that’s right, Michael Andelman is being lined to be handed the 6-10 am slot along with his current “Saturday Shakedown” hosts – Kevin Winter and Ryan Risillo. A couple people on the Tag Board here were talking last week about that Saturday show and that they enjoyed it. I’ll give it a fair shot. I do feel bad for Adams, who I think never got the people around him that he needed in order to succeed.

Links were a little delayed as I had to shovel the 10 feet of snow first. Seriously, the end of my driveway, where the plows go by and fill in, was up to my armpits and I’m 6’5″. This is insane.

I’m not even touching the Bruins.

Thinking warm thoughts…let’s go to Florida. Tony Massarotti has a nice column on Pedro Martinez working with Casey Fossum. Pedro sees a lot of himself in Fossum, and has a pitching coach-like mentality around him, analyzing his delivery, spotting flaws and offering advice on adjustments. In looking over the red Sox roster, Gordon Edes is disturbed over the fact that the Red Sox do not have a single African-American projected as an everyday player or starting pitcher. A little puzzling, as if several of their players were born in the US rather than in the Dominican, this wouldn’t be an issue. Gerry Callahan likes Todd Walker and questions fans who are pining for Rey Sanchez. Callahan was also gushing about David Ortiz on the radio this morning…how much fun the guy is having, how pleasant he seems…yep the same Ortiz that Shaughnessy has referred to on a number of occasions as “a huge sack of you know what”. Steven Krasner looks at forgotten man, Frank Castillo, who has something to prove. David Heuschkel looks at a sleeper candidate to be a lights out guy in the bullpen; Chad Fox. A good look at the hardships Fox has faced, from losing his brother to cancer, to the injuries he’s had. Heuschkel also reports that the Sox are close to a contract with Millar. Jeff Horrigan also looks at Fox and how though he is from Houston, he jumped at the chance to play for the Red Sox. Lenny Megliola promises not to complain about the weather on opening day, no matter how raw it is. Bob Hohler reports about Walker and Ortiz are united in their dislike for their former Twins manager, Tom Kelly. Karen Guregian criticizes the Red Sox for not making a harder push to sign Tom Glavine in the offseason. Jon Couture tries to keep an open mind about Sabremetrics while musing over spring traditions. Massarotti looks at Ortiz, and how winter ball prepared him for playing in Boston. Krasner has a brief blurb on an annual event…new guy wants the uniform number that someone else already has. Edes reports on John Henry Williams’ latest baseball venture. Hohler’s notebook looks ahead to Manny’s arrival, Ramirez is ticked off at the Boston media for how they’ve treated him…as he should be. Horrigan’s notebook gets reaction to the tragedy in the Baltimore camp, and a Millar contract update. Krasner’s notebook has an interesting tidbit in how Pedro led to Ortiz signing with Boston, and some other assorted notes.

Shaughnessy and Bill Reynolds had Pedro articles, but it’s nothing you haven’t read already, or hear ad nauseam on radio and TV.

Bob Ryan says watch out for the Warriors. I actually can’t remember the last time the Celtics won on the Warriors home floor. (It was 1995, but I still don’t remember that) Steve Bulpett looks at the Celtics getting a little rest, and also addresses the Mark Blount trade rumors which surfaced last week on ESPN.com insider.

John Molori bounces around on a number of national media topics.

ESPN.com has redone their homepage, with the focus on video. You need a broadband connection, and once you install a plugin, streaming content is automatically downloaded when available so that you have a TV-like quality in the video streams.

FSNE has Celtics/Warriors at 10:30. TNT has Rockets/Lakers at 10:30, but Shaq is likely out, so no rematch with Yao tonight. ESPN has Michigan St/Illinois at 7:00 and Alabama/Georgia at 9:00. ESPN2 has St. Johns/Syracuse at 7:00.

Y’all ready for a week

Y’all ready for a week of Pedro contract talk? That topic should dominate sports radio this week. Thankfully there’s only one article on that topic today, and it’s by none other than Steve Buckley, who saves his thoughts on the subject for Monday, rather than going with this on Sunday, like most others did. Buckley like most of the rest of the media pack in Boston says don’t give in to Pedro. Of course, if they don’t pick up the option, and then Pedro refuses to negotiate an extension, and holds the grudge that he’s very capable of doing and then leaves as a free agent, (Yankees or not) these same guys will be all over management. They will track Pedro’s progress with his new team just like they do Clemens, with biting comments each time a milestone is reached, or he beats the Red Sox. Can’t you just see it? They’ll all be asking…”Why didn’t the Red Sox take care of this when they had the chance?” John Dennis made this point this morning, countering Gerry Callahan’s viewpoint. I’m not saying to cave into Pedro’s demands, but there must be something they can do to assure the guy.

I’m sure we’ll hear enough of this in the weeks to come, (can’t even imagine the angry rant Eddie is going to go on) so we’ll move onto the other Sox stories. Gordon Edes looks at last years whipping boy, John Burkett, who still doesn’t understand why his comments last year about the strike were harped on so much. Tony Massarotti feels that the newcomers to the Sox will add some flavor to the clubhouse and that this team could become a real bunch of Dirt Dogs. (That’s a good thing). David Heuschkel looks at the arrival of the guy who could become the lead Dirt Dog, Kevin Millar. Bob Hohler, Jeff Horrigan, and Steven Krasner also write about Millar. Tony Massarotti also has a brief side article on Mike Timlin, who is buying into the bullpen strategy. Karen Guregian continues her tour of any camp not belonging to the Red Sox, after filling a column yesterday about the fact that Joe Kerrigan wouldn’t talk to her, today she goes to visit Cliff Floyd, who speaks in glowing terms about Kevin Millar. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the Sox signing of 18 year old Cuban defector Gary Galvez. Krasner’s notebook has more on Galvez and some injury reports. (infected armpit boil?) Hohler’s notebook leads with the tryouts of Robert Person and Donovan Osborne

The most interesting thing about Dan Shaughnessy’s column today is not about moving the Ted Williams Hitters Hall of Fame to Boston….an idea he discussed on Sports Final last night, but the interesting thing to me is, that now that Ted is gone, Dan is free to rip on John Henry Williams with just as much nastiness as he would anyone else (“The universally loathed John Henry Williams“). Was that not predictable. Way to go Dan. Way to be loyal to someone who gave you access to Ted. Dan used John Henry and now has discarded him with disdain. Not that I’m defending John Henry here, but Shaughnessy’s actions are typical of the media who only tolerates you if they can get something out of you.

Bob Ryan goes back to his roots and submits the game story for the Celtics loss in Phoenix last night. Steve Bulpett and Jim O’Brien concur that poor shot selection did in the Celts last night. Bulpett’s notebook has word that forgotten bench player Ruben Wolkowyski tried to make a deal with a European club recently. Ryan’s notebook gives us a Battie update and has more praise for the Sun’s rookie sensation Amare Stoudemire.

Michael Felger and Tom Curran report that the Patriots will cut Donald Hayes this week, at the receivers request, after attempts to renegotiate down his contract were unsuccessful. Something you won’t read in the Globe…the last blurb in Bill Burt’s Saturday column:

Lazarus House got an impressive food server at the Lawrence homeless shelter and food kitchen on Wednesday night.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick stopped by with his son and served food at dinner time.

How humorous was it to read Ron Borges singing the praises of Pete Carroll yesterday? Borges also wrote that the Patriots showed “no interest” in Priest Holmes when he was available. A March 31st 2000 article by Nick Cafardo indicating the Patriots interest suggests otherwise. So either Ron is wrong, or he’s saying Nick doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Steve Conroy doesn’t expect Rob Zamuner back for a bit longer. Mick Colageo expects big things from Jeff Jillson. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at a contrite Mike Knuble. Russ Conway wonders what’s up with how the Bruins are (mis)using Jozef Stumpel.

NESN has Bruins/Predators at 7:30. ESPN has Raptors/Wizards at 1:30, Pitt/Georgetown at 7:00, Texas Tech/Texas at 9:00, and Utah/Wyoming at midnight. ESPN2 has Sharks/Kings at 10:00