The touchdown twins joined Dale and Neumy for their Tuesday tilt. Surprisingly, there was a quite a bit of Red Sox talk. Dale is upset with Grady for the AAA lineup he trotted out there in game 2 last night. Neumeier says that isn’t a sign that he has quit, he put major league ballplayers who are going to try to win out there. I’m with Dale on this one, that was one pathetic lineup and did nothing but signal that he was quitting on the season with the team not yet mathematically eliminated. Eddie and Jags had Nick Cafardo in for the football Tuesday. Damien Woody and Matt Light also stopped by. A kickboxing segment ended the program. The McDonough group had a true kiddie korps program with 23 year old Michael Smith and 24 year old Tim Hasselbeck joining Sean. Jackie MacMullan was among those who joined as a guest. Glen Ordway was joined by Michael Felger and Steve DeOssie on the Big Show. DeOssie warned not to canonize this Patriots team, they’ve only won a championship and their first two games this year, come back to him later when they’ve gone deep in the playoffs again.

Bill Simmons breaks down the NFL after two weeks. Pat Kirwan has an outstanding story on Bill Belichick. From earlier this week, Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback and Chad Finn’s touching all bases. Michael Felger submits a Patriots report for The Sporting News. The Lowell Sun has a story today on the true creator of the term “Curse of the Bambino”, John McKeon. He got a mention in Shaughnessy’s book of the same name, but is rarely mentioned since. E-mailer Kirk contrasts that with Bill Simmons, who is always quick to credit the guy who invented the Ewing theory. (As he did in today’s column)