The “TagBoard” to the right here seems to be working out quite nicely. Running comments on WEEI vs WWZN in there. Some good comments, keep them coming. Feel free to also use it to discuss what is being talked about on WEEI. After a morning of listening on WWZN to Mike Adams planing his on-air wedding (April 17th, I think) and Stampy’s grating laugh, I was ready to gouge my eyes out. Tony Massarotti gave the show a decent segment in the 8:00 hour. Dennis and Callahan spent much of their earlier time discussing Baker and the Beanpot. John Dennis watched the Westminster Dog show instead. Eddie keeps knocking the Red Sox and promoting his Yao Ming night at the Kowloon. Dave Jageler and Nick Cafardo are alongside. They’re also discussing sports movies. Or trying to anyway. Sean McDonough was joined by Michael Smith and Bob Halloran.

Mike Fine says like it or not, we’re stuck with Vin Baker. He also previews each game of the west coast road trip. Bill Simmons breaks down the entries in the LeBron James sweepstakes. Jon Couture thinks there is too much extra entertainment around sporting events.