I feel like Bill Parcells.

I feel like Bill Parcells. Reading Buckley’s newest “effort” makes me feel like throwing up in my mouth…today’s piece was produced using another media whore method. This time instead of swiping his idea from a smaller paper, he takes the topic from yesterday’s sports radio discussions and writes a column out of it. Talk about shutting it down…I’m beginning to wonder if Buckley has an original thought in him. Borges must be either real pleased with Buck, for taking the heat off him, or ticked off because he’s taking the spotlight away. I can’t figure out which. Can the Herald sports editor be truly pleased with this submission? I debated not mentioning this column at all today, because by leading off with it, aren’t I just being an “enabler”? Giving him publicity about his column–however dreadful it is? Who was it that said “There’s no such thing as bad publicity?” I decided in the end, that I’m here to cover to media, and like it or not, stuff like this has to be mentioned. I’m not all that mad about the content of the column, though I don’t agree, I can at least understand those who are ticked off at Pedro for passing up his last start if the Sox are eliminated, it’s the fact that Buckley wrote this column after saying all these same things for 4 hours yesterday on the Big Show that has me irate. He ends the column with “please, no more talk about how it was understood he’d make his next start if the Sox were still in it. If that’s the case, what was with the flowers, champagne and personal notes left at Pedro’s locker after his last start?” (He said this exact same thing on WEEI yesterday…verbatim) There had been much talk before that start about if Pedro won his 20th game that really the season would be a resounding success for Martinez, it was a symbolic milestone of how far he’s come back from last year. It was a big deal to Pedro, and to his teammates, clearly. The gifts were in congratulations of meeting crossing that magical 20 win line. Somehow Buck doesn’t get it.

David Heuschkel starts off with Pedro wondering, What’s all the hubbub, bub? Bob Hohler looks at how the offseason could shape up. Gordon Edes chats with Grady Little. Jeff Horrigan looks at the Sox Wild hopes still being alive, and fills his notebook with a Little milestone and other sundry items. Sean McAdam combines a game story with a notebook. Tony Massarotti looks at Derek Lowe’s chances for the Cy. In contrast to Pedro, Lowe wants to make two more starts to increase his chances for the award.

Nick Cafardo looks ahead to the Chargers, and includes a tale of a college matchup between undefeated teams led by Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Michael Felger looks at just how far Tom Brady has transcended expectations. Felger’s notebook has an injury update and an honor for Larry Izzo. Jim Donaldson takes a look around the NFL and decides the Vikings should be contracted. Cafardo’s notebook has word of Ty Law’s contract being restructured.

Looks like NESN and the Globe will be joined at the hip even more very soon. A blurb on NESN’s website says: “NESN.com is about to get a new home. Starting October 2, Boston.com and NESN will combine their resources to help create New England’s premier sports site. We’re excited about working together, and hope that you will continue to visit us at our new online home, boston.com/sports.”

NESN has Red Sox/White Sox at 8:00. ESPN & ESPN2 have baseball doubleheaders at 7:00 & 10:00.


Two weeks ago it was

Two weeks ago it was Manny, last week it was Nomar, this week Pedro is in the crosshairs. It gets real old, real quick. Why they think this makes good radio totally blows my mind. It’s been almost all Pedro “shutdown” talk all day on WEEI. The Touchdown Twins were on with “The View” (Dale and Neumy…Ordway has dubbed them that) and while everyone on that program and at the beginning of the Big Show (Felger, Buckley) is careful to say they like Pedro, they want him to finish his career here, that he’s a great pitcher, they don’t want to run him out of town, but then they all proceed to slam him. After some football Tuesday talk with a pretty entertaining Matt Light, the talk on WWZN also turned to Pedro. Tony Massarotti was a voice of reason taking on Eddie. He noted that the same people who are all indignant over this would castigate the team if Pedro were to get injured and mess up next season. He took Eddie on vociferously, for perhaps the first time, even saying if Eddie did what he’s pontificating about …putting Pedro out there when you’re on the hook for big bucks next year and risking an injury…that Eddie would be a bad businessman…which is hitting Eddie hard. Glen Ordway tried to make the ludicrous analogy of saying Pedro’s actions are like Tom Brady shutting it down with four games left and the Patriots trailing the Dolphins by one game. He quickly realized the absurdity of that comment and retracted it. Kevin Paul Dupont and Mike Giardi joined Sean McDonough for the McDonough group. Sean introduced the Pedro topic almost right off the bat. Kevin Paul Dupont made an excellent point that Pedro’s shutdown was pretty much validated by his manager, Grady pretty much threw up the white flag with that lineup in the second game of the doubleheader last week. He adds that that lineup, along with Little’s non-action against Manny are fire-able offenses. Giardi feels that as much as he wants to see Pedro finish his career in Boston, that it isn’t going to work out that way.

Bill Simmons writes a Red Sox eulogy, and also addresses the media madness in Boston. Some strong stuff in there. Since Simmons has cartons more juice than I’ve got in this town, it’ll be interesting to see what the ramifications of his knocking Buckley are. Mike Fine looks at the Cy Young race.

First of all, a million

First of all, a million apologies for the unannounced outage this morning. It was a surprise to me, too. Why a hosting company would choose the morning to run maintenance is beyond me…

Gerry Callahan says the Pats got the best receiver to ever come out of Marshall. Interesting story that Brown’s last play at Marshall was in the 1992 Division 1-AA National Championship, and the coaches put him in at corner and he came up with an interception. Karen Guregian criticizes Tiger Woods for snubbing the Ryder Cup in some comments in favor of paying events. Michael Gee hates dull endings to games. I hate dull columns. Bill Reynolds offers three mini-columns. The Patriots, Pedro and Troy Brown are the topics. Lenny Megliola weighs in on Pedro. Ron Borges observes the 50th anniversary of Rocky Marciano becoming Heavy Champion of the World.

Kevin Mannix gives some failing grades to the coaching and special teams in his report card. Jackie MacMullan says that the Chargers offense better look out Sunday. Tom Curran emphasizes the need for balance. Alan Greenberg notes the need for consistency on defense. Michael Smith examines the wake-up call. Mark Murphy has Bill Belichick looking to improve the running game, while Rich Thompson notes that the pass protection needs to be better as well. The notebooks for the Globe, Herald and Projo , all contain some of the same and some unique information.

Is tonight the night the Red Sox are officially eliminated from the playoffs? With Appier pitching for Anaheim against Texas, it could very well be. Jeff Horrigan invokes Edgar Allan Poe in describing the Sox faint heartbeat. Bob Hohler says the Sox need some new arms for next year. Michael Silverman and Sean McAdam look at the hunt for a new General Manager. McAdam also predicts some changes on the coaching staff if Grady Little is retained. Silverman reports that Rey Sanchez wants to stay in Boston. (and Baerga too) In Horrigan’s notebook, Little repeats the essence of what Pedro said last week (and what everyone seems to forget) that if the Sox are still alive when Martinez’s turn comes up he’s going to pitch. “If Anaheim (continues to lose) and we’re still in it, of course I’ll pitch,” said Martinez (20-4). “I didn’t think that needed to be said. I’ll even pitch a few days early if needed. If they want me to go on two or three days (rest), I’ll gladly do that.” David Heuschkel looks at the Sox last and Grady’s fate.

Bill Griffith has details of ESPN’s new network. (No it isn’t ESPN7 produced by Bill Simmons) Jim Baker rates CBS’s coverage of the Patriots game Sunday, and gives Bob Lobel a little grief. I have to admit though, that he’s right, I get sick of Bob curtly telling us each time they can’t show a doubleheader that it’s because of the system…and the “Adam and Leave” thing did get old after about the second time he said it…John Molori has Sean McDonough pleading to keep his Red Sox gig, (Does John get to be on the McDonough Group now?) and information on the “Road to Ireland” a thoroughly worthy event being held next Monday night at The Rack.

NESN has Red Sox/White Sox at 8:00. TBS has Braves/Phillies at 7:00. ESPN Classic has a Rocky Marciano Night at the fights at 9:00

OK….lets lay out all the

OK….lets lay out all the evidence on the Nomar column by Buckley. Last Sunday, the 15th, John Tomase wrote an article for the Lawrence Eagle Tribune in which he pretty said that it seems Nomar doesn’t want to be here, despite being adored by the fans and given a free pass by the media, and that he would perhaps welcome a change of address. The next day the article was discussed on Fox Sports New England when Buckley was on with Bill Burt, who also works at the Eagle-Tribune. Buckley then put together his article, which has the same premise, uses many of the same points, but is just much more over the top then Tomase’s piece. Check out the similarities in the major points:

But some guys just aren’t cut out to play in Boston. And the onion-skinned Garciaparra is one of them…Despite being adored and exalted by the press and fans, Garciaparra feels persecuted.

Hey, Nomar Garciaparra, do you want something to really complain about? Here goes, hotshot: You don’t deserve to play in Boston.

Garciaparra is no exception. He operates on the assumption that the media and fans are out to get him, often carping about the negative atmosphere in Boston
Never mind that he’s one of the most revered athletes in Boston history, that he’s known nothing but standing ovations and positive press. He carries a chip on his shoulder the size of the Green Monster.

Sorry, No. 5, but you don’t deserve to play in a region whose fans have revered you, respected you and cheered for you since the day you arrived in the big leagues.
Negative media? The knights of the keyboard have rewarded you with journalistic bouquets. We have tiptoed around your locker, seeking out the Johnny Damons and Lou Merlonis for postgame quotes, and we only talk to you when you deign to speak to us. Out of respect, we have left you alone.

Garciaparra seethed yesterday at press accounts that he blamed third base coach Mike Cubbage for getting picked off second by Baltimore second baseman Jerry Hairston in a crucial situation Friday night.

Ditto with last week, when you – Mr. I Just Care About Winning – threw third base coach Mike Cubbage under the bus after getting picked off second base. If you really cared only about winning, it wouldn’t have made a difference if Cubbage had been sitting in a rocking chair in that third-base coach’s box, sipping a latte and reading “Heidi.” If it was winning that was on your mind, Mike Cubbage would not have been a postgame topic.

The Garciaparra myth appears to be crumbling. It can be summed up in one sentence: “I don’t care about stats.”
For a player who doesn’t care about stats, take a look the next time he’s charged with an error. First he’ll sneak a glance under his left armpit at the scoreboard. If an ‘E’ appears, he glares up at the official scorer between pitches and as he runs off the field.
Because he doesn’t care about stats.

Oh, and do you remember a few years back and you were flirting with .400, and the writers asked you to talk about it? You waved everyone off, told everyone to get lost with those questions, and made it clear that you only care about winning, not numbers.
Yet just last week, you picked up the phone and called the press box and whined to official scorer Charlie Scoggins about getting an error turned into a hit.

So it’s not plagiarism, but it seems like ol’ Buckshot couldn’t even be bothered to come up with his own points for the story. Idea theft? It sure looks like he just took the stuff from Tomase’s article, put it into a different order, and put a harder edge on it. Is it a coincidence that this story came out Sunday, was a prime topic of a show that Buckley was on Monday, and then appeared in the Herald two days later? Is it any coincidence that he timed its publication for the same day he was working a four hour shift on WEEI’s Big Show? Raise your hand if you think that Buckley would’ve dared to publish this column had not Tomase already published his…Last night on Sports Final, Buckley feigned surprise over all the uproar that his story caused, and talked about how it had turned into “media covering media” and had some harsh words for those who were getting on him. He also said he was using a “columnist’s device”. Is that what they call this? Shaughnessy was also there for moral support for Buck. Am I going to far in drawing these conclusions? Apparently not, as I mentioned this morning, I have it on good terms that Tomase plans to go to Buckley about this.

Peter King looks at the Bledsoe/Roger Clemens analogy. Bledsoe also provides this quote: “‘Now I know what Bill Parcells wanted me to do. I was just too young to do it.'” King also curiously names Tebuckey Jones his defensive player of the week, mostly it seems, for Jones’ efforts against the Jets last week. Way too much stuff on his daughter field hockey team, too. Eric McHugh writes about a reality check for the Patriots. Mark Farinella writes about the Pats being bruised up. Glen Farley writes about “Adam and leave” — Bob Lobels’ catchphrase for the Pats kicker. Dan Pires has the Patriots coming back to earth. Ron Borges writes how impressed he is with the Saints for MSNBC.

Troy Brown gave his status as “day to day” on his visit with Dale & Neumy. They reported that he came in without a limp, or being all bandaged up, so that is a positive sign. Quite a bit of talk about whether the Chiefs should’ve gone for 2 and the win on the final possession — and whether the Pats could’ve stopped them. Fred Smerlas and Steve Nelson joined Glen Ordway for the Big Show. Something I forgot to mention from Friday was Mark Malone’s appearance on the program where he was slightly uptight with the boys. When the talk slightly deviated from football, Malone impatiently asked “You guys want to talk football or are you going to BS around?” That of course led to non-stop mocking of Malone for the rest of the program after he got off the phone. On today’s show Ordway joked about the rest of the league figuring out the Patriots now, how ridiculous that premise is.

E-mailer Rich offers this analysis: “Regarding the CBS coverage, Dick Enberg is like Cal Ripken and (according to Peter May) Hakeem Olajuwon – retired a few years ago but does not know it yet. His bungling of names and facts (“Incompletion by Brady” on Faulk halfback option pass) ranges from comical to irritating, but his and Dierdorf’s total disregard for the story line of Pats missing 2 starting linebackers – both of
whom are sideline to sideline guys who are more suited to stopping a Priest Homes than TJ – was inexcusable. Another complaint about CBS, when a guy gets injured, tell us who replaced him!”

Monday morning links and thoughts

Monday morning links and thoughts while waiting for a Boston writer to skewer Pedro in print. Who will it be first? Should there be odds laid on this? Second, I was shocked by the Sports Final poll last night that had 62% percent of responders saying the Boston Media was fair. The poll also had something like 13% that said the media was too positive. I’m curious about the sample size of that poll, and when it was held. Meanwhile, I’m running the same poll with the same options here, just see the results. Third, what’s with this media brotherhood, they cover each other, even when the other person works for their main competition. Two examples from last week, Shaughnessy essentially lifting a Johnny Unitas story from an AP feed and not acknowledging it, and Buckley, out and out stealing a story written just a couple days earlier in a smaller paper. (The Nomar story, taken from John Tomase, Eagle-Tribune) Neither of these episodes have gotten any kind of publicity. In fact, Shaughnessy and Buckley appeared together on Sports Final last night, to scratch each other’s back and defend their honor. I’m going to have more on this later. As a tease, let me just say my moles are saying that Tomase is ticked off at Buckley and plans to confront him about this…which is similar to the sentiments expressed by the AP writer, David Ginsburg. Says Ginsburg: “I wouldn’t expect someone as prominent as Shaughnessy to throw AP in his copy.” Shaughnessy and Buckley should lose the right to ever question an athlete’s effort…

Ron Borges continues to ride on the runner board of the Brady bandwagon. Shaughnessy subtly criticizes the fans for thinking too much of this Patriots team. Kevin Mannix is panicked. (Not a single mention of the Patriots missing their top two linebackers) After a very good article Saturday, Michael Gee reverts to form and submits the theory today that it would’ve been better for the Patriots had they lost yesterday. Jim Donaldson says a sign of a good team is winning despite a “lousy” defense. Game stories were filed by Tom Curran, Michael Felger, Nick Cafardo and Alan Greenberg. Troy Brown’s day was chronicled by Paul Kenyon, Michael Smith and Mark Murphy. Michael Felger’s notebook lists out the Patriot numerous injuries from yesterday, most minor. Over at the Globe, Cafardo’s notebook looks at the thin linebacking group. Michael O’Connor and Paul Harber focus in on David Patten’s somewhat overlooked day. Priest Holmes excellence was examined by Rich Thompson and Joe Burris. Ian Clark looks at Brady to Brown.

Gordon Edes says Pedro for Cy Young, Michael Silverman says Manny is well aware of the batting race. Jeff Horrigan’s notebook has Pedro giving props to Varitek, and Grady pushing for Urbina to return next year. Bob Hohler’s notebook is similar. Hohler’s game story has a tearful Baerga saying Pedro’s comeback this year is a miracle. David Heuschkel reviews Pedro’s day and year. Yesterday, Sean McAdam looked at potential GM candidates for the Red Sox. Saturday, Michael Gee had a good article about the tendency here to drive stars out of town and blame them totally for the Red Sox failures. My only criticism with it was that he directed it towards the fans, it would be better as a swipe at the media.

NESN has Red Sox/Orioles at 7:00. ABC has Rams/Buccaneers at 9:00.

Fox25 Sports Sunday started off

Fox25 Sports Sunday started off late (10:48), and with Butch Stearns wondering if he deserves to work in Boston. He says Buckley deserves credit for his article earlier this week. Says Pedro says he won’t take a hometown discount to stay in Boston. Patriots highlights followed, and Kevin Mannix was in after that. Butch talked about the Patriots being pushed around all day, and Mannix hopes it isn’t the start of a copycat trend. Priest Holmes was outstanding, and the Chiefs O-Line really got a great push and knocked the Patriots off the ball. Despite so many passes by the Patriots, they controlled the clock, Charlie Weis loves to do this spread offense. Daniel Graham’s catch and blocking was pointed out. Chiefs top running team in AFC, San Diego and Miami are the next top teams and they’re next on the schedule. Bledsoe highlights from Denver were up next.

Pedro’s comments over the weekend were up next, as well as his highlights from today. Butch noted Nomar’s hot streak since being ripped by Buckley and suggested Buckley go after Vin Baker next. On the Cy Young, Butch says Pedro should win it, but Zito will win it. The N.E. Revolution merited a mention on the show with their hot end to the season.

NFL highlights, led off the next segment, followed by Levan Reid’s segment, who talked about Priest Holmes running over the Pats, but the Patriots offense doing enough to overcome it. Reid also can’t remember the last time the Pats were pushed around like this, he’s scratching his head over it. Ty Law talked about people needed to step up when people are out. However Brady was “sick” throwing the ball all over the field including to all three tight ends. Clips from both rookies, Graham and Branch, who talked about the offense stepping up. Next week though if Bruschi and Phifer aren’t back, things could be ugly.

Stearn’s Last Blast was to the Red Sox owners, they need to sign Pedro up for the rest of his career during the offseason and to right the wrongs of the last regime who lost Clemens.

NECN’s “Sports Late Night” with Chris Collins, once again had Ronnie Lippett in studio to analyze the Patriots from today. Lippett talked about the players feeling good after a game like this because they didn’t have their top game and still found a way to win. Coaches job is to prepare the players, he shouldn’t have to motivate them at all. They also took calls from viewers.

WBZ’s “Sports Final” had Bob Lobel starting off teasing about a look at the sports media culture in Boston. A Larry Johnson cartoon with the Patriots defense with a bag over the head was shown. Steve Burton’s game story looked at the weapons on offense, and struggles in other areas, defense and penalties. A passing mention was made that the team was without their two best linebackers, and Burton called the defensive performance “inexcusable”.

Ron Borges, Scott Zolak and Steve DeOssie were in as the first panel, and Lobel teasing Borges about the e-mailers that write about him. Borges said after this game you should be nervous. Mentioned some injuries, and teams are going to look at this tape, and do the same things and the team will be in trouble. DeOssie chimed in that this game might not exactly be a blueprint about how to stop the Patriots. (41 points) Zolak said when you line up with an empty backfield in the shotgun, you’re going to have the QB get hit, but it’s worth it if you make a few good plays. Borges said you can’t let your QB get hit like he did today. San Diego goes after the quarterback and they take pride in it. Borges said when Bledsoe would throw 50 times people would complain that they’re passing too much, they’re doing it now with Brady. He added that after the first quarter, the Chiefs defensive coordinator decided to start going after Brady full time and other teams will copy that that. DeOssie said they will, but the Patriots also put up lots of points in the second half. Borges then said last week people had Richard Seymour in the hall of fame and today he was watching Priest Holmes run by him all day. From the post-game Will McDonough noted that this was a good victory because they didn’t play well and still won, and that’s what good teams do.

Nick Cafardo and Michael Felger were in next. How the Boston sports media is portrayed was topic. They had a poll asking what if the coverage was too negative too positive, or fair, 62% said it was fair. Felger thinks that maybe Boston sports fans in general are negative as well. Brady’s performance was discussed, Cafardo is won over. Felger talked about the perception being that he was just a system QB, that he wouldn’t mess things up, he and Troy Brown have carried this team. Cafardo is a little concerned that they need to add the running game in a bit more. Felger said that injuries could also derail this team. Cafardo said Bryan Cox would’ve helped today and that he was the biggest offseason mistake that the Patriots made. Felger questioned the coaching staff for the team coming out flat and not ready to play. Cafardo noted none of Weis’ trick plays worked today. The attempted run by the holder on the extra point was ridiculous. The travel and the heat factor could be big too with trips to San Diego and Miami.

Buckley’s column from earlier this week was discussed in detail. Nomar’s rebuttal was shown as well. Buckley joined the program from Florida. Lobel commended him for facing the music. Buckley said he never thought this would happen, he’s surprised about the media covering media. He struck back against those who said that he wrote the column and left town and didn’t talk to Nomar. Buckley said he doesn’t have a right to say Nomar doesn’t deserve to be here, he was simply using a “columnist device”. Interesting that Nomar immediately made himself available to all the media the rest of the week. Burton says this article was a wakeup call to Nomar. Next up were Pedro’s comments from yesterday. They showed his quotes from the weekend, Shaughnessy called them ridiculous and the owners would be crazy to extend him, and Buckley called the comments disingenuous, and that the team is falling apart like last year, this is Clemens cleaning out his locker early, and everyone looking out for himself. Burton said Pedro just wants more money. (When the showed the quote, they failed to show this part of it: (”I’m not in a hurry to get their money,” he said. ”They can defer whatever they have to. It’s not like I need the money.)

Sports Final OT opened with a rant about the show going on as long as it needed to go and that OT is a separate show because that’s the system. The incident in Chicago with the fans coming out of the stands was shown and briefly discussed. Burton went back to the Pedro quotes, and microanalyzed them. Shaughnessy talked about players not fulfilling their contracts they have, and the risk is all with the owners. Pedro has two years left, he shouldn’t be talking like this. He could be washed up by that time. Lobel said it’s never enough with Pedro, is it… A chat with Bobby Orr was shown next, Lobel asked him about the show with Ted and Larry and his memories, and Orr called it “exciting”. He said he didn’t know Larry very well, and he really enjoyed getting to know him a little. He reflected on Ted and his fishing, and the first time he met Ted, that Ted critiqued his casting technique and gave him pointers on it. The topic moved to the Denis Leary foundation hockey game in Worcester next week.

Wolde Harris from the New England Revolution was in studio to talk about the increasing popularity of the team and their rise as Eastern Conference champions. They had really no success in the past against the Metro-Stars and beat them 3-0 yesterday to clinch their title. They play the Chicago Fire in the first round, a best of three, and they’ve beaten them this year before.

On WHDH’s “Sports Xtra” Tim Fox wisely did make the point about the Patriots missing Bruschi and Phifer and that the team went into this game not really knowing what they would have for personnel. Fred Smerlas talked about how much Brady showed today. A look at Charlie Weis followed. Antowain Smith talked about Weis telling him to be patient and that they would work him in. With so many weapons, when a player gets his number called, they better produce. Brady and Weis have a great relationship and bounce ideas off each other all week. The segment ended showing Weis taking it slow getting down a set of stairs.

Gene Lavanchy talked about the sloppiness to start the game, Smerlas noted that it did start that way, but things started to swing and the team was able to take control. Lavanchy suggested perhaps the Patriots were getting too fancy on offense, trying too many trick plays, Fox said it is a concern that they could get into a pattern like that happened with Bledsoe, to go for the big play rather than the small gains. Next week, San Diego has a good running game too, but Fox said you probably won’t see the same team, with the linebacker shortage they went to the three safeties a lot of the time, and it caused some missed tackles. Smerlas noted Vrabel and McGinest weren’t able to force Holmes back to the inside. Both Fox and Smerlas noted that past Patriot editions would’ve lost this game. Lavanchy is still concerned with all the yards given up on the ground with San Diego and Miami up next. The penalties were what concerned Fox the most.

Pedro was up next. Gary Gillis had a segment looking at his season and his chances in the Cy Young race. Michael Smith and Michael Holley were in studio to talk Pedro. Smith picks Zito for his Cy Young winner, Holley also picks Zito. Their reasons were a little different, but they both seem to select him because of his team being better and that he’s pitched in bigger games. As for his contract, Holley says you don’t pay any attention to anything that’s said right now, people are spouting off all over the place as it’s the end of the season and they’re not going to the playoffs. Both agree that you can’t pick up the option yet because you don’t know about his health. Holley says though that you never trade great players. Neither Nomar nor Pedro should be traded, Smith agrees as this team is pretty close. Just need to fill a few holes. Holley says that most people in the media do not enjoy working with Nomar, he himself doesn’t always enjoy it, and that is where the media stories are coming from that he shouldn’t be here. The fact that Nomar doesn’t like the media just endears him more to fans. Holley said if Nomar came out this week and said he hated Boston, the fans would blame the media. The media will never win a fight with Nomar in the fans eyes. They very briefly mentioned the Revolution, and I got a little chuckle out of how Michael Holley said that “the Revolution will not be televised”. For me, it recalled an early Public Enemy album…

Eddie and Jags were joined

Eddie and Jags were joined by Nick Cafardo for much of the program. Vin Baker was among the guests, and Baker reported that he is weighing in at 253 lbs right now, he said that’s the lightest he’s been in at least seven years. He’s been working with the coaches for the past month and a half. Tebuckey Jones’ name was raised by Cafardo as a past opponent of Vin’s on the basketball court. Jones claims to have stuffed Baker in a game. He still hasn’t even talked to Antoine or Paul. They’re due to be coming in soon and they’ll sit down and talk. He’s very excited and is here to win a championship. He’s already marked the date of the first Seattle game on the calendar. Ron Borges and Tim Fox were the co-hosts of the McDonough group. A hot first topic was the incident last night with the Royals’ coach getting attacked by a couple fans. Kansas City backup QB and Massachusetts native Todd Collins was a guest. Michael Felger and Fred Smerlas joined Glen Ordway for the Big Show, and thankfully, Patriots talk was hot. Will Bill Belichick attempt to establish the running game this weekend? Felger and Ordway feel that he will, and that he needs to do that to preserve the balance that the team has. Smerlas feels there isn’t an urgency to have to go out and do a certain thing like establish the run.

Dan Pompei writes about Tom Brady. Greg Garber gushes over “first ballot hall of famer” Drew Bledsoe. A number of Celtics-related chat transcripts, first Larry Bird, then Vin Baker, as well as Red Auerbach and also Chris Wallace. Michael Silverman files a Red Sox report and Michael Felger a Patriots report for The Sporting News. Mike Fine looks at the important thing about Manny…his bat. Eric McHugh tells us about the Patriots road ahead to win the division. From yesterday, Hector Longo looks at Post-Pats depression. Ian Clark looks at the Pats defensive preparation.