Well, Buckley certainly accomplished exactly what he set out to do, didn’t he? What a stunning coincidence that he was on the Big Show in the afternoon. Guess what a major topic was? Guess what a major topic on WWZN was? Chris Collins was the other Big Show guest and Ron Borges and Butch Stearns were on with Sean McDonough. The topic continued this morning, with D&C continuing to fan the flames.

See Boston Dirt Dogs for a complete transcript of Larry Lucchino’s appearance on D&C this morning. It was too extensive for me to rehash..but the major points were…Not looking to trade Nomar, in fact, they want to retain all their key players, just need to fill in around them, No announcement on GM until October or November, and John Dennis still can’t get the Manny Ramirez disrespecting 9/11 “incident” out of his mind…

We’re still waiting for Buckley retraction or apology for accusing Nomar of: “Yet just last week, you picked up the phone and called the press box and whined to official scorer Charlie Scoggins about getting an error turned into a hit.” This has been proven to be false, even Dan Shaughnessy, of all people, criticizes Buck, and says that this is false information. Michael Silverman gets Nomar’s side and adds a rumor that the Sox have mentioned Nomar in trade talks. Tony Massarotti thinks maybe we expect too much from Nomar, and dispenses a little advice to all Boston athletes. Michael Silverman combines a game story and notebook. Bob Hohler’s notebook has Larry Lucchino addressing the Nomar stuff. The Projo follows the “predictable pattern” of many Star athletes’ time in Boston. (No name given with the article)

Tom Curran looks at the keys to Tom Brady’s rise to stardom. Michael Felger looks at Brady and Bledsoe, their friendship and their fast starts this season. Nick Cafardo also looks at Brady. Felger unearths a couple of unhappy campers in the Pats locker room. One of them has some fairly strong words to express his unhappiness and leaves more unsaid. Mark Murphy looks at rookie Daniel Graham’s progress. Cafardo’s notebook looks at one of the unhappy campers, and adds a few other miscellaneous notes. Curran’s notebook has Dick Vermeil’s comments on B.C. product Mike Cloud as well as the Falcons showing interest in Scott Pioli as a GM candidate. Alan Greenberg looks at Kenyatta Jones. Mike Reiss looks at the challenge Priest Holmes will provide the Patriots defense. Michael Gee, bless his heart, is glad that the Patriots aren’t underdogs anymore.

Lenny Megliola has a piece on Magic Johnson going into the Hall of Fame, with pal Larry Bird presenting. Jackie MacMullan has a look at the new basketball hall of fame. Bill Reynolds refers to Patrick Ewing as a “New England sports treasure.” Ray Duckler says he’ll simply be remembered for the missed finger roll against the Pacers in the 1995 playoffs.

ESPN Classic has Larry Bird’s last “monster” game at 9:00. This was against the TrailBlazers, and Larry was awesome. ESPN has Auburn/Mississippi State college football at 7:30. TBS has Braves/Phillies at 7:30.