Steve Buckley unleashes some serious venom on Nomar. Haven’t we read this before? Take Nomar’s name out of there and replace it with any superstar the Sox have had since Ted Williams. The thing about this article is that Buckley provides exactly one quote from Nomar, one that is a year old. He uses Nomar’s “That’s why no one wants to play here” quote from last year after pitching coach John Cumberland was fired after a game with the Yankees. The thing is, when he said it, the media all took it as a shot at Dan Duquette, and because they all hated Duquette they loved that quote from Nomar. Now, a year later Buckley takes the same quote and uses it in a different way for his own agenda, which is to say Nomar doesn’t want to be here. There are no other quotes from Nomar in this entire article. Is it likely that Nomar doesn’t enjoy the intense scrutiny that playing here involves? It’s more than likely, it’s no doubt true. But has Nomar said that he wants to be traded or that he will be leaving if he reaches free agency? When has Nomar said anything bad about the fans? Give us an example, Buck. This is more than just calling out a player for something, this is an out and out attack on Nomar as a person. Will he be traded or leave as a free agent? Perhaps. Was this article necessary? No.

You know what this is about? It’s part of Buckley’s media mogul schtick, he admitted as much in Lenny Megliola’s Sunday article when he bragged that his article on Tony C’s daughter was good for the Herald, because it became a hot topic for radio and TV. Same thing here, now Buck gets publicity for tearing apart Nomar, and the article will surely be discussed on radio and TV, bringing more attention to Buckley and Herald. With football here, is the “Baseball dude” making a desperate plea for attention?

Dennis and Callahan took this and ran with it, speculating on what Nomar would bring in a trade.

Gordon Edes focuses on Manny’s hitting tear and Wakefield’s future in his game story today, while Michael Silverman , Peter May and Steven Krasner also hone in on Wakefield. Edes also files an informative notebook, with items about the Portland Sea Dogs becoming a Sox affiliate, and a few other interesting items. Tony Massarotti catches up with Joe Kerrigan who says the Red Sox are trying to trade Manny. Kevin Gray tries to figure out the equation that is these Red Sox

Alan Greenberg looks at the maturation of the Patriots Offense. Jim Donaldson chronicles what makes this coaching staff great…every Wednesday the players cannot wait to come in and see what the game plan is looking like. Michael Felger submits a nice look at Charlie Weis on a personal level. Michael Smith has a similar piece, and includes Romeo Crennel in it. Lenny Megliola also looks at the coordinators. Felger’s notebook touches on the defense and a Phifer injury update. Mark Farinella tries to reason out this perfect season talk. Karen Guregian asserts that people are interested in the Pats.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has Nick Boynton looking to do more offensively for the Bruins. Steve Conroy looks at the latest Bruin tough guy goon.

Jackie MacMullan says Massachusetts should embrace Patrick Ewing, who reveals that the Celtics called him last season…after he signed with Orlando. Dan Ventura trumpets Ewing’s accomplishments after he left Massachusetts as the greatest high school player in state history. Jeff Jacobs writes that Ewing never quite fulfilled all the expectations people had for him.

If you’re looking to hang with some Boston sports and media personalities, as well as other celebrities and give to a worthy cause at the same time, be sure to be at “The Road to Ireland” a fundraiser for the Massachusetts special olympics team which will be competing at the 2003 Special Olympics World Summer Games being held in Ireland. The event will be at The Rack in Boston on Monday September 30 from 6:00 – 10:00 PM.

NESN has Red Sox/Indians at 7:00. ESPN has Yankees/Devil Rays at 7:00, ESPN2 has Phillies/Braves at 7:00 and a game to be determined at 10:00.